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À Rebours by Friendly Fur

A lovely spicy, cumin-y opening had me hoping this would be a dirty pleasure to behold. So much so that I doused my arm in it before heading off for the rest of my day. Within an hour, A Rebours turned into a powdery, screechy floral musk. I was disappointed to be sitting in the movies smelling like someone's Nana.
09th November, 2012

White Gardenia Petals by Illuminum

Clean, floral and high-pitched. A boringly synthetic white floral which would be better suited for a dryer sheet than a high brow niche perfume. And while it was a safe choice for the future princess - it's a sad choice for a fragrance lover.
29th June, 2011

Mad Sweeney by Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab

Smells just like Jack Daniels ... perfect for the alcoholic in your life!
30th August, 2008
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Musk by Alyssa Ashley

A bland, clean musk ... you can do better!
11th July, 2008

Norell by Norell

A foggy version of Estee Lauder's Private Collection ... not nearly as in focus or dynamic, though certainly worthy of both wear and ownership. I want to use the word chalky to describe this scent ... like its greenness is tempered with a softness. Still very interesting and affordable ... but for a couple bucks more get the full bang from the EL counter.
11th July, 2008

L'Heure Attendue (original) by Jean Patou

Absolutely gorgeous soft, slightly sweet, powdery, woody perfume! An absolute gem from Patou, so far my favorite of Ma Collection ... though I've only smelled about half of them. At this point, would make a much better masculine than feminine. And the soft sandalwood drydown is the best part.
19th June, 2008

Sensuous by Estée Lauder

Sensuous is right! What a lovely new scent from Lauder, a real break from the squeaky clean florals of yesteryear. If molten wood was the brief, this scent delivers! A warm, languid blend of smooth wood notes ... smooth to the point of intoxication. And of course, true to Lauder form, I'm still inhaling from my test strip 3 days later with full force. This is truly a golden scent ... imagine the more mature sister of Bois d'Argent, if you will. However, this entry does prove novel in several ways. Firstly, the obvious break from the syrupy sweet pink scents that currently dominate the market. And secondly, and of slightly more interest to fragrance lovers, Sensuous smells like it could have been born not to the American Queen Mother, but from more humble, niche beginnings. Granted, this scent will not knock the socks off of most scentophiles, but its a gorgeous and comforting perfume which brings a much needed dose of masculinity to the world of female fragrance.
18th June, 2008

Pleasures for Men by Estée Lauder

Sometimes you just want to smell good ... not crazy, not challenging, not esoteric, just good. Hello, Pleasures! Though some might call him boring, he's just a basic t-shirt and jeans scent. No, he's not going to change the world, he might not even save the day, but he smells good enough to keep around.
28th May, 2008

Purple Water by Asprey

Quite pretty really ... clean and expensive smelling. To me, this smells exactly like the toiletry tray in the marble bathroom of a 5-star hotel. It smells a bit like a fine soap wrapped in tissue paper. Hard to go wrong with this one, huh?
04th May, 2008

Dazzling Silver by Estée Lauder

I had to smell it after Turin gave it such a good review ... he, unlike myself, seems to love Lauder. I always used to buy my mom the compacts for x-mas, and the scents never really appealed to me, they always seemed to be in the way of what I was actually buying.

Strangely, this smells exactly like a self-tanner I use ... Sun Dial ... though it came out nearly 10 years before my Banana Boat. The fragrance is beyond synthetic, which usually kills my buzz immediately, not so in this case. Dazzling Silver is so smooth and clean. Its very American and very department store. Its a little too clean for my tastes ... kind of like someone put a bouquet of flowers in the sink and started scrubbing them with dish soap. The lilies are a bit funereal and overall the scent is a bit too pure, but I like this more than I should.

On the right girl, in the right sweater set, with the right ring on her finger, this could just be the perfect scent.
26th April, 2008

Mister by Jasper Conran

Opens with a bit of cocaine-y leather, a la Tom Ford's Tuscan leather, and then moves slowly into a fairly good impression of CdG's Sequoia.
25th April, 2008

31 rue Cambon Eau de Toilette by Chanel

Dior Homme's little sister ... though a little more varied in the floral department, but ultimately, not nearly as nice.
25th April, 2008

Covet Sarah Jessica Parker by Sarah Jessica Parker

Let's get things straight ... I'm a vetiver hater, but a Covet lover! What a delicious chocolaty green scent. Works great on a guy, if I do say so myself, and I just constantly reach for the bottle. This is saying a lot, as there are few fragrances for which I am constantly reaching. I feel too that Covet has a development, a structure and a warm comfort about it. Certainly worth a try ... and perhaps a bottle!
18th April, 2008
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Notes from Michael - Tattersall by Michael Kors

Don't be fooled by the notes listed above ... this stuff is awful! Synthetic florals are all I register ... nothing natural or warm in the least!
18th April, 2008

Heat Man - Fired Up by Jovan

If you're a musk lover and you can find this, its worth a sniff. In its Windex style dispenser (I'm sorry, I can't call this a bottle), its Jovan marketed for the now generation. For the money, it could certainly be worse, but I don't find this sweet musk anything but cloyingly synthetic. I wish it were sexy, but it just smells cheap. Also discontinued.
17th April, 2008

Sex Appeal for Men by Jovan

Strong and spicy ... makes me think of apple cider. Definitely warm and earthly, I like it, but I don't think I'll be wearing out. Dated? Certainly.
17th April, 2008

Sandalo e The by Bois 1920

If Kingdom is a dirty girl, then Sandalo e The is a really dirty guy. Though it starts bright and lemony, this one quickly descends into what can only be described as pure sweaty, sexy manliness. To my nose, it shares a lot in common with the dry down of Mugler's Angel for women, as it is certainly sweet and dark. It is kind of like sniffing a man's armpits, all of the spice with none of the mustiness. The composition is bold and full of contrast, definitely better suited for the braver, more confident wearers among us - two sprays will also last you all day. But believe me when I say, wearing Sandalo is like rubbing a sweaty, sexy rugby player on yourself. It's definitely primal and totally hot!
04th December, 2007

Rose Poivrée by The Different Company

Seemingly a perfect cross of McQueen's Kingdom and L'Artisan's Voleur de Roses. Spicy, musky, and definitely a dark rose lover's delight!


I received a decant of this recently and something has changed. I no longer smell rose so much as I get a harsh mix of cumin and melon. What's happened?
21st November, 2007 (last edited: 14th June, 2008)

Monk by Michael Storer

Mmmmmm ... musty like a basement or a wet old library. Not really my cup of tea, especially considering I was hoping for incense. I can see the Goth reference here, but it's like a dirty Goth's dorm room, picture heaps of unwashed clothing. It does pick up a bit after a while, but I can't imagine spraying myself with this after I've just showered. I think I might get looks if I turned up smelling like this. That said, it is interesting.
01st November, 2007

L'Homme Eau d'Été by Yves Saint Laurent

Not really a fan of the original, however, this smells exactly like hairspray. Perhaps its the ozone, but it felt as thought I was standing in my mother's bathroom!
19th July, 2007

Happy for Men by Clinique

ohhh ...
this one makes me gag! i just can't stand to be around anyone who wears this! the aquatic notes are suffocating and the sweetness truly awful! stay away ... or at least stay away from me if you ever feel inclined to spray yourself with this aromatic monstrosity!
25th May, 2007

Fleur du Mâle by Jean Paul Gaultier

If you love orange blossoms ... and believe me, I do ... then Fleur du Male is right up your alley! Romantically sweet, softly sensual and exceptionally "Spring-y", Fleur opens like a drive through Phoenix in April. When I first read that orange blossom was one of the keynotes in Gaultier's new concoction, I knew I had to try it. Having worn Le Male over a decade ago, I knew that sugary sweetness was the designer’s Achilles Heel. However, I was willing to make an exception to my otherwise darkly spicy sense of smell. Fleur does blossom, or rather explode, come on … What did you expect? – Subtly? But it slowly gives way to the familiar base and ultimate heart of Le Male. What was groundbreaking and unique in the 90s is now somewhat commonplace and tired in 2007. How many times have we all smelled Le Male? It is unmistakable. Perhaps this is why Gaultier has chosen only a variation on his classic’s bottle. Yes, Fleur is new, but not that new. The clothes have changed, but the man is still the same.
05th April, 2007

Activist by Body Shop

Wonderful, almost sporty scent that I can't stop reaching for. The Body Shop's site lists top notes of citrus and base notes of sandalwood, creating an oriental style frag, but its much more than that. This is just a little gem, still in production in the UK, so all you Americans try ebay or friends abroad. You won't regret this $20 purchase!
12th February, 2007

Comme des Garçons 2 Man by Comme des Garçons

I know this is incredibly well received around here, but the very idea of this scent sends chills down my spine. Inconceivibly difficult to shake, one of the only fragrances which I find truly cloying. I must admit though, it is certainly unique, but definately not for me.
11th February, 2007

Courage by Anthony Logistics

Has so very much in common with the Body Shop's ACTIVIST ... at times almost indistinguishable. As it is a body splash, I will go easy on its lasting power, but it really is a lovely casual (or as Puddy implied, sporty) scent, for not much money. I paid $18 for 100ml and its perfect for the gym bag. However, if you like this, you'll love ACTIVIST.
09th February, 2007

Blue Sugar by Aquolina

Well ... if your budget doesn't allow you to purchase a bottle of Mugler's A*Men, then Blue Sugar is certainly your best bet! To be honest, I can't really smell any difference between the two, which is really quite sad considering how utterly recognizable Angel has become. I was hoping for something sweet yet dark, which Blue Sugar delivers upon opening in a very nice way, the note of Carmelised Sugar. However ultimately, you are left with nothing new, but what did you expect?
02nd February, 2007

Tumulte pour Homme by Christian Lacroix

Absolutely beautiful ... darkly mysterious and terribly sexy. Not for the shy, like LaCroix himeself! Dry and delicious, almost like taking your sweaters out of the cedar closet. I adore it and am hard pressed to compare it to others ... though the incense series is certainly in the same family, perhaps distantly related.
24th January, 2007

At The Beach 1966 by CB I Hate Perfume

Wow, what an amazing beach frag! I usually detest ocean scents, Armani's makes me gag, but this scent is completely different. Instead of focusing on the water, or on the air, Christopher BROSIUS directs his attention to the human experience of sunning. The notes, including summery sand, jasmine, sea spray, dianthus dune flower, neroli petals and driftwood, help form the more synthetic smell of drugstore tanning oil heating on the skin. Not unlike Bond no 9's Fire Island, this scent is clearly a reference to the ritual of the beach, rather than the landscape itself. This is one of 3 in his Memory Series, along with Memory of Kindness and Winter of 1972. The Kindness scent is incredible! Before I read about the notes, I sat and tried to remember where this familiar smell was located in my own memory. It is the scent of tomato vines and leaves, and that was my childhood. Winter, on the otherhand, delivers the still cold air. CB I Hate Perfume is a very interesting brand, and not too pricey!
11th September, 2006

Comme des Garçons 3 by Comme des Garçons

this smells just like OFF bug spray, I can't stop thinking that, and everytime I go for a wiff, that's all I can smell. Maybe I'm biased, as I usually like warmer and spicer smells, as this is completely opposite!
11th September, 2006

Blue Jeans by Versace

sweet and fresh, like businesswallet said, this was my training fragrance @ age 14. It's a cute smell, but does lack the maturity of many of its peers.
16th August, 2006