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H.O.T. Always by Bond No. 9

I'm not a big fan of Bond No. 9 and received a sample of this quite by accident. It took me a while to try it but I am glad I did as it is actually quite nice. I do not find it a particularly masculine scent and was surprised that it's marketed toward guys.

The combination of patchouli with cinnamon and carnations/roses was very effective for me and the civet and leather made it more sensuous, no why play it safe...sexier than the usual bland Bonds. And the lasting power is nice too. The final bonus for me is that it is not cluttered up with a trendy vanilla in the base. It's not earth shattering and it stays close to the skin. Not sure I'll buy a bottle, but if I were to add a Bond to my stable, this is the one I'd choose.
07th September, 2009

Miel & Citron / Honey & Lemon by L'Occitane

A lovely, go anywhere scent that mixes well with their tea scents as well. The lemon is nice and zesty and not too tart and the honey is warm and dry. I ended up buying the lotions for layering, but may be back for the edt as well.
07th December, 2008

Private Collection Amber Ylang-Ylang by Estée Lauder

Absolutely Cedric on that play-doh note and a very beautiful version. I was not expecting to love this as I thought the Ylang note would make it a second-rate Samsara, but eventhough I smell more Ylang than you do, I agree that this AYY is more a woody oriental than the expected floral. I am a sandalwood freak and EL has made a beauty here.

If you expect either of the new PCs to be like the mother scent, you will be in for a letdown. Neither reminds me of the original Private Collection in any way. It's not even as linear as most ELs, the bergamot and geranium fly away pretty quickly and it does not settle on my skin for a good 30 minutes.

FBW if I can find "a deal"
01st December, 2008
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Notorious by Ralph Lauren

I received a sample spray of this at the Ralph Lauren store today and decided to give it a whirl.

Turns out I like this one despite the obligatory pink peppercorn note, which is hardly noticeable. The opening is not peppery and focuses mostly on the black currant note with just a bit of the bergamot sparkle. Peonies and carnation intermingle pleasantly in the heart note and the patchouli adds depth and sensuality to the mix. I don't know what cosmos smells like, chocolate or otherwise, but I do not detect a strong floral beyond the carnations and the more dominant peonies. I happen to like peonies and while many scents built around a distinct peony are cheery and pretty, Notorious takes peonies into a woodier and darker realm.

I have read elsewhere that Notorious is sweet, but I don't find it so. It's more a cool, woody floral and a throwback to fragrances more popular in the 50s and 60s, very retro in feel.

Not sure if the name fits the scent. RL seems to be shooting for an Ingrid Bergman feel but the scent is more Lauren Bacall in style. I could see her smelling like this in The Big Sleep as Vivian Rutledge.
14th September, 2008

Genviève by Michael Storer

I, on the other hand, love Genvieve and think of it as a "fruity floral" in the same way that Femme is a "fuity floral" or like Venezia was. It is not one of the innocent girlish scents that I have come to expect from that family. Not at all.

The animalic notes in Genvieve (ambergris, musk and civet)and the floral bouquet give this scent a sophisticated twist that is smoldering and yet cool, very sexy but somehow proper. I concur with Purplebird7 that Genvieve gets better as you wear it, but I don't find that the musk sweetens this scent as much as it deepens and develops it and adds a layer of adult knowing voluptuousnes that is usually missing in this category.
19th December, 2007

Love's True Bluish Light by Ava Luxe

I am loving this one, The vanilla in Love's True Bluish Light thankfully veers away from the sweetness of so many other scents and the whole thing settles into something sensuous and inexplicably green on me.

I am not a big fan of the CSP line and yet, I find this one to be amazing!
18th June, 2007

Nature Millénaire by Yves Rocher

Not at all what I was expecting and not particularly natural smelling either...I expected something warm and earthy, I ended up smelling like a "natural" loaf of rye bread heavy on the caraway.
15th April, 2007

Malmaison by Floris

Perhaps it's the black tea, perhaps it's the heavy-duty clove, but this is one of the few carnation scents I find bitter (not sweet on me) and unwearable. I swapped it away.

It does smell lovely if you have the right chemistry. I think of it as a more masculine than feminine scent.
08th April, 2007

Tocade by Rochas

I think Tocade is fabulous! The rose notes are understated and enveloped in a warm woody heart. Not being a big fan of vanilla, I was prepared to write this one off, but having tried it I'm delighted to say that the blending in this one it so remarkable that you don't feel overwhelmed by the vanilla. I agree with the Shalimar and Boudoir comparisons. Tocade is a classic
11th January, 2007