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OS Signature by Old Spice by Procter & Gamble

Picked this one up at Rite-Aid for $10. While a little more costly than its orignal recipe, signature has a new-aged jazz to it that makes the price-point hard to resist. For the $9.49 plus tax, I got a 1.0oz bottle of spray cologne, and a 2.5oz tube of shower gel. This makes it a nifty little set that just about anyone, cologne snob or not, can find as a bargain.

While if it were a full-priced cologne, or even double the price, I would give it a neutral rating, it ranks I feel highest in its catergory (mashed up between Brut Revolution and Axe Labs... the others in this new genre or value-priced cologne).
29th December, 2006

Boss Selection by Hugo Boss

I bought it because I was in a hurry to get some cologne for a trip. Didn't really smell around, I just knew I liked Hugo as a clothing manufacture. Now that I have it, I kind of don't like it. It's the ugliest bottle in my collection; a grey square with a silver top... no originallity here, folks. And that carries out in the smell, too... extremely subtle, and average longevity. I think it's a fantastic fresh smell, but it's... unoriginal? I haven't smelled nothing too similar to it, but this is boringish. For the price, I would not buy it. Now, if it was the price of coolwater...
01st September, 2006

Vera Wang for Men by Vera Wang

I can't give this a thumbs up. But I can't give this a thumbs down. It smells pretty damn good... you first put it on, you can really smell it. Give it a half-hour, it smells as aparent as cologne should be... give it two more half-hours... and its gone. Kind of a freshish eveningwear is what I would call it, Vera Wang is definately one people say smells good. But after three hours, even the base notes are gone. The smell truly is worth a sniffing, and I think great enough to be a worthy cologne... but it just can't hang around.
13th August, 2006
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Very Sexy for Him by Victoria's Secret

I hate to come rushing in sounding like a newbie on this one... but does anyone else wear this not for themselves? In my opinion, it smells produced, odd, and perhaps designed around a few other scents? Honestly, if I wasn't a part of one of these communities, I would have never bought this. But for some reason, whenever I put it on, I get complements. Women absolutely adore this scent, and I am still trying to figure out why. But I don't question it... the results I have gotten are Sexy. Very Sexy! Very Sexy for Him! So what I'm saying is, wheter you like the smell or not, the ladies do. But wear it for whatever reason.
13th August, 2006

Reaction for Men by Kenneth Cole

This was the first bottle I bought because of its special promotion (came with aftershave splash, and a watch that is still ticking on). I really did like te smell when I applied it to a test paper in store and my Reaction (which I assume they were aiming for because of the name) was "Wow! This smells different!". Very fresh... smells like... like a fruitstand? Best way I can say it. But while it is a different smell in your collection, it doesn't stay around for very long. I found myself stepping out of the ground rules of "No more than two sprays", and applying four or five, just so the scent could last more than an hour. Seriously, this is the shortest lasting scent I could have ever endured. A complete let-down after an hour or so. It progresses into a ho-hum traditional smell of sandalwood... in which... there is no Reaction.

But when it is around, it's good. This is a nice enough to keep around for visits to the doctor, going to the movies, lunch with a friend... shorter ocassions. Lastly, I would say this is a Summer scent. Fun, fresh, and reactive, I think it really classifies as a cologne that you buy at the begining of Summer, and put it away at the end.
13th August, 2006

Cool Water by Davidoff

This would make a great first colonge. Cheap in price, but is a time-tested great smell. Although it is popular, I do think that should at all sway your descision from this great smell. And then, who knows? Years later you may come back for more bottles, like I have.
13th August, 2006