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Canaïca by Galimard

My first review to Basenotes.

Living in Los Angeles allows for you to find some amazing things at some off the wall places.

Since I have been a fan of Aromatherapy, Natural Perfumery and essential oils, which has all been inspired by my years involved in the spa industry and Ayurvedic medicine, I find most conventional perfumes to be, beautiful yet over-powering.

When I was at the Goodwill store on La Brea Avenue, I spotted a red box with 5 small clear glass perfume bottles filled with delicately colored fluids. Soft green, aquatic blue, golden and amber. I asked to see the box, opened one bottle and immediately recognized the fine quality of perfume ingredients. Not being familiar with "Galimard Parfumeur en 1747 from Grasse France", I knew, by aromas alone, this set was something I needed to purchase.

The set included: Ma Faute, A Contre-Jour, Cantabelle, Brindille and Canaica. All full, with the exception of A Contre-Jour.
The price... $5.99.
Not individually, but for all 5!

My first stop was my iPhone and google where I found their website with the 260 year history, then Basenotes to see what you all thought of them. Within the first sniff, I knew I had to have this box of treasures.
I'll eventually give reviews of the others. Their quality, their website story, and this $5.99 purchase, makes me want to jump on the next flight to Grasse!

I picked this amber colored liquid randomly from the set, as I was taking photos of these bottles. The first thing that hit me was the intense, warm caramel. It didn't seem too sweet but I see how it could go that direction based ones chemistry. Secondly I get a light, "green" citrus for a second or two then it transforms into a lovely floral with the cozy caramel wrapping. After about 15 minutes on an Aroma Blotter, the scent has developed into a deep vanilla, amber floral that brings to mind a warm summer evening. On the blotter, the resistance is un-changing and only shifts to the deep amber / vanilla after about an hour.

After spending the last 10 minutes writing this and having the aroma only on the blotter, I put a drop on my wrist to experience the same sillage (aroma trail) with a faster decent into the heavy amber and vanilla. The caramel dissipated quickly to show the Ylang / Jasmine. After about 10 minutes, the resistance (lingering presence of the aroma) has mellowed a lot. If I had applied more, I'm sure it would be stronger for longer. Personally, I'm a fan of an aroma only having a resistance of a few hours with it mellowing and nearly dissipating, unless you have your nose right next to your skin.

Even though this is considered a feminin fragrance, in small quantities, this is an aroma to create a summer evening walking through a field in southern France.

Discovering the talents of Galimard, in such an off the wall place will be a story I will tell for years as I enjoy these aromas.
08th June, 2011