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United Kingdom

Dunhill Custom by Dunhill

When I first tried this, I wasn't impressed - it just disappeared so quickly! But I've given it another go - on a warmer, sunnier day - and I'm so glad I did.

The opening is a nice, sweet apple - without being sickly sweet or overbearing. The pepper heart notes are also quite subtle, and blend well with the apple. The scent progresses into the woody heart notes which retain the gentle overall sweetness of Dunhill Custom.

In conclusion, this is a well blended, quality scent with good longevity. It has - for me - only very moderate sillage or projection. This makes it an excellent "office" scent - as has been mentioned before.

Well worth a try - and already being discounted!
19th February, 2012
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United Kingdom

Polo Double Black by Ralph Lauren

Oh yes... I like this one. The opening of fresh, sweet mango with pepper is quite unique and the combination really works well. The middle notes - to me - are not over prominent, but they too work oh so well. The rich, woody base adds an overall depth and quality to Double Black.
I agree with previous comments that longevity could be better, but projection is just right. I've received compliments when I've worn this one, and wouldn't hesitate to recommend it. In my opinion, this could be worn year round, night or day.
13th May, 2011
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United Kingdom

Kiton Men by Kiton

This is ok...not spectacular by any means. A very pleasant, lightweight scent; ideal for warmer spring or summer days. This has been put together with good quality ingredients - that's obvious.
I initially felt that this one stays close to the skin, but wearing it to work today, I was complimented by a colleague. She also said that it smelled good quality.
06th May, 2011 (last edited: 13th June, 2012)
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United Kingdom

Infusion de Vétiver by Prada

A nicely balanced scent, with a fresh, slightly soapy start. The spicyness of the herbs sits just in the background - adding another interesting layer. Not sure about the earlier reference of tarragon smelling of chilled butter - French Tarragon to me smells of aniseed, which I think I can pick out in this one.
I would agree that this is a light and soft vetiver - but that doesn't detract at all.
I really like this EDT. It lasts reasonably well and projection is also just about right. I've had favourable comments when I've worn this.
29th April, 2011
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United Kingdom

Pepper / Jasmine / Gaiac Wood / Passion Fruit by Korres

I love this one! It's sweet, but not boring and straightforward - which ticks one box for me straight away - and it's also very different to anything else around (other than the other Korres scents). It lasts reasonably well and projects pretty well too.
I can't tell you anything about the many different notes - I'm not that good ..... yet!
I'm still learning and I realise I've got a long way to go, but I know what I like... and I like this! In fact, I'm on my second bottle already and would recommend this to anyone that likes a sweet but varied fragrance. I regularly get complimented when I wear this one... and I've no doubt you will too.
Not too easy to find, but well worth searching out.
26th April, 2011 (last edited: 09th May, 2011)
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United Kingdom

Saffron / Amber / Agar Wood / Cardamom by Korres

I agree with most of the sentiments already expressed, although I think this scent could be worn pretty much all year round and is not necessarily just for autumn/winter. I can see that it may well be a little much in really hot weather though.
To me, this is an excellent and well balanced fragrance. It's also - to my mind - pretty unique. I haven't got or come across anything like this one at all. I own two other Korres fragrances, and feel pretty much the same about those also.
My only criticism would be that this doesn't project very well. Having said that, I have received many compliments when I've worn this one.
Definitely a thumbs up - and highly recommended!
24th April, 2011