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The One Sport by Dolce & Gabbana

Thumbs up for 'The One Sport' - Dolce & Gabbana

I went to the store and wanted to try dolce & gabbana's 'the One' - out of mistake I tried 'Sport' and fell in love with it. It is light and slightly fresh (thus the aquatic notes) but at the same time slightly sweet. But not in a Tom Ford kind of sweet, but in a more gentle way.

I loved it ever since.
13th February, 2014

Acqua Colonia Mandarine & Cardamom by 4711

Fresh Mandarine!

Last year I purchased "4711 - Melissa & Verbena" and was mind blown about the freshness and how long it would last. Last week I saw the whole range of 4711 on sale and immediately wanted to buy the yellow one (Lemon).


Unfortunately Lemon wasn't lemony (in my opinion) so I tried the best next thing... Mandarines. The fresh orange zest bursts into your nose and the first feeling was: I  like this. I tested it on the skin and since, it lasted quite a long period, I dediced to purchase it.


I don't think you'll regret it either considering the price.

Pros: very fresh, long lasting for its pricerange, cheap
Cons: none... yet

19th May, 2013

Grey Flannel by Geoffrey Beene

I have to admit, I bought it because it was pretty cheap. Still, this scent is awful!!! It's smells of a powdery soap that my grandmother used to own. I can imagine that some people might love this kind of a smell, but it's not mine.
12th May, 2013
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Kouros by Yves Saint Laurent

Probably the best review of 'Kouros' of all the 300 that are here, was presented by 'Izzie' on 20th of March 2013.

I do believe I am in the former category - either I sprayed twice (which I did) or this awful scent is from the 80's? Because it sure smells like that... or maybe both!
12th May, 2013

Sun Men by Jil Sander

I never understood how came that 'Sun Men' was ALWAYS on sale (here, in Germany) ??? Did they produce 1 million bottles of it and now they had to sell it by all means?

After having bought a bottle (on sale, :p) I understood why. It's cheap soapy wanna-be scent of freshness gets through and stays, for that brief period of time that it lasts. I regret having bought it.
04th May, 2013

Sun Day Men by Jil Sander

Recalling the ever awful and always on sale 'Sun Men', I had no expectations what so ever about something new from Jil Sander.

But 'Sun Day Men' (as I was told that one should pronounce it) was a true delight. It's fresh, clean and lasts several hours.
Aafter the first hour, the freshness wears off and all that remains behind is the sweet scent. Still Thumbs up.
04th May, 2013

Armani Eau de Nuit by Giorgio Armani

There was a 'tester' in a Men' Magazine. I was curious, but had no expectations, ever since Acqua de Gio Essence. It took me by surprise.

It is very warm and woody - it resembles 'Kenzo Power' a lot, just this is a lot better. It's like a warm blanket in a cold winter night.
04th May, 2013

Oxygène Homme by Lanvin

The first (and the last, since it doesn't last at all) thing you will notice about Oxygene isthat is powdery. The second one is that it's a cheap smell... but don't worry about it, it doens't last at all so you won't notice it too long.
04th May, 2013

cK one by Calvin Klein

Nothing special. It's somehow fresh but it doesn't last at all.
04th May, 2013

Baldessarini Secret Mission by Baldessarini

Very cheap and synthetic. and it lasts only several seconds... thank god!
04th May, 2013

Baldessarini Ambré by Baldessarini

Since I kind of love 'Baldessarini Del Mar Seychelles' I tried Ambre full of hopes. I got very disappointed. It smells cheap and last for several minutes only.
04th May, 2013

212 Sexy Men by Carolina Herrera

If I had to describe '212 Sexy Men' with a word, it would probably be interesting.

from the beginning it starts sweet-y. And it remains like that. I don't know what to say anything else than that. It's not fresh, it's not woody, heavy or floral... it's just sweet. It kind of gives you a slight sense of cool, but nothing more. and it doesn't last at all.
04th May, 2013

Bulgari Man Extreme by Bulgari

When I first discovered 'Chanel Allure Homme Edition Blanche', i fell in love with it. The kind of powerful freshness was one of a kind. I thought (and still do) that it is a truly unique masterpiece.

I didn't think it to be possible, but something seems to be going in the same direction as Edition Blanche - it's freshness is amazing. When you spray it on you, it's like you spray ice onto you... it's that fresh. It keeps you in a state of coolness and fresh several hours.

I loved it.
04th May, 2013
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Aqua pour Homme Marine by Bulgari

It is fresh. That's all you need on a hot summer day or on one of those days when you want to have a stress-free workday. I simply love it.
04th May, 2013

Mugler Cologne by Thierry Mugler

I think I expected way too much from 'Mugler Cologne'. I read several reviews here and decided to test, the first chance I get.

I did... and, unfortunately, got very disappointed. To me it is very very soapy and by far not fresh. It has several notes that might be considered fresh, but not to me.

It's heavy on the/my skin and powdery.
04th May, 2013

Esencia Loewe by Loewe

It's like walking with a time machine into the past. It's that awful smell that studies used to have, back in the days when people still smoked indoors and rarely opened the windows.

I can imagine that a few people like this kind of a fragrance, but it's definitely not mine.
04th May, 2013

Fraîcheur Végétale de Bambou by Yves Rocher

A friend bought herself this and I loved it. Rarely have I smelled something this fresh.

It's like cool raindrops on your skin on a perfect summer day. I can only recommend it.
04th May, 2013

Agua de Loewe Él by Loewe

Since '7 Natural' by Loewe is one of my favourite fragrances, I tried today other scents from the house Loewe, among others 'Agua de Loewe Él'.

In the beginning it starts fresh. You note that it is somehow sweet (the pineapple) but not boring-sweet or vanilla-sweet, but pleasant sweet. It remains fresh with a light touch of sweet for some time, until an half an hour later when it turns into this cheap soapy scent. Just like in CK One Summer 2013, you can feel the freshness of a green apple, but it get's powdery and dry.

Maybe it's nice for others, or maybe I just had too many expectations... but it's not for me.
04th May, 2013

Terre d'Hermès by Hermès

It's by far not your everyday fragrance... It's one of those scents, that you either love or hate!

Although it's worm wooden notes, make you feel like home, the leather and the vetiver make you feel somehow special and, most important, powerful.

It's not my favourite, but I like it a lot.
23rd April, 2013

Un Jardin Sur Le Toit by Hermès

April 2013:
I fell in love with 'Sur Le Toit'' the first time I tried it. I have rarely smelled something this fresh... it is very very fresh... for some, I might think, a little bit too green and fresh.

I could definitely smell the compost and the grass within. To me this is spring in a bottle.

February 2014: second minding...
After ca. 2 hours the fresh grass turns into hey. The scent becomes all of a sudden very sweet and heavy. Didn't expect it to be honest.
20th April, 2013 (last edited: 08th February, 2014)

cK one Summer 2013 by Calvin Klein

I only tested it in the store... and at the beginning, I loved it. You can feel the apple falling down the waterfall accords - which is an incredible scent. You kind of fall in love with the fragrance.

But then, after you get home, after around 20 minutes, you realize that the apple and cucumber have mutated into a cheap soap from the 90's.
20th April, 2013

Dior Homme by Christian Dior

My first designer fragrance and probably my first big love.

Dior Homme is probably one of the classiest and most elegant fragrances that there are out there. It embraces you with its soft wooden notes and puts a heavy armour of elegance around you. Like an expensive 3-piece-suit, it belongs (in my opinion) to everyone's wardrobe.

One of the kind. To the people who haven't tried it yet, I can only recommend it.
20th April, 2013

Eau des Baux by L'Occitane

I came across this fragrance on basenotes and thought I might give it a try. So I did.

the second I tried, I thought I recognized the fragrance from somewhere... and I did. It's a great copy of 'Carbon de Balmain'. It's great. It's definitely not for everyone, it's too strong for that.
17th April, 2013

Davidoff Adventure by Davidoff

I received a sample a few years back and felt mind blown! It instantly takes you on an adventure into the wild tropical jungle. It's a woody fragrance, by all means, but with strong and light woody notes at the same time. I had to buy it.

I don't think I can explain it as good as I would like to. It lasts, in my opinion, several good hours. But probably everyone has it's own opinion on this one.
17th April, 2013

7 Loewe Natural by Loewe

I don't think I could come up with more was to describe this wonderful fragrance, than it already has by the other people who have reviewed it... so here goes nothing!

It is way better than 7 LOEWE. I simply adore it.
02nd April, 2013

Luna Rossa by Prada

I can't lie... I fell in love with this scent, the second I tried it. It strength takes you to the open waters of the ocean, to ride along the Luna Rosa Team.

It's not the strength you might know from 'Hermes' or 'Balmain', but it's definitely there. You'll be surprised by the simplicity of mint and the complexity of Ambrette.
31st March, 2013

Carbone / Carbone de Balmain by Pierre Balmain

Probably one of the 'darkest' fragrances I've ever owned. The name tells you all you need to know about this scent - it's coal. It's dark, metallic, grey and dark all in one.

It's like rubbing yourself with coal... at the beginning it takes you some time to adapt to it... because it's strong and somehow weird, but after you let the strong spices and pepper do their work, you will know and understand that in fact you're not wearing the fragrance... it's wearing you.

I'm not going to lie... it is incredibly strong and heavy. It's not for everyone, but I guess the people at 'Balmain' had that in mind from the beginning.
31st March, 2013

Kenzo Power by Kenzo

I once smelled this and was mind blown. Then I got it and was quite disappointed. It smells like you'd walk through a rotten forest. It smells like something died...
31st March, 2013

Lacoste pour Homme by Lacoste

I don#t know what to say about this one... I bought it because someone told me they liked it in their teenage years. I was pretty disappointed with it. It only smells sweet, i can barely recognize anything in it... it's just isn't mine.
31st March, 2013

Burberry the Beat for Men by Burberry

I must admit I bought this (without even having ever heard of Burberry) because it was on sale. It was 50 ml for less than 20 euros. I never looked back. It is amazing... it's dominant pepper notes may trouble some people (which I understand, since it's very strong) but I happen to love it.

When I finished the bottle, I had to get another one immediately. It's amazing.
31st March, 2013