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Mugler Cologne by Thierry Mugler

I won't get bogged down in this review with comparisons to Creed OV, nor will I make snide remarks about its longevity or soapy character.

I will simply say I like this fragrance and give it a well-deserved a thumbs up. Eight reasons.

First, it was influential.
Second, it's not expensive.
Third, it's not linear.
Fourth, it lasts all day without stinking up the joint.
Fifth, the color of the juice and the bottle it comes in are pleasant.
Sixth, it comes in a range of other products.
Seventh, it's not a Creed, Hermes or Guerlain, but can hold its own, no sweat.
Eighth, it's versatile, summer, winter, day or night.

Bonus reason: you can get it anywhere.

31st August, 2009

Eau de Santal by Floris

I picked up a small bottle on Jermyn Street after sampling the line. I usually aim for light, citrusy, fruity, aquatic fragrances and avoid orientals, or anything too cloying. But a little spice is nice, and this Eau de Santal convinced me with its beauty and restrained good taste. I should have bought more, because now I wear it regularly, liking it especially at night or when I'm dressed up. The accord is tight, peppery and natural. Manly, yes. Not very sweet and I'd say it's inoffensive. An elegant bottle from a fine, historic house.
27th May, 2008

Terre d'Hermès by Hermès

This is the only citrus fragrance I've found that doesn't fade after an hour or two. It's a dry grapefruit, bitter and refreshing. Crisp.

The drydown brings out earthy notes, rather flat and metallic, smells that are the polar opposite of the fresh, aquatic, floral, and vanilla odors so common now.

That might partly explain the controversy around Terre d'Hermes. It's different.

One of my long time favorites is Guerlain Vetiver. I find many similarities between these two scents, and admire them for the same reasons. Such natural aromas, clean and clear.

You can't overlook the bottle, vaguely reminiscent of a horseshoe. It's tasteful and impressive. The design of the cap will surprise you.

In a word, excellence.
03rd October, 2006
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Old Spice by Procter & Gamble

Maybe it's true the scent of Old Spice has changed. Or has been changed.

The old schooner has become a yacht, and the venerable aftershave now carries the familiar whiff of Pampers diapers.

Procter & Gamble make both products, so I'm not surprised. Just disappointed.

By the way, the original deodorant, the one in round stick, still smells true, thankfully.
04th September, 2006

Néroli Sauvage by Creed

Simply a life-changer, this delicious fragrance. I haven't encountered such mouth-watering citrus notes in any other perfume. Nor have I found one with similar woody basenotes. Delightful harmony and heavenly freshness. True natural-smelling freshness that is, not the chemical brews you find called "fresh".
26th August, 2006

Royal English Leather by Creed

Fascinated by the 226 years gone since this scent first tickled someone's nose, and encouraged by the reviews here, I bought REL blind.


Oh, it's pleasant smelling, in tiny amounts, yes. But give yourself a good spritz, and wow, a cloud of caramel envelopes you.

1780. Isn't that before bathing and general cleanliness became widespread? That might explain why this fragance of yore is so heavy.

On me, REL billows out relentlessly, such a heady stench. Longevity? OMG, you can't even wash it off.

Is this the most powerful Creed ever? REL certainly offers a potent example of the house note.

28th July, 2006

Vetiver by Guerlain

Possibly the most tenacious fragance I own. The only scent to be there in the morning after a full day before.

A strikingly organic, pure, ethereal creation from the early days of men's fragrances. The vast majority of men in 1961 did not wear eau de toilette. Drugstore aftershave, like Old Spice or Aqua Velva, was the acceptable scent for a man. Even underarm deodorant was uncommon. Kennedy was in the White House, the Beatles were at the Cavern Club, and the world was not yet ready for sissy-smelling men. In that context, Guerlain Vetiver had to be beyond reproach.

Try this pioneering groundbreaker. It is fresh, delightful, natural, and beautiful. And different.

Vetiver was known in ancient times as the oil of tranquility. Ahhh...
26th July, 2006

Baie de Genièvre by Creed

I've purchased Neroli Sauvage, Royal English Leather and now this potent potion. Baie de Genievre doesn't remind me of gin at all. More like the inside of a pencil sharpener or fine western red cedar at first. Perhaps a cigar box. A sweet yet clean and manly odour replaces the sawdust scent soon after. For me this is the finest Creed for regular wear. Sophisticated, worldly, inoffensive, and unique. Smells like nothing you'd find in a department store. If you like Bois du Portugal you should sample Baie de Genievre. Final note, this is an all-day pleasure; BdG is not fleeting like many Creeds.

Update: I can't wear this one like I thought I could. Too sticky. Out of style. My taste is now more Silver Mountain Water.

However, for the full-on eighties Creed experience, I like to layer BdG with Chevrefueille Original. Like two long-lost brothers reunited at last.
26th July, 2006 (last edited: 27th May, 2008)