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Bottega Veneta Eau Légère by Bottega Veneta

Truly "legere," but not thin

I first smelled this, and the original Bottega Veneta, in a magazine, and though I liked both, I preferred the Eau Legere. I got a sample and tested it for my husband. In two years of trying fragrances for him, this is only the second that he immediately loved (the other was Carnal Flower,) so I bought a full bottle.

The structure is chypre-like; it opens with lime/bergamot, but that disappears within 20-30 minutes to reveal the creamy, slightly sweet, suede-like heart, which lasts about two hours on me. I do not get a ton of oakmoss; I think that most of the bitter side of this comes from the bergamot opening. It is lovely, however, providing an impression of creamy, tan suede.

Alas, it does not last long enough, but I have been able to extend the longevity by applying a dot of jojoba oil first. Hopefully it will sell well and they will produce body products.

15th June, 2013