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John Varvatos by John Varvatos

The first cologne I ever bought. A good fall fragrance for me.
Initially I get a sort of red cherry or maybe plum kind of smell with some spices. Some think this smells medicinal, and I can see why, but it doesn't smell bad to me. This is definately a darker, syrupy sort of juice. Eventually dries down into an accord of vanilla and leather on my skin that I quite enjoy.
I think the projection is a little under average. Not too weak to be smelled, but people only tend to notice it if they're fairly close. People who have hugged me, for example compliment me on it, and ocassionally people about an arm's length away will take notice. I don't count this as bad necesarilly, because, depending on the circumstance, you're not necesarilly trying to fill up the room with your scent.
Longevity for me is ok. It will last me an entire school day, but I don't think it's ever carried too much weight after seven or eight hours on my skin.
I've worn it casually, formally, and even out on a date night. I think it's fairly versatile.
Overall, a nice, cool weather scent. Everyone who's smelled it on me has complimented me on it.
26th April, 2011

Drakkar Noir by Guy Laroche

A classic men's scent. Does not smell dated or "too old" to me though.
On the intial spray I get a bit of lemon and, although I can't always pick out individual notes, it gives me a fresh shaved/barbershop image when I smell it at first.
Gets a little greener with time I think, but overall rather linear.
Can be had cheap, which is a plus, but not a cheap smelling frag.
As others have stated, longevity and projection are strong point for this one so pply carefully. I do one spray to the chest and then one into my hand to dab around the neck/behind the ears and that works well and has even yielding compliments.
I've worn it both casually and formally and feel it works for either. Probably wouldn't opt for this on a date though.
This isn't one that will make all the ladies in the room give you their numbers, but it does smell nice if used properly.
26th April, 2011