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Dior Homme Cologne (2013) by Christian Dior

What a beautiful aside to Dior's typical renderings! Not that they're bad by any stretch of the imagination! But this one is akin to someone dashing an ice cold glass of lemonade in your face and it smells too doggone good for you to even get angry! ! On a very hot day, this baby is peerless and the longevity is surprising for an aquatic. I love it all the way down to its slightly musky drydown. If you're not ready for that, just touch it up again for that beautiful, crisp splash of ice cold lemonade in the face! It is quite lovely!
06th July, 2015
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Versace pour Homme by Versace

Versace PH IS A BEAST in the scorching heat. Compliments come in like fighter jets landing on an aircraft carrier! I gotta make this sexy juice my signature scent right away! Also, the longevity pleases me to no end. I can't figure out why I had this big bottle just languishing around amidst my wardrobe all year. Now, it's my "diamond in the rough."
04th June, 2014
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Mark Birley For Men Charles Street by Mark Birley


In my reverie, I'm seeing myself enter a room of moderate temperature with grey, luxuriously padded walls of suede and a crimson carpet. There are gentle wisps of raspberry scent being piped into this room through the air vents. Mixed with the grey suede padding on the walls, one gets the feeling that an elegant event is about to take place in this my reverie. Jolted awake, I realize how much I appreciate this exquisite, sophisticated cologne and will ALWAYS have it in my collection. Charles Street is an excellent complement to my TF Tuscan Leather when I'm attending lighter events and people LUV IT!

26th September, 2013
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