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Agua de Loewe by Loewe

somehow this was recommended by the sephora staff over issey miyake, versace EF and bond coney island. but anyways, i think the longevity definitely beats versace EF (my current summer scent) but smell-wise, i think this is a bit too citrusy. it kinda hurts my nose when i smelled it on the paper. and it's pretty linear too, just that the heavy citrus top note dies down enough to make the scent pleasant. comparative to the other 3, this is definitely the worst. but it's NOT bad.
21st May, 2011

Coney Island by Bond No. 9

very interesting scent! i get a nice mix of sweet and citrus notes in this. it's pretty much linear throughout, and longevity is very good. i get around 10 hours? though the scent cloud doesn't project very well. oh also, it may seem really synthetic to some. and i have to agree, after a while it does piss me off. great for once-in-a-while usage, but i wouldn't wear this everyday!
21st May, 2011