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Cuir Venenum 03 by Parfumerie Generale

I agree with Everso.
This is not a leather scent. Definitely not for people looking for leather fragrances. Their nose will have a hard time trying to catch a whiff of that elusive leather. This fragrance is all about myrrh. It sort of has a herbal opening which is immediately followed be very intense myrrh. I am not a fan of myrrh so that's pretty much the end of it for me. The reason why I wanted to try this was because of it's recommendations as a nice leather frag. The word 'cuir' in the name is misleading. Frankly the notes are just so discordant.
13th January, 2010

Oltre by Laura Tonatto

Smells like the ocean? Yeah, it does, but an ocean that's got tonnes of dead fish floating on the surface of the water. I just wish the 'fish' smell wasn't there in this and the oceanic note in isolation, would be so much more compelling. For some reason this also reminds me of 'Bois Blond' that also exhibits a 'fish' note.
For creativity this fragrance deserves a recommendation. For the result, it doesn't. Hence I give it a neutral.
13th January, 2010

Porsche Design Essence by Porsche

This smells like a myriad of cheap Armani run of the mill scents out there. Needless to say, extremely synthetic.
No wonder it's highly discounted and despite that hardly finds any takers. I'll be happy to buy their 911 though :-)
17th October, 2009
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Sandalo e The by Bois 1920

The opening is very zesty & sweet. Lemon & sugarcane like sweetness (found in Virgin Island Water). Soon emerges the rose with spices and lots of cumin. Cumin is not 'off putting' for me since I love Kingdon by Alexander Mcqueen. What follows next is quite surprising. I can immediately detect its uncanny similarity to Davidoff - Zino. I am shocked how similar this it to Zino. I am not mistaken. Anyone who has tried Zino, can verify my claim. This sums it up for me. Zino is available at a greatly discounted price and has great sillage and longevity. I'd rather buy that then spend my money on Sandalo. I wanted to try this because I thought it would be a nice sandalwood scent but I can't really identify any sandalwood in it.

Overall not a bad scent particularly the opening, which I think is fabulous. It's hard to guess that a scent with such a 'fresh' opening will go into this sort of drydown territory. Ofcourse no points for originality. If it wasn't for the beautiful opening notes, I'd have given it a negative.
06th March, 2009

Hammam Bouquet by Penhaligon's

This opens with an accord that reminds me of this 'hair oil' that I used to use as a kid. I just can't seem to shake off this 'hair oil' association from it. I think it as far too much 'jasmine' for my liking. I am not averse to floral fragrances but this is cloying. Ofcourse there is 'rose' lurking somewhere in the background but for me this is definitely a 'jasmine' dominated scent. It also has this powdery characteristic to it. I am shocked that its Hammam bouquet is not even a unisex fragrance because to my nose this should definitely be a woman's fragrance.
23rd January, 2009

Muscs Koublaï Khän by Serge Lutens

If I were a lunatic, I would have surely loved this.

This is gross. It smells like your unwiped back side just after you've unloaded. Yeah this also has this animal accord in it. Like a poster above has said, there is a 'zoo' smell in it....Like a herd of filthy animals defecating in a small area and then Serge Lutens employees went there, filled up the bell jars and then with their patented (secret) process condensed this foul smell into liquid.

You must try it once and see it for yourself, how spot on I was with this.
16th January, 2009

Arcus by Amouage

The moment you spray it, it reminds you of Acqua Di Gio and then in about 5 minutes it transforms into something green. Then the salt appears that does remind you of Erolfa. The dry down is unmistakenly the same as that of 'Halston Catalyst' which in any case is very similar to ADG.

It does not warrant such a high price because it's fairly average and smells like a lot of other much cheaper colognes.
07th January, 2009

Black XS by Paco Rabanne

DONT...DONT BUY unless you want to smell of strawberries that have been sweetened by immersing them in sugar syrup. its so so sweet makes me squeamish. This is almost edible if you like strawberry jam. This could easily be a replacement for Strawberry jam addicts who could spray this in their mouths. Yucks.
03rd November, 2006

Jazz by Yves Saint Laurent

I wonder what kind of a nose would take an aversion to the way Jazz smells. I think it smells wonderful, has gr8 longevity & gives out gr8 sillage as well. A must buy for everyone.
21st September, 2006

Platinum Égoïste by Chanel

NO NO your $$$$$$$...cant imagine anyone paying $120 for this...its just terrible...cant believe its from Chanel...Stay away
27th August, 2006