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Derring-Do for Men by Ineke

Very Nice! Derring-Do seems to me a little like what would have happened if Jean Claude Ellena made Green Irish Tweed. This fragrance is very crisp, light and airy but not insubstantial. I concur with Primrose's review that this sent is safe yet I will add that it is not boring at all. You will want to wear this fragrance. I would suggest this scent for anyone that wants something fresh, casual, and different.
27th July, 2010

Romance Silver Men by Ralph Lauren

Romance Silver Men sort of gets you to the same place that say a Millesime Imperial does(it doesn't smell much like MI), but with out any of the parts that make Imperial good. It also doesn't have any of the parts that make a fragrance bad. It is the ultimate sideways thumb fragrance. Being extremely light, airy, and citrusy with something that smells like a hint of Allure Homme Sport makes Romance Silver Men the fragrance for people that are there. There doing what you might say? Making tomorrow happen today? Having fun? Engaging in the finest luxuries life can offer? No, just people that are there, milling about, smelling slightly cirtispicy.
25th June, 2010

Kashmir Spice by Ava Luxe

This was just what I was looking for! Pure, warm, cinnamon and clove with a little floral in the center to hold it together. I guess you could compare this to Noir Epices with the cinnamon and clove combo turned up to 10 and the rest of the notes turned down to 4.
18th July, 2007
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Eau de Cartier Concentrée by Cartier

Very light, green, and woody and there's nothing wrong with that is there? Of course not! While being crisp and classy the coriander and nutmeg in this fragrance are prominent enough to give a bit of spicy warmth while not weighing down the fragrance. The bottle mentions 'leaves' as an note, I wouldn't be surprised if one of those leaves was mint.

This scent carries itself almost like a Creed sans ambergris, it is very light and well mannered but long lasting, at times it seems to disappear to the wearer although it is still going strong.

On a somewhat negative note, this fragrance does resemble a bug spray I once used. But the scent of the bug spray would have been rather pleasant if the actual petroleum based insecticide was absent.
13th July, 2007

Racquets Formula by Penhaligon's

I suppose my opinion on this one is influenced by the fact that this was a blind buy( at deep discount) that smelled nothing like I expected it to. It is not at all unpleasant, but it is a bit heavy, especially for a fragrance that Penhalgion's describes as "Light,refreshing" and a fragrance that "goes marvellously with the glow and exhilaration of exercise." This would be all well and good if your exercise of choice is skiing or hiking in snow shoes across the frozen tundra, but if you are actually playing some indoor or outdoor racketed sport I would suggest you look elsewhere for your fragrance needs. Orange, geranium, clove, and musk are the predominant notes here and while fairly long lasting this scent doesn't come back at all with heat and sweat.
13th July, 2007

Pontaccio 21 by Gianfranco Ferré

Just got this one today, not too bad at all! As mentioned before, it's a nice leathery floral. Although the initial blast is rather green, I think it would best be compared to Versace Black Jeans, if Black Jeans stopped being the loud, cold, anise-less cousin of JPG Le Male and it was toned down and made softer and warmer with a little bit of leather thrown in for the dry down.
27th June, 2007

R de Capucci by Roberto Capucci

The other reviewers covered this fragrance so expertly there is little left to say except for my personal observations and opinions.

This fragrance is slightly more formal than I expected it to be, almost along the same lines as Boucheron pour Homme, a very crisp citrus but with more green and less of the musk or powdery aspects. One of the most interesting aspects of this scent is the way the notes are almost separate in some ways, for instance when I sprayed R de Capucci on my undershirt after the pleasant initial green citrus blast I got a wild vetiver that seemed out of control, at least when I smelled the patch where I sprayed, but over the next few hours I observed the sillage. Of course the vetiver was still noticeable but it lost its wild quality. But it was still quite apparent in the patch where I sprayed.

As I sit here sniffing a card sprayed with R de Capucci I can say it it wasn't love at first sight but we got acquainted and now I am quite fond of this exhilarating scent. You should give it a try as well.
06th May, 2007

Virgin Island Water by Creed

Coconut and lime? Without a doubt! Summer fun? Sure. Unisex? Ehhh, maybe. Coconut and lime are the stars in this production but all of the other bit players in the pyramid play their supporting roles well in order to create a scent that is sweet, but not heavy or cloying. With coconut sharing the billing in this show it's unisex nature can easily come into question. I find this fragrance falls into the same category as Un Jardin sur le Nil, a womens scent that a man could wear in certain situations. Jardin sports a crisp grapfruit note that gives it range across most summer applications whereas Virgin Island Water's Coconut lends itself more so to outdoor/fun applications.
07th March, 2007

Collection Homme Fruit de Bois by Jean-Charles Brosseau

Starts out fresh and fruity, and bearing a resemblance, at least in my mind to Yang. But that quickly changes to a pleasant sweet woody scent with just a hint of the fruit that was present before. Unfortunately this scent plays it pretty close for a few hours and disappears all to quickly. I will give this one a tentative thumbs up since I like the fragrance but the longevity is less than even most creeds.
19th February, 2007

Ambre Canelle by Creed

This scent almost certainly had to be an influence on the creators of Paul Sebastion PS. On the first sniff they are strikingly similar, but whereas PS is slightly more dirty with a sort of rubber note that at times can be disturbing, Ambre Canelle opens slightly soaply and clean and evolves into a soft, ambery, cinnamon scent. The lack of any harsh notes and the powdery, calming nature of the drydown do infact make the scent unisex.

I am not quite sure that I can recommend this scent over PS for the average wearer especially since PS is much cheaper, but I can definitely recommend it for fragrance collectors that appreciate a scent that has a significant evolution.
26th January, 2007

Néroli Sauvage by Creed

Simply stated, the king of orange and neroli! If you want a fragrance that sparkles with delicious citrus look no futher. Refined, yet not stuffy enough to be called formal, this fragrance is a year around winner with decent longevity.
06th October, 2006

Green Valley by Creed

Does this fragrance have a similarity to Dior's Fahrenheit? Perhaps it does, but I find it to have much more in common with its forerunner Green Irish Tweed. To begin they are both rather green fragrances( along with Fahrenheit)and smell amazingly similar right out of the bottle. But the tale is told in the drydown, where GIT becomes a woody, mossy, earthy green on top of the prominent ambergris Creed base. Green Valley takes another route, using what I would assume to be nearly the same ingredients, yet eschewing earthy notes almost entirely Green Valley yields a pure and transparent green that is somewhat sweet and definitely enjoyable. In other words, whereas Green Irish Tweed is a verdant landscape, Green Valley is an emerald.

Despite lacking the fantastic sillage and great longevity of its green relative, Green Valley is no slouch and is a worthy of addition to any collection in need of a year around fresh scent.
06th October, 2006

Chypre Rouge by Serge Lutens

Maybe Serge Lutens just isn't for me because I found this to be one of the most unwearable fragrances that I have ever smelled. With a scent that I would imagine is reminiscent of what would happen if you took Basala and boiled it down to a syrup and added whatever it is that makes Serge Lutens so sugary sweet(it must be a seperate secret ingredient), I cant say that this fragrance has character or is just difficult to wear, it's just bad. But I guess that is how art is supposed to work when it is for its own sake and not for the enjoyment of the person experiencing it
16th September, 2006
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Nemo by Cacharel

Wow, this is more or less a reserved Chanel Allure. That being said, it isnt a bad thing. Most of the similarity comes in the opening blast. On paper and right out of the bottle most would not be able to tell Nemo from Allure unless they were side by side. But if one has the facility of a side by side comparision anyone would notice that while Allure goes for a sort of a mellow spicy, fruity, fresh scent Nemos goals are entirely different, accentuating wood and perhaps a bit of smoke with a hint of the fruit from the opening. Is it worth it to own both? Considering that Nemo is discontinued it is becoming increasingly difficult to accomplish that feat but if you love Nemo( or Allure) and want to explore a similar fragrance that follows a divergent path then by all means purchace both and enjoy as I believe I will someday.
09th September, 2006

M7 by Yves Saint Laurent

This is a fragrance that is very difficult to get a finger on. It definitely falls into the woody/spicy category but with that being said, there isn't much identifiable spice so what is left are the various wood, musk, and amber elements that give the fragrance the bulk of its character. In addition to the lack of spice is the lack of almost any fruit characteristics, there is only the faintest hint of a citrus freshness in the opening, just as it is sprayed, but this does not last long. As other reviewers have mentioned, this is a rather dark fragrance, there are no friendly elements to this fragrance, in fact it can be somewhat dangerous and intimidating. Despite its inherent dark character, the powdery aspects of this scent prevent it from being cloying. At the price (easily found between $20-$30), this is a fragrance that every man should add to his wardrobe.
30th August, 2006

Un Jardin sur le Nil by Hermès

This is a frangrance that has a great deal in common with its progeny Terre d'Hermes due to prominent grapfruit note in the beginning of both scents, but the similarities stop there. Whereas Terre d'Hermes is a vision of the earth in its infancy, barren, arid and without life, Un Jardin Sur le Nil is a vision of verdant earth teeming with trees, fruit, water, ready to be inhabited. This scent is not without its flaws. It is listed as unisex, but it is often sold for women and this is for good reason, it definitely leans toward the feminine. But it's feminine aspect is what makes it wonderful and due to the fact that it leans heavily on the grapfruit note a man can get away with a light application, especially during summer. This one is a winner for everyone!
18th August, 2006

Silver Mountain Water by Creed

A terrific berry and tea analogue to Millesime Imperial, super light and fresh but will just enough heft to take in into fall or even winter. Wears off the skin within a couple of hours but when applied to clothing I have know it to last 8-12 hours. Another excellent fragrance by Creed!
07th August, 2006