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    Only The Brave Tattoo by Diesel

    Its a really pleasent scent, similar to CK One Shock, opens with a sweet vibe, however i do not get the apple note, the middle gets a lil spicy, and some tobacco on the base notes. The only problem i have with this one is the really poor longevity on my skin, with 4 or 5 sprays i get 2 or 3 hours max.
    Overall its a great scent, try it

    03rd December, 2012


    Allure Homme Sport Eau Extrême by Chanel

    Definetly its not bad, but i like better the original Allure Homme Sport, if you already own the original, you dont need this one. I found it similar to 212 Sexy Man by CH.
    I will try it more and see what can i get from it

    15th November, 2012


    Hugo Energise by Hugo Boss

    When i got a sample a couple of months ago i didnt liked this at all, my first impression was too spicy and a strong citrus / alcohol smell at the opening, a couple of weeks ago i decided to test it again and i started to enjoy this fragance, as i said before the opening is a little strong but a couple of minutes later you get a nice spicy citrus smell, after a while the spicy vanishes a bit and a sweet note comes up.

    I got the full bottle now and im really enjoying it, i have to say the fragance is not authentic or unique, but its pretty good.
    i recommend it for everyday use, age betwwen 20 - 30.

    I have one complain, maybe its just my bottle but the sprayer shoots the product like a water gun, hugo boss should fix this in their new bottles.

    after all:
    i give it a 4/5, ask for a sample, try it a couple of times and maybe you will react as i did.

    22nd April, 2011

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