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Black Walnut by Banana Republic

I just got my 100ml bottle of BR’s Black Walnut 3days ago….and folks I’m LOVING it! This was a “blind buy” because I thought you can’t go wrong with the notes of Cognac, Cedarwood and Tobacco. I was right! I would call this a sublime and elegant woody scent. Suits the 25-35 yrs age group. The frag cycles through the Cognac and Cedarwood (reminds me of “pencil shavings”) notes in the first 3hours and then settles into the lovely Tobacco drydown. Its not loud at all and is close to the skin. I could sniff it on my wrist about 6-7 hrs after the first spray. Projection and sillage are weak to average. It comes in a classy black wooden box with magnetic edges and a lovely petite but sturdy bottle. The spritzer could’ve been better though. On the whole I'm very happy with this purchase. (My last purchase was Guerlain's L'Instant Pour Homme EDT).
Black Walnut is a frag for the true connoisseur i.e- for pure self satisfaction as opposed to the “hey check me out” desperado!! Understated class.

26th March, 2011 (last edited: 30th March, 2011)

Desire Blue by Dunhill

A masterpiece by Dunhill. I just LOVE this fragrance. Its not overtly masculine but smells sophisticated and I remember getting compliments from the ladies with this one. Comes in a lovely bottle. One of my favourites.
26th March, 2011

Cool Water Ice Fresh by Davidoff

Quite boring. Similar to the original Cool Water but less "oily"? Poor longevity, sillage etc. Blah!
26th March, 2011
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cK be by Calvin Klein

An absolute classic by CK! It is so sublime and defines "clean". I think this suits men slightly better (women should use cK One). IMHO this is the best fragrance to wear to work because its understated but has the bubbling sex appeal beneath the surface. I find myself coming back to this beauty time and time again.
26th March, 2011

Wings for Men by Wings

One of my all time favourites. I call it "Cool Water-on-steroids"...but in a good way!! I noticed my boss at work catching her breath and taking a deep breath in while standing next to me!Hope thats a good sign! Started using this about 10years ago and always come back to it.Love it...I actually had to work up the courage to ask a male flight attendant on a long haul flight what he was wearing the 1st time I smelt this...thats how amazing this fragrance is! An absolute classic.
26th March, 2011

L'Instant de Guerlain pour Homme by Guerlain

I bought this blind on X'Mas eve. The words classy, distinguished, sophisticated and MANLY come to mind instantly! I think this suits men who are 30yrs and over. Very complex, layered and I think it smells best about an hour after spraying on. My nose is not very "experienced" but this really reminds me of the original CK Obsession for Men but with a more pronounced citrus note in the opening. Still getting the scent on my wrist 7hrs after putting it on (thats gotta be good). I have been mainly using designer frangrances over the last 10years and I'd say this is the "game changer" for me right here. Truly one of the best frags I've ever used....all time classic!!
26th March, 2011