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Usher for Men by Usher

My body chemistry gives me a very nice incense like smell after dry down. For the price I'll keep this one!
13th September, 2014

9 IX Rocawear by Rocawear

Not all that bad of a fag but the dry down is a one note scent. Good longevity, close to the skin. Not complex enough for me.

It's OK but there are better choices out there.
11th September, 2014

Stetson by Stetson

Not for me, I believe this would would be better on a woman. But then I'm more into leather/ oak moss/ tobacco scents. Great longevity and projection but the dry down is heavy with a powdery vanilla smell. Reminds me of baby powder.
11th September, 2014
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Moonlight Path by Bath and Body Works

My girlfriend has used this for sometime and I have to say I like it alot. Its like an oriental but somewhat sweeter.

Quite complex and, I think, very sensual. I have no idea how much she wears but the scent lingers.

I would have to agree with AnimaiSola in that I would not consider this a unisex sent. Much to fem for a male in my book.
11th April, 2011

Canoé by Dana

I've gone back to Canoe several times over the years and really wish I could stay with it. Somehow it attracts me after I stay away for awhile. Smooth and very nice to start, even refreshing. But then it becomes too heavy with sweetness. I'm sure I will try it again though. LOL
07th April, 2011

Polo by Ralph Lauren

Been using this for years and love it. Must be a chemistry thing because I've gotten more compliments from strange women on this scent than any other I've worn. Just a great masculine scent. Long lasting but must be used spareingly.
07th April, 2011