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Un Jardin sur le Nil by Hermès

This is the perfect exotic summer fragrance. This is a glass a very dry, very expensive Champagne with a dash of Midori and a squeeze of fresh lime. It does remind me of Egypt but not literally. It's the nostalgic feeling I get when I think of Egypt. The green mango stays green all the way through so it never gets sweet. It stays fruity in a fresh, crisp way. There's herbs which are light and aromatic and there is something delicately woodsy. I can't really smell the lotus flower but it's very well balanced by a subtle floral. Keep it in the fridge and spray it on during very hot days or better still, hot nights - it's not hard to imagine you're cruising the Nile (and sipping Champagne).
14th April, 2008

Rumba by Ted Lapidus

This fragrance could have been created by Houdini. If it was a 'hard to find fragrance' (on Luckyscent for instance) it would be ten times the price.You think you've grasped it & it disappears and reappears in another form. Nose pressed against skin, it's rich, juicy golden plum on a bed of dry animalic spices. There is a period of warm florals set in bees wax and then bone dry, scorchingly hot, freshly ironed shirts (no kidding). It's sweetened by plum, peach and raspberry but it's not gourmand like modern fragrances, it's a raging oriental of the 80's - think Opium, Poison, Beautiful, Paris etc. It doesn't smell one bit like any of them but it's that kind of robust floral & juicy oriental. What's enigmatic about this fragrance is that everyone around you will comment that they can smell incense burning. I've never had so many strangers comment on a fragrance before. In addition to wearing it, I spray it in my bedroom (on the bed linen or in the air) and within minutes I am surrounded by dozens of slow burning church candles (bees wax) and sweet smouldering incense. Jean Claude Ellena should reconsider his evolution to 'minimalist' parfums. This is a masterpiece and anything but minimalist.
14th April, 2008

Carrìerre by Gendarme

Carriere smells of fresh clean laundry straight after you bring it in from the garden on a sunny day. It's ideal for sport and exercise because you smell very clean and fresh the whole time. Not 'perfumey' but quite aromatic. Lasting power is not bad.
28th December, 2006
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Rykiel Woman by Sonia Rykiel

Rykiel Woman is my all-occasion fragrance. It's a skin scent that's multi faceted so I never get bored wearing it and the whole room doesn't have to share it with me (only those who get close!). I pick up a prominent violet note early on. Not the cloying 'old ladies' cologne type of violet but uplifting and fresh (almost herb-like). On me, the violet remains and is balanced in the middle by the other florals (rose, jasmine, solar flowers). Then in the final stages the pepper, wood, leather and amber merge with something really really soft (like musk and vanilla) to dance gently with your skin. This fragrance is light and carefree but not necessarily ultra feminine. More along the lines of quietly confident.
12th November, 2006

Opoponax / Impérial Opoponax by Les Néréides

I describe Imperial Opoponax as golden and 'oldy-worldy'. Imagine dressing for dinner, in the 1920s, aboard a luxurious airship (zeppelin) crossing the Atlantic. This fragrance creates that atmosphere - relaxed and indulgent. It's unisex for sure, in a dark and brooding way, not a fresh and citrus way. The opoponax is quite sharp but the vanilla and sandalwood are soft and lovely in the dry down. It's a little bit of Must de Cartier (for women) but with a masculine and antique edge. It wafts around you creating a confident warm glow.
04th November, 2006

Crystal Noir by Versace

This is an amber oriental floral which is clean smelling but also smells 'thick' to me like it contains oil, not water. In fact in the dry down stage it reminds me of the lovely aura which surrounds me after I soak in a long hot bath containing Avon Skin-So-Soft Bath Oil (if you are familiar with that wonderful product). Whatever is in Avon's SSS Bath Oil - the "woodland" fragrance - reminds me of Crystal Noir. Clean, dark & sexy.
04th November, 2006

Nadira by Crabtree & Evelyn

For anyone who liked C&E Azzemour and was disappointed to see it discontinued, they have re-vamped it in this fragrance. Not quite as warm and sultry as Azzemour, it has a citrus/fresh element added to the top notes. The lovely light musky-sandalwood dry down remains the same however. It's a light exotic fragrance. Could be worn by all ages.
28th October, 2006

10 Corso Como by 10 Corso Como

A spectacular fragrance if you love those scents which remind you of Church incence. It is fresh (vetyver) and woody (precious oud wood and sandalwood) and quite exotic, although pleasantly light, not heavy like DKNY Black Cashmere. It is similar to a couple of the CDG Incence Series (Avignon especially). It's very versatile in that it warms you in the cool weather and is surprisingly refreshing in hot weather. Definitely unisex.
26th July, 2006

Scent by Costume National

I'm very impressed with Scent, being a big fan of fragrances that wear close to the skin. After the initial fresh 'hit' it is develops into a surprisingly subtle and warm feeling(amber), given how exotic and evocative it is (Hibiscus, Jasmin Tea and secrets). It transports me to the Palace Harem Room in the ancient Ottoman Empire where once there was a gentle combination of beautiful spices, a touch of fruit and the catchy "skin" smell which results in a true 'scent'. Not unisex in my opinion, however Intense may suit a male - it has a stronger "skin" element and more amber than this one.
26th July, 2006

Un Jardin en Méditerranée by Hermès

This is my favourite green/fresh fragrance of all time.I have been to Egypt and I love the concept of "A Garden on the Nile". The marriage of green and fig (fresh and exotic)is so summery and sexy. I can imagine splashing this on whilst crusing along the River Nile on a sultry summer's night. And by the way, my brother's view is that it is definitely uni sex. This from a man who includes the ancient and very masculine "Bay Rum" in his fragrance repertoire.
18th May, 2006

Aromatics Elixir by Clinique

For all those ladies (and men) who really love this fragrance on others but have been unsuccessful wearing it themselves, I offer the solution. I was also in love with this fragrance on other people but gagged when I wore it myself. Included in the product range is an AE "Body Smoother" (thick body lotion). It is divine - so much better than the fragrance - softer and creamier and oh so sensual. Long long wearing and I ALWAYS get compliments (from men and women) when I wear it - even when I can no longer smell it myself. It lingers on your clothes beautifully. You need only smooth it over your neck, chest and upper arms so it lasts fairly well (but of course it smells good everywhere). I guarantee this is the solution. I once owned a bottle of EDP and eventually threw it away. However over the past 10 years I have always maintained a supply of Body Smoother. By the way, the AE Body Wash is just as georgeous, especially as a bubble bath.
18th May, 2006