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My Queen by Alexander McQueen

I finally got my perfume...(for now;-))
At first you can smell the violets with a blend of almonds/heliotrope but then you notice a note of pepper. I love it! I just keep spraying it;-)
Just when you think the perfume is gone it resurfaces and suprises you.
Pitty it is not advertised.
19th February, 2007

Nymphéa by Il Profumo

ordered a sample of Nymphea as I love fig. Nymphea notes: bamboo, white peach, sweet orange, white water lily, lothus flowers, water jasmine, lily-of-the-valley, white rose, white fig, honey. The combination is a sure winner (at least for me). Yes, at first, very sweet but later comforting and honey-like. I could smell it throughout the day (occasional whiffs) and it made me smile. Price is a bit of a bummer. In conclusion, I still give it thumbs up:-)
05th February, 2007

Chinatown by Bond No. 9

I was excited to test this frag as I read about it and in general I liked the notes. Top Notes:Peach Blossom, Bergamot. Middle Notes: Gardenia, TUberose, Peony, Orange Flower. Base Notes: Patchouli, Cedarwood, Vanilla, Sandalwood, Cardamom, Guaiac Wood. At the first meeting/whiff it smells like Nymphea Il Profumo, sweet, but then some 30mins later you wonder where did it go? From Chinatown to Notown...Pitty, for such an expensive frag. Staying power low....And can not see this as a unisex frag! not recommended
05th February, 2007
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Philosykos Eau de Toilette by Diptyque

I absolutely love love love love love loveeeee it. My boyfriend introduced me to this perfume, by first buying me a soap and I loved the smell so much I just had to have it.
It is also great for layering with other perfumes (e.g YSL Nu) of course as long they are complementing. I just finished my first bottle and can't wait to buy another one and this time a bigger bottle. I highly recommend it! Go and get it right now!;-)
24th January, 2007

Dolce Vita by Christian Dior

I first purchased Dolce Vita in 1997 and I loved it then. I liked the warmth and the cosy smell. I am mainly for cosy perfumes and not the ones that stand out in the crowd. Recently I repurchased the perfume and really I got compliments (mostly from men). I figured looking at the perfumes I owned/owe I am a heliotrope girl, and to no suprise this is what Dolce Vita has as well. As I type this I can smell the perfume on me, warm and powdery (I also like it in Winter). A classic!
24th January, 2007

Ligea "La Sirena" by Carthusia

I bought this perfume after trying it in an exclusive perfume shop.It was interesting and different and I had to have it.Alas I bought it sprayed it and wanted to puke.It was just too strong and it doesn't fade.
Sorry I have to say pass on this one...however if anyone is interested to swap please contact me;-)
25th August, 2006