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24, Faubourg Eau Délicate by Hermès

Smells a lot like Cabotine.
15th September, 2005

Polo Sport by Ralph Lauren

Avoid this at all cost! This is for those sweaty athletes that need to deodorize their gym bags... never has a scent been so utterly devoid of delicacy! It smells very cheap... very reminiscent of that disgusting Axe body spray.
03rd September, 2005

Cabotine by Grès

The ylang-ylang is too much! It's overpowering at first... I could actually taste it just by sniffing it. The drydown is wonderful though, very feminine and floral. One spray is enough, trust me.
03rd September, 2005
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D&G Feminine by Dolce & Gabbana

Delicate and subtle... extremely feminine... it reminds me of Eau de Givenchy. It's easy on the nose and quite affordable.
01st September, 2005