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La Danza delle Libellule by Nobile 1942

Cotton candy with green and citrus undertone, mouth-watering, becomes herbaceous/spicey. Final warmth of cinnamon--feminine and delicious.
19th June, 2016

Miss Marisa by Ebba

I got carnation, mint and pine at first then a bubblegum-vinyl that I also equated with car freshener, just as Mimi Gardenia said. It's odd and not what I what I would call feminine. I thought it was too artificial-synthetic to wear and then--the dry down was mango. Was that supposed to be peach? Unfortunately, you still find yourself in the checkout line at the car wash.
30th May, 2016

Fleur Narcotique by Ex Nihilo

In response to Darvant: I don't know if you are shining us on, pulling our leg or having a laugh---but if not, more beautiful phrases to describe a perfume have never been written or spoken. Unfortunately I am not familiar with the scent of muguet de bois, a rare find in the U.S. I have to agree with the "transparent floral tartness" of this juice because that is the first whiff. And indeed there is "soapiness" like Cabotine (not a compliment)--but: there is also an underlying moodiness that gives complexity (unlike Cabotine) which indeed might be like "a frosty tear under a Saint Petersburg's desolating street lantern". The jury is still out, but I am warming up to this Fleur Narcotique...
17th May, 2016
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Womanity by Thierry Mugler

I'm getting salt-water taffy and cinnamon toast at the launch, and then the complexity begins to unfold. I get the fruit and the ozone too, but it is much softer than I expected after what others reported. I'm loving the seaside-salt-water-taffy action. I'm pleased with the sillage and I have to say it is really different from my usual scents (being a Guerlain devotee). I enjoy wearing it when I go out because it's unusual and stays close to my body.

PS: In a crowded concert situation, I have had strangers walk up to me and say, "You smell delicious" and they weren't hitting on me either; they just felt compelled to share the sensation.
11th August, 2011 (last edited: 19th June, 2016)

Amarige by Givenchy

I haven't had a luscious evening perfume in quite a while and had been sticking to my citrusy and/or green favorites. Then I had an evening event coming up so I bought a dress and EDT Amarige---blind! Amazingly, it is perfect for me; a woman over 40 with 1950's curves and curls. I love it so much I could swim in it. It is exactly who I want to be on an evening out: sophisticated, sensual, deep and knowing. Very French, in the end. I completely agree with Weimar27's interpretation.
09th May, 2011

Infusion d'Iris by Prada

I agree with two previous reviews: Herbal Essence shampoo from the '70's but also a cashmere sweater with suede. My first thought was New Car Smell with the shampoo spilled in the back seat. In the end it's just not my style. Meh.
06th April, 2011

L'Eau d'Issey by Issey Miyake

I'm attracted to florals for day only when they are as crisp and fresh as L'eau d'Issey. I haven't had a whiff of Escape in a long time, but I think the "water" attraction is the same for me in both these fragrances. A long long time ago, growing up in a small town, I bought a drugstore concoction called "Rain." Although priced for teens and surely never to be found again, there is definitely a hint of it in L'eau d'Issey. I agree with Lady Love that there is exquisite melon here too, reminding me of how many melon-flavored things one can find in Japan.
02nd April, 2011