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Fcuk Late Night Man by French Connection

The initial notes give me a very xeryous rouge like vibe enough so that I had to compare them side by side but it fades away very quickly and settles into a fresh, more linear and frankly less interesting/captivating holding pattern.

I am mainly smelling the pear / pomegranate and lavender accord with just a little flash of fennel to keep it honest and prevent it from being way to sweet/ glass of juice-y. The clove is barely perceptible but it's there to provide a bit of brightness and astringency to make the fruit behave.

While it is pretty fruit forward, it doesn't lend that tropical, boozy summer vibe and I could see wearing it most of the year. I really enjoy gourmands, organic accords and tonka and this sort of straddles the fence between a true fresh and fruity/gourmand fragrance and doesn't really make a statement. The name seems fairly apt to me. Not a wild debaucherous night at the strip club with questionable women but kind of a night where you don't know what is going to happen or where you'll end up.

Settles into a papery, woody, patchouli dry down tan pronto.

A nice light energizing scent. It fades quickly and sillage isn't super powerful but it's inoffensive and provides a little something different especially at the price.

I could definitely see this as a unisex scent.

18th November, 2017

Apparition Homme Intense by Ungaro

When I first sprayed this on, I was getting the bottom of a sack of halloween candy and started to get a little nervous. After a few minutes, the sweetness subsided and balanced nicely with some woods and smokiness. The scent is very nice. It doesn't project strongly and is a bit short-lived as other reviewers have said, but it's a nice scent that isn't too challenging and can be an everyday go-to fragrance. I like it.
30th March, 2011

Bulgari pour Homme Extreme by Bulgari

I had heard good things of this Bulgari offering so I got a sample. I can't seem to get past the paper/newspaper/cardboard accord. It seems to get a little sweeter on the drydown as to provide some relief and I can detect some ctirus and a little pine. Perhaps a few more wears will reveal something to me. This is not knocking my socks off.
28th March, 2011
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Xeryus Rouge by Givenchy

I really like this one alot. I remember a few years back, Snapple had an "Elements" beverage line which included such flavors as Earth, Fire and Rain. The base flavor for Rain was Agave cactus and it was my favorite. So refreshing, ripe and juicy. For people having a hard time nailing down the essence of the cactus, that beverage will bring it all into focus. Sadly, I think it's discontinued.

This fragrance always picks me up and lifts my spirits. As most have noted, it is very easy to over spray this and wear too much. One spray is all that's really needed. Great sillage and longetivity.

It's almost perfect in my esteem; it just needs a little something at the bottom end to hammer it home. Overall, a great fragrance.
25th March, 2011