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Arabie by Serge Lutens

There are so few Lutens scents I can actually wear, and Arabie just makes the cut. When I first put it on it smells almost unbearably strong, but it quickly dries down to a sultry mix of spices and dried fruits and just a hint of tobacco, I think ... I find myself falling in love with it. Thankfully it does not contain the B.O. note somes Lutens fragrances do which renders them unwearable for me, even if I can see that they are brilliantly composed. Arabie I really like and it may be full-bottle-worthy for me. It definitely transports me to places I have never been, and I think I will appreciate it even more in fall and winter.
09th September, 2006

Vetiver Oriental by Serge Lutens

This is a lovely scent which I did not expect to like, as I'm not a big fan of many vetiver fragrances. This, however, is truly original (what else would you expect from Lutens?) -- there is an interesting relationship here between the vetiver and the slightly powdery, quite spicy and vaguely gourmand drydown, which I absolutely love. This combination was completely unexpected for me, and I am beginning to consider this a favorite for me. It is a rich, warm vetiver scent - who'd have thought? Great lasting power, too. It's best on me when applied lightly.
16th August, 2006