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Axe Africa / Lynx Africa by Axe / Lynx

I have to admit I really like this Axe fragrance. I only had several body sprays of this one (didn't find more concentrated versions) and I used to wear it a lot when I was (very) young. Unfortunetly, I have some bad memories with this one. I didn't overdo it, but I have smelled several people who seemed to spray half a can of Africa and other Axe scents and the stench was horrible. These memories have stopped me from buying any more Axe products.

The smell strongly reminds me of Le Male, which was released the same year. I don't find it legendary, but it is good, if you don't spray like crazy. Africa/Kilo is one of the strongest deodorants/body sprays. I seriously recommend you to go easy on it. It has tons of vanilla and spicy woods. I remember it had some spearmint in it too. I really don't like mint in perfumes, so this is a downside for me.

Longevity is fantastic, especially for a deodorant. I don't remember having any longevity problems with this one. The projection is great too. Be sure people feel your scent. They may even compliment and think you have Le Male on lol. I remember I didn't tell people I have Axe on. Yes, I lies. I used to tell whoever asked me what scent do I have on that I had Le Male, and they believed, lol, because of the strong similarity.

Rating: Smell: 8 - really surprizing for this price
Longevity: 9 - I can't ask more from a deodorant/body spray
Projection: 9 - same here
Originality meter: 7 units/10 not fantastic but still very good for it's price
Overall: 8 pretty damn great; the best Axe and the only good Axe
01st September, 2011

Kouros by Yves Saint Laurent

Kouros represents, to me, how a real man should smell. It's just light years away from many other designer, maybe even niche fragrances in terms of quality and smell (see Le Male, 1 Million, Bosses, Armanis etc).

From the first spray on my skin, I've found it legendary and undescribable. I've never smelled any urine or dirty stuff in it and I fell lucky that I am a fan of this scent and don't detect these kind of notes. Musk, incense and vanilla are the only ingredients I detect in this fragrance. It's very complex and well blended and it's very hard to distinguish ingredients/notes in it. My favourite part is when the vanilla appears and the fragrance starts to fade out

The strength of this fragrance is actually perfect, for me. It's stronger then many EDPs. Just don't spray it right before meeting someone, cause you'll wipe that person out. Projection in the first 5 minutes is so strong, that people who are sitting in another room can feel it (it happened to me at home). The first hour after you apply the scent (even 1 spray) you can be sure that anybody who passes you will feel your scent (even if they have a cold or weak sense of smell). After the crazy first hour, things calm down a bit, but don't be surprized if people compliment you 10 hours after applying Kouros. The longevity is also stunning. It lasts more then 10 hours on my skin.

I never used more then 3 sprays of this juice. It's highly concentrated so even this quantity, seemingly not very much can wipe you and other people out. Start with 1 spray and if it's not strong enough apply more at the next wearing. People will not have a good opinion about you if you are a crazy cologne guy and apply 10 sprays of this.

Versatility is alslo great, for me. I am used with it so I don't think alot before using this in the summer. Actually, I prefer to use it in the heat, rather then the cold. However, I don't like to use this when I go to the beach.

If you like it, Kouros is a very good "deal" since it is cheap and considering the fact that a big bottle will last you at least 2 years, even 4 or 5 if you use it as more of a special occasion scent. Oh, and it smells anything but cheap to say the least. Almost forgot: it's perfect for clubbing (it's stronger then cigarrete smoke and wil dominate over other people's fragrances).
Why wouldn't you like it ? You may find it too strong, urine-like smelling etc. It's not for everybody and I like that, because I won't smell like everybody else.

Rating: Smell: 9 - the top & heart notes are great but I find the base better
Longevity: 10 perfect
Projection: 10 mindblowing
Originality meter: 10 units - I didn't smell any other cologne that reminded me of it
Overall: 10 - one of the best colognes you can purchase, may be better then many niche fragrances, its a must try for all perfume lovers
The good: Fantastic smell, perfect longevity & projection, maximum originality, it's very cheap, can be used for clubbing, incredible versatility (for me), gets you compliments easily, if that's what you care about
The bad: don't expect to recieve only good compliments; with Kouros you can get bad comments & tasteless jokes beacause not everybody likes it
23rd August, 2011

Body Kouros by Yves Saint Laurent

Until recently I used to think, in my ignorance, that Body Kouros has nothing special to it and that I don't need it, since I own the original Kouros. Wrong, very wrong !

I've tried BK numerous times recently and since I've first smelled it at the perfumery I am in love with that fabulous smell of it. My first reaction was: "why haven't I tried it earlier ?". Yes, it has almost nothing to do with the original, except for the name, great quality, top notes with incense and sweet base notes. Btw, Annick Menardo is one of the best perfumers and has done many other great fragrances, so respect for him.

It is very strong right after you spray it, so you may not like that. Let it dry down a bit.
Anyway, I can clearly smell incense it it, one of my favourite notes in frags, but it is a cooler incense then in other colognes, because there is some eucalyptus in there too. That's what makes it really interesting and very original. The heart is really woody but it has some sweetness in it also. The eucalyptus is still there, althrough not as strong as in the top notes. The best is yet to come, because the base notes represent the best part of Body Kouros. Vanilla fans like me will be very happy with this scent.

The longevity is, like in Kouros, spectacular. It lasts and lasts. I didn't count the hours but it surely lasts more then I need it to, so that's a big plus for BK ! The projection is good to, weaker then the one in Kouros, but it's still very easy for people to smell. Strangely, you will recieve more comments with this then with the original Kouros on.
That's because BK is sweeter and was made to appeal to more people. It will help you better in a date then it's older brother. For short, it's more socially acceptable.

So, before I end, here's a short recap: Body Kouros is a sweet woody oriental fragrance that gives you a cooling sensation at the top, but also has an eastern Asian character to it.

Rating: Smell: 9/10 fantastic
Longevity: 9/10 superb (more then 10 hours on my skin)
Projection: 8 great (more discreet then Kouros but still very good)
Originality meter: 9 units/10 (you will really stand out)
Overall: 9/10 very good stuff
The good: it's really cheap, very original, gets you many compliments, fantastic longevity, great projection
The bad: nothing, for me
20th August, 2011 (last edited: 31st August, 2011)
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Allure Homme by Chanel

Chanel's Allure Homme... a good fragrance overall !
When I bought it, about 1 year ago, I was disappointed, because it was quite expensive (about 90 $ for 50 ml at Douglas), and it seemed like it wasn't worth it. I used to think it is a booring generic fragrance with nothing special to it. After some wearings I started to like it more and more
I really enjoy this in the spirng and summer bacause I like strong scents, and I don't wear fragrances specially made for summer because they usually don't last long. With Allure Homme I could finally get some good longivity and sillage in that season.
AH starts out quite fresh because of the bergamont and citrus, with a fruity feel to it (I can clearly smell mandarin). There's also some pepper in the background, trying to make itself noticed. The pepper smell then gets stronger.
When the base notes finally appear, AH transforms into a really special scent to me. The sandalwood and cedarwood accord give this fragrance a woody vibe, while the tonka bean note and the hints of cocoa and vanilla make it sweeter. It's not sweet enough to make some people hate it just because of it's sweetness, thankfully.
To cut a long story short, Chanel Allure Home is a fresh, woody, spicy and sweet fragrance. The notes are well blended and so the scent is very complex and original. Chanel created a modern classic with many faces. It's not unidimensional/booring through it's development.
The longeivity: I know many people say this lasts quite a lot of time, but sometimes I have longevity issues with it. I get a maximum of 10 hours with this frag, but I also get only 4-5 hours sometimes. It's not a longevity monster at all.

How many sprays ? Well, for me... many ! I need to spray this 6 times to have good longevity and sillage. I probably have a weak sense of smell. I even used 7 sprays and didn't choke with my own scent. Many people smelled me with this one and nobody ever complained that I had too much on. I advise you to use 3 sprays at the first wearing and if you aren't happy just use more.

I get few compliments when I'm wearing frags, but I've only got positive comments when I wore this one, even 7 hours after applying it. It was probably made, just like all modern Chanels to appeal to as many people as possible. It does not have an age group. Girls seem to like it very much, by the way.

Smell: 8 because I find the top and middle notes quite booring but at it's end it is simply outstanding
Longevity: 8 -> it's great if you spray as much as you tolerate, about 10 hrs max
Projection: 7 -> it's best advised to be generous when applying to be sure people feel it
Versatility: 8 -> I can wear it in spring, summer and fall, but not as much in the colder months of the year. Overall the vers is pretty good.
Overall: 8 impressive
The good: very original, it ends spectacularly, makes a good impression to other people, very good for spring & summer, wearable with suit & tie, great sprayer
The bad: It is expensive, the juice can disappear quickly (don't but a 50 ml bottle if you like it), not quite like other Chanels (Egoiste for ex is way better)

18th August, 2011 (last edited: 31st August, 2011)

Antaeus by Chanel

Fantastic juice. One of the best and most masculine smells ever created, along with Kouros. The bottle is nice too.

About the smell: you either like it or hate it. For me this is a sweet woody and leathery fragrance. I don't detect an "old vibe" or "old man's smell" as some say in it. I wouldn't tell anybody to buy this blind, since it is somehow controversial. As a smell, this is one of the best from my fragrance collection. When I want to impress, or just be different I wear this. I haven't met anyone yet who said I smell bad when I wore this. My favourite part is when the sweet beeswax appeares. It instantly transforms it into a warm scent. I also really like the ending of the scent, that I only smell in the early hours of the morning if I don't shower in the evening (it's powdery).
The longevity is out of this world. When I wear this, it only goes away after a shower, or in the morning the following day. You can be sure you won't have longevity and sillage problems with this one. Chanel did a good job on this one.

Projection is also insane. Althrough it's not as strong as A*Men, Joop! Homme, or Vintage Poison, people can feel this scent before you enter the room. I never wory that people don't feel it.

It may have a big price, but it is worth every peny, considering the fact that many people will feel you scent the whole day. Even a 50 ml bottle will last more then a year, if you use moderate application and use it twice a week, like I do.

Number of sprays: I can't tolerate more then 4
Alternative: Van Cleef & Arpels Pour Homme, Kouros
Fragrance category: "Monsters of perfume" and "Hall of fame"
Smell - 9/10
Projection/Strength - 9/10
Longevity - 10/10
Overall: 9 outstanding
27th March, 2011 (last edited: 31st August, 2011)