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Chloé Narcisse by Chloé

I recently purchased a 50ml EDP in the purple box and it is more like the Narcisse I remember from the 90's.
The Narcisse that you can buy with spare change at chemists or department stores has a plasticky tone that can singe the inside of your nostrils when you first spray. After half an hour it calms down but it can be challenging and for everyone else in a 1 metre radius to cope with till then.
The EDP seems to be just as strong but not as offensive or synthetic. It seems, (to my nose) settle and begin the lovely dry down to a base which is lovely, creamy and truly nuzzle worthy.
Although I have just bought this bottle of EDP, I am thinking I am going to buy another and stash in my cupboard. I have a feeling this EDP may be one of the fragrances that I will be missing, unable to find in a few years and not easily replaceable.
05th April, 2014

Stella by Stella McCartney

OK. I am a little bit shitty (pissed off in Aussie terms). I absolutely LOVE this frag but I feel I have to over apply to really get the silage and longevity I want. I love rose and I love amber but Stella is a little bit too polite for me. I like my perfumes to have a little of attitude and spunk and this one is too worried what others will think of her. I am going to source the Rose Absolute which I hope will give me the 'oooh yeah, I'm smellin' that reaction' rather than 'hmm, did someone scent their sheets with rosewater?'. Great office scent that is non-offensive. Myself? If I offend you? get in line.
20th August, 2010

Prada (new) by Prada

Now, I must show my true alliance is saying that I prefer Coromandel by Chanel more than Prada. BUT I am much more likely to go through a 50ml Prada than a 200ml Coramandel! I think the Prada is much more wearable and I really love the patchouli note. It is nice and creamy and smells just sweet enough without bashing you over the head with it. Coromandel is a little harder to wear - but I have room for both. Not sure if Prada lasts as well on my skin - and I am trying not to douse myself in frags anymore.
Thumbs up for me!
24th July, 2007
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Madness by Chopard

I REALLY like this. I think it is what NU by YSL was supposed to be? I love the blast of Pepper and rose at the start. Then the pepper tones down to a lovely dry spicy rose. It is not as strong as I thought it would be - with it being so intense at the start. I actually love this in summer and the cooler weather.
It is definitely original and not age restricted in any way. Perfect for a blamy night drinking Margaritas or wrapped in (fake) fur and dripping diamonds and off to the theatre - Madness is great for either occasion.
I also got a 75ml at a unbelievable price. Makes it all the more sweeter!
24th July, 2007

Love's True Bluish Light by Ava Luxe

I went from 'mmm ho hum' to 'OMG - gotta get me some of this!'. I love this milky vanilla/musk/amber scent. It is now one of my faves in the Ava Luxe line and I have ordered 30ml EDP and most of the body line.
I do like gourmand frags - but some with a heavy patchouli (Angel) element or sweet (Britney Spears) tend to seem too young.
This one gives a really sexy pulse of musk that says 'come here - I want to talk to you' instead of 'Oh yeah nah, whatever so cool like yeah'.
Understand the difference. That's LTBL
19th July, 2007

FlowerbyKenzo Oriental by Kenzo

I like this version of Kenzo Flowers more than the original. The Oriental has a bit more spice and pepper. Still heaps of powder and definite vanilla - but all in all, an interesting fragrance. Not for sweet freaks or gourmand lovers - (Britney lovers beware). KimChi's review is excellent.
30th June, 2007