Reviews by Francois Blais


Florida Water by Murray & Lanman

I must admit I smelt this stuff for the first time today, at 55! :)
When I was a child, there was a bottle sitting on the bathroom shelf.
A gift from my godmother to the family, and it was never opened. (no idea why!)
A few days ago, I saw a bottle at my local pharmacy.
This stuff is now in a plastic bottle, but the label is exactly the same as in memories.
It was a glass bottle back then.
Bought it today, and finally tried it!
My god, this stuff is way much better than I expected! :)
I was ready for a thin, dry, cheap citrus scent, but this stuff smells quite natural, and is also spicy and has a round sweet base.
I'll probably use it as an after-shave during the summer, along with 4711.
12th April, 2015 (last edited: 13th April, 2015)

English Leather Spiced by Dana

I love this one!
To me it smells like a mix of English Leather and Old Spice, but it's better than the sum of these parts!
21st March, 2015

Vetiver by Dana

Just bought this blindly for $14 on Fragrancex and I must admit I'm pleasantly surprised!
It's soft, in the same mood as Malizia, but IMHO much better.
Could be compared to Chopard's Noble Cedar as well.
21st March, 2015

Iceberg The Fragrance for Men by Iceberg

This scent smells quite similar to Brit for men.
It's however softer and spicier.
A nice alternetive if you like Brit but find it a bit sharp as I do.
02nd February, 2015

David Beckham Homme by Beckham

Nice aromatic fougère!
I get mostly wood from it, but it's not a bad thing. :)
I think it's a scent for a mature man.
This one and Instinct are excellent products with a very affordable pricetag.
23rd December, 2014

Quartz pour Homme by Molyneux

A nice fresh woody scent, although I enjoy Silver Quartz more than this one.
There is an apple note (olfactory illusion?) up top, but it's not the hissy crab apple note of Cool Water.
Here, everything is more understated.
Like Silver Quartz, this would make a great office scent.
30th August, 2014

Quartz Silver pour Homme by Molyneux

Honestly, I bought this blind and was ready for the worst.
But it's actually very nice, a fresh spicy scent in the lines of Déclaration de Cartier.
Very affordable, it's a pleasure to wear.
Can be a nice scent for the office.

30th August, 2014

Sculpture Homme by Nikos

I'm so happy I discovered that one!
Bought it blindly and don't regret it!

The scent is quite close to Minotaure, my very first scent about 20 years ago.
It's lighter, and it's a good thing because you can easily wear it in the summer.
The tobacco trail is lovely.

Two thumbs up!
24th August, 2014

Tokyo by Kenzo

Could have been great, but too soft and shy.
Kenzo pour homme Boisée is much better!
07th August, 2014

Ultrasense by Jil Sander

Not bad, but not great either. Made by Coty Prestige.
A safe scent for the office.
The scent itself smells of citrus and violet-leaf to me.
Throw in some spices and woods, stir, and voilà, you have Ultrasense.
Mellow and inoffensive, don't expect a wow from this one.
07th August, 2014

Les Notes de Lanvin : Oud & Rose by Lanvin

Actually a very nice one.
I'd have given a thumbs up if it wasn't for the more feminine phase in the middle if its development.
Start and finish are definitely masculines though.
16th July, 2014

Vizzari by Roberto Vizzari

I mostly agree with SirSlarty on this one, but don't really get the Zino similarity though.
It's nevertheless a very good fresh woody oriental, not overpowering like many scents in that style.

P.S. This is incidentally the best use of nutmeg I've found yet in a scent, by the way!
25th March, 2014

Loud for Him by Tommy Hilfiger

Very nice modern masculine floral scent.
The patchouli and tobacco are giving the right amount of depth to the rose top note.
The first TH scent I like!
07th March, 2014

Kenzo Pour Homme Boisée / Woody by Kenzo

Nothing ground-breaking here, but a nice spicy woody smell that stays close to the wearer so it's a safe scent for the office.
Got it blindy in a swap, and I'm happy I did.
The original Kenzo was more original, but also kind of harder to wear in real life.

2014/08/07 edit:
The more I wear it, the more I like it!
I get a very nice leather feel under the spices that's great!
28th November, 2013 (last edited: 07th August, 2014)

Salvatore Ferragamo pour Homme by Salvatore Ferragamo

Nice stuff!

The comparison to Déclaration de Cartier is obvious.

Granted it doesn't smell the same, but uses the same structure.

Also, there's cardamom in both of them.

SF is a very nice woody spicy scent, ideal for the office, or when you need something that doen't project too much, but still carries confidence, elegance and maturity.

Pros: Confidence, seriousness, elegance
Cons: Longevity could be better"

02nd August, 2013

PS Onyx by Paul Sebastian

My favorite fougere these days!
A blind buy, and I'm very happy I did!
Smells very italian to me, spicy, rich, full bodied yet very warm and masculine.
16th April, 2013

Horizon by Guy Laroche

I was immediately reminded of Horizon when I tried Aramis' New West this morning.
However, i prefer Horizon to New West.
The calone (or whatever aquatic note used) fades more quickly, and the drydown is more complex and interesting than NW.
Stocked two bottles by the way... :)
11th April, 2013

Black Label by Mayfair

This is really a superb lavender scent.
Very natural, smooth yet solid, it's a joy to wear.
I see it like a man's version of their English Lavender scent.
It has more woods so feels more masculine.
12th February, 2013

Cabaret Homme by Grès

Excellent fougere that reminds me strongly of YSL's Jazz.
This one is darker, woodier and less green.
Good stuff!
20th December, 2012

PS by Paul Sebastian

Great barbershop type fragrance, and a real bargain!
The sage-lavender combo here is simply great, and enhanced by the sweet woody undertones, it has tremendous presence and masculinity.
Better on mature men though.
16th November, 2012

Homme Nature by Yves Rocher

I expected something that smelt natural, but it feels quite synthetic to me.
Fresh, but harsh and nauseating.
23rd June, 2012

Anucci Man by Anucci

Albeit a nice scent, this is not for me. (yet...)
Too feminine in the balance between the florals, the powder and the citrus top.
Don't get me wrong, I think it's nice, but I don't like it on me.
I don't feel comfortable with it.
16th June, 2012

Citrus & Wood by Yardley

A nice clean chypre, inexpensive but very well done.
Longevity is average, but it's nice for office use.
01st November, 2011

L'Eau Homme by S.T. Dupont

Very nice fresh scent for the summer.
As stated previously, you get a ghost of Declaration through a more generic aquatic type of scent, but it remains above the competition with a better balance between the elements, and the tea notes which I love.
Nothing ground-breaking, but much better done than other aquatics.
10th September, 2011

Preferred Stock by Coty

A very nice fougere for a cheapo.
There are better offerings in the genre, but for its price, it's hard to beat!
I match it with the after-shave and find it smooth and not overpowering at all.
01st September, 2011

Pino Fifty by Silvestre

I get a very cedary smell from his one.
I give a neutral rating because longevity is quite short on my skin.
Otherwise very nice.
17th April, 2011

Fresh Uomo by Trussardi

Fresh, but still complex, and the fruit notes are not too strong, which I dislike in general.
Longevity is somewhat limited though.
11th January, 2011 (last edited: 05th April, 2015)

Lancetti Monsieur by Lancetti

Reminds me strongly of Boucheron pour homme, but softer.
Take Boucheron, tone it down, remove some floral and add some spices, et voilà!
25th October, 2010

Edwardian Bouquet by Floris

Amazingly good!
Very refined, yet discreet, with a special "melancholy" aura.
Something reminds me of Eau de Guerlain, although it's not as citrussy.
Great floral chypre, and very unisex as already said.
24th September, 2010

Burberry the Beat for Men by Burberry

It took me two hours to figure out what other scent I know it was similar too: Lagerfeld Man. (discontinued)
Lagerfeld is just more floral while The Beat is more peppery.
But scents are nice, but I prefer The Beat.
Soft and subtle, so good for the office when something smooth is desirable.

08th May, 2010 (last edited: 11th March, 2014)