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Cannabis Santal by Fresh

Cannabis and patchouli hearken back to carefree days of late adolescence and early adulthood. And who doesn't like the smell of sandalwood? This should have been a winner.

Instead I could find none of the purported elements in this frag.

It started off slightly green and salty. It quickly moved to a sweaty sweet vanilla, which wasn't what I'd anticipated, but it was okay for a bit. Then it dried completely off into sugary buttercream cake frosting. I smelled like a pastry shop. An hour later it was still pretty strong, so if you like it, know that the oils [whatever they happen to be] are decent. I had to scrub it off.

It just isn't anything like what you would imagine by the name and description. Quite disappointing.
05th April, 2011

Façonnable by Façonnable

This certainly isn't an expensive scent, nor is it a niche scent, but neither is it a cheap drugstore blend of alcohol and calone. For a time it was a Nordstrom exclusive in the United States and went for around 8/10 of a Benjamin. Don't know if this is still the case, though, as I've seen it around online for a quarter of that.

This is a good scent for day or evening wear, but is more of a spring scent. It can come off heavy and cloying in the Summer.

It's certainly not for everyone. It has elements in common with GIT and Cool Water, but contrary to another reviewer's opinion, I believe it DOES stand out. It's much more minty and floral than any frags in the GIT scent family.

It starts off all minty-citrusy barbershop and you'll feel like a million bucks. But go easy. It's got incredible sillage and longevity through the dry-down. 2-3 sprays (wrist, neck, torso) and you can enjoy it 8 hours or more later. For that alone, it's to be commended.

The mid-notes are sweet florals. As has been mentioned, they can be almost too sweet; not in a syrupy way, but like you put your face into a vase of geraniums which were watered with jasmine tea. It's that strong. This may not sit well with some who are not accustomed to such floral scents for men. But make no mistake- there is nothing feminine about this scent.

The base notes push this into clear masculine territory. The Sandalwood softens the musk and leaves the whole experience in warmer territory than the crisp beginning would suggest. There's a touch of leather and tobacco at the end, but just a touch. It's not prominent as the floral elements persist even to the end, but enough to keep anyone from mistaking this for a woman's scent.

Have had 3 male friends complain it was cloying over the past 10 years. But in the same time period I've lost nearly twice that many shirts to gals who kept them for the smell; it's no exaggeration. It's not my favorite scent ever, but for its longevity, sillage, quality mixture and effect on females, I put it in the win column.

Another reviewer remarked it has a Euro or Swiss smell. I have to agree. It does remind me of a custom scent an old college roommate had mixed for him in France. The bottle design adds to the whole ensemble. Very classy.
05th April, 2011

Original Vetiver by Creed

Fresh-mowed lawn, Ivory soap, cool limeade, fresh pressed ginger, sandalwood and baby powder, and hugging your Grandpa. This smells like walking through Easter morning dew on the way to Church. Starts grassy clean with a citrus burst, then dries down to a soft, warm lemony musk and ambergris.

To me, this is what it smells like to be clean. And cleanliness is next to Godliness. Some have mentioned this smells soapy as though that's a bad thing. I've found most women love a man who smells clean and crisp.

There's just enough warmth here with the ambergris and sandalwood to make it a comforting smell. It's certainly not as complex as say Guerlain's rich oak-moss-laden Vetiver, but for an everyday warm weather scent, I can hardly think of something that brings more of a feeling of quiet confidence and peace.

3 out of 5 for sillage (though this is good for office wear), 4 out of 5 for longevity.

Best worn in spring and summer with a linen suit.
05th April, 2011
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Chèvrefeuille Original by Creed

This is clearly a quality blend. I wanted to like it so much, considering its listed elements. I love the smell of honeysuckle and the childhood memories it evokes.

Right out of the bottle this smelled incredible. It was crisp, light and clean with an element of sharpness: the fennel or licorice others have mentioned. I thought this could be a signature scent.

Unfortunately in the dry down it soured on me. It turned rubbery and stale floral. The mint I'd looked forward to sadly turned the whole thing antiseptic. My lady quipped that it smelled like hospital and rubber gloves.

If it works with your chemistry and doesn't go medical on you, this would be a great summer evening scent.
05th April, 2011