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Musk au Chocolat by Duftkumpels

I love this attar. I never tried an attar before, neither did I (as far as I know) a perfume with real musk. So: this was love at first sniff. It lends to gourmand, but it is not too sweet. There is good quality sandalwood in it and after an hour or so, the chocolate pops up. It is animalic and intimate.
02nd November, 2018

Vanille Intense by Nicolaï

I am so glad that I just got my hand on a large bottle of this gorgeous perfume! It is vanilla unlike any other vanilla. I seem to pick up some nutmeg, but this isn't listed as a note. Anyway, this is a very sexy vanilla. Spicy, racy. To bad it has been discontinued
18th October, 2018 (last edited: 20th October, 2018)

Sacrebleu Intense by Nicolaï

I love this perfume. Even though it is so different from my usual taste (I have a sweet tooth). The tuberose is very well done here: not to loud. Present yes, but very sensual. Good sillage too. I really smell Patricia's hand in this perfume.
18th October, 2018 (last edited: 20th October, 2018)
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Miraj by S.A.C.K.Y

This was a scrubber for me. Except that you can't get it all scrubbed away. I liked all the notes when I read about this perfume, but it smells terribly synthetic. Headache inducing
18th October, 2018

In Pursuit of Magic by Diane Pernet

I really like this. If you are aware of it, it smells of pod indeed. People don't recognize it at once, but I asked my co-workers if they could smell it and than they said 'oh yes, now you mention it'! There is also a very nice grapefruit in it. But some say they smell lemon. It is a love and hate fragrance I guess, some of my friends really dislike it.
18th October, 2018

Messy Sexy Just Rolled out of Bed by A Lab on Fire

I don't think this is sexy. At least I don't think so. Also it is to powdery for my taste (but that is personal of course)
18th October, 2018

Stardust by Annette Neuffer

This is very high quality perfume. Very potent, long lasting and with sillage. That is not always the case with natural perfumes. It has lots of very tasty cacao and juicy sweetness. I love it :-)
18th October, 2018

Patchouli Nobile by Nobile 1942

I like the first hour when I wear this perfume. I smell good quality patchouli. But the dry-down is to (synthetic) musky for me. I think it might be nicer on a man than a woman
18th October, 2018

Real Patchouly by Bois 1920

I don't like this patchouly at all. It smells very bitter and it doesn't even smell like real patchouly at all to my nose.
18th October, 2018

Licorne Maudite by Fleur de Point

Oh, I love this! A very sparkling and little bitter (but oh so good) blood orange. And than the spices and deeper notes.. I can't wait to buy my full bottle from nice perfumer Mary :-)
18th October, 2018