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Mon Guerlain Eau de Parfum by Guerlain

Tried this on a recent trip out of town and was surprised by its lack of longevity and sillage. A perfectly acceptable and pleasant "everywoman" scent, on a par with L'Instant although L'Instant is more giving of both presence and time. There are far better Guerlains to be had but if just smelling nice is your aim, this is ok.
13th April, 2017

L'Effleur by Coty

Just got my hands on a bottle of this again after first wearing it as a kid going out clubbing with friends - we all wore it, a bunch of girls out in a cloud of powdery floral sweetness. It smells just as I remember it - I get heliotrope, violet, jasmine and some kind of woodsy dry down. There's something sweet and heartachingly sexy about this perfume, maybe the heliotrope, I'm not sure what it is exactly but it's still there and again today I'm swathed in that cloud for old times' sake.
25th March, 2017

Angel Eau Sucrée by Thierry Mugler

I have a bottle of this gorgeous stuff today after being sent a generous sample by a friend and deciding I needed this in my wardrobe. Not my usual thing but my tastes seem to be drifting more and more towards fruity vanillas. This is sweet, berry meringue with a vanilla dry down that lasts and lasts (shades of Donna Karan Fruity Tooti 2015 in this).

Nothing mysterious here but infinitely feminine, sweet, sexy, very more-ish and somehow comforting. I love this juice and thanks to the kind person who sold it, am able to test layering it over Angel (original) body lotion, which actually works beautifully on my skin.
18th August, 2015
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Incense Pure by Sonoma Scent Studio

The best incense I have smelt to date - unadulterated by the heady floral masks other incense fragrances seem to like to wear, this is unashamedly incense with a backdrop of divine herbal and woodsy notes. Love it, love it, love it!
21st February, 2014

Vintage Gardenia with Cardamom & Myrrh by Jo Malone


Received my sample of this today. I have been hunting for a gardenia fragrance for so long which is close to the old Crabtree and Evelyn's gardenia. This not only very similar to my nose but surpasses it with the fantastic myrrh, incense, sandalwood and cardamom drydown which binds and intensifies the syrupy gardenia beautifully. I am hunting for a FB now. Please feel free to contact me if you have one to sell! Can't say it enough, lush, lush, lush fragrance (and more oomph than more recent Jo Malone's, although they are pretty damned exquisite, too!).

25th September, 2013

Vice Versa by Yves Saint Laurent

Not for me, this one - I love Dueto's Lady Cool, which (I think) bears some resemblance but this one gives me a headache. Where Lady Cool has spice (cardamom and vanilla?) to balance the heady orange note, this hits with orange then settles into a disturbing fruit cocktail on me.

I found a discontinued bottle which I bought for my sister and thought I'd try on just one more time, but no, this is definitely not for me. Strong, overpowering even and hard on the nose. Maybe I'll enjoy smelling it on my sister, who adores it.
23rd April, 2013

Chloé Narcisse by Chloé

I'm trying to think of the exact feeling this scent gives me - there's nostalgia there, and romance - but only when I'm in the right mood. Otherwise this is headache inducing and way too heavy.

On a certain day (or night), in a certain mood, a couple of spritzes will transport me to a distinctly playful and sentimental frame of being. Any more than that or other time than that and I want to scrape the sugary vanilla right off my skin. Bizarre...
11th September, 2012

Laguna Maravilla by Salvador Dali

I'm in lust - this is the aquatic oriental I've been searching for - now I have a big bottle, I'm not letting go.

Beautifully gentle bursts of citrus & lily combine seamlessly with subtle vanilla, sandalwood and amber- and settles with the sandalwood, on my skin, anyway - there's no overwhelming top note here to my nose, they meld together deliciously with no one note competing for top place. And the result is light, fresh, clean, warm and comforting. I can visualise a beautiful blue deserted lagoon here and long warm swims in an everlasting holiday....
09th August, 2012

Ange ou Démon by Givenchy

There seem to be really divided opinions on this one! I am a lover of it, for my 2c worth...I don't like Angel at all, find it nauseatingly sweet, so am surprised to like this one as it definitely is in a similar camp as TM's Angel. But the herbaceous notes save this from death by sugar. And I love vanilla, so that was always gonna be fine here - I do get a juxtaposition of moods from this frag, a push/pull effect, the angel/demon thing is at work but IMHO could use a little more of the devil ;-) It's perhaps just a 'fraction' too sweet...but it settles well on my skin's chemistry; good for winter nights on the town...
22nd June, 2012

Lady Cool by Dueto Parfums

I was luckily gifted samples of this and the other Dueto perfumes recently adn this was by far my favourite.
Heady cardamon and rose top notes linger but are joined by spicy undertones after an hour or two. They mingle beautifully, creating a warm and entirely unique fragrance. I could still 'just' smell this on my wrist the next morning.

Reminds me a little of Vice Versa by YSL just for its in your face top note combo but I prefer this one, no contest- this has its heady top notes but a gentler dry down, warmer, more inviting. I cannot WAIT to get my hands on my own bottle. Thanks for the samples, Dueto!

Edit - now I have my very own bottle of this loveliness. It IS sweet, when the orange blossom, vanilla and cardamon combo burst onto the scene but to me, it isn't the nauseating sweetness I can't bear in frags like Angel and other vanilla heavy scents. It is strong but then it is a welcome change to me in a sea of same same wishy washy clean rose scents to smell a 'dirty' rose.
19th June, 2012 (last edited: 11th September, 2012)

Violette by Laura Mercier

A pretty violet/vanilla blend is what I get from this but vanilla isn't listed as an ingredient...sillage isn't great, I need to reapply fairly often but other people seem to love this on me.

It's light and fresh initially, almost like clean fresh linen, and warms up a bit after an hour or so. Pretty is how I'd describe it, not amazing, inoffensive and easy to wear to work. Prob won't buy it again but it is...nice (and that's why it's probably not really for me!).
22nd April, 2012

Trésor (new) by Lancôme

Sickly sweet, nauseatingly so on me and instant headache, unfortunately. People seem to love it or hate it, I know a few people who have this as their signature scent (even sniffing it on them is only ok for me if we're outdoors, indoors it is way too cloying) but this is definitely a no go zone for it really a floriental? All I get is fruit and sugar syrup from this concoction. Ick.
20th February, 2012

Narciso Rodriguez for Her by Narciso Rodriguez

I really like this fragrance but surely I am not alone in thinking it is a slightly more refined and dare I say it, sanitised version of a cross between Strip & Agent Provocateur? That is why I'd give it a neutral rather than definite thumbs up - to my nose, this has been done before.
05th February, 2012
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Chloé (new) by Chloé

I was in a pub last St Pat's day when I smelt this divine scent waft past me and had to ask the young woman just what she was wearing,"Chloe", she says, and drifts away again. It's not too often that I catch a sniff of a fragrance on a stranger that compels me to ask what it is - maybe it was the combination of a dark Irish pub, a few drinks, whatever - but Chloe smelt clean and musky at the same time and I was in lust at that one whiff!

After trying it on for size a few times in shops, I finally succumbed to a bottle two days ago and cannot stop sniffing myself!! For me, this is classic and clean with the beautiful lychee note (I loove lychees so this was always going to work for me) yet has that lovely floriental dry down which hints at depths unseen. In other words, it's not just another fruity floral concoction which blows away with the wind, leaving no imprint.

Had I only tried it on once, I might have dismissed it as too trendy but give it a second go, it's more complex than it first admits.
14th January, 2012

J'Adore by Christian Dior

Charming, infinitely feminine and very floral and clean smelling. I have such mixed feelings for this perfume as it is the one my best friend wore for years and years and I would buy it for her birthday - she passed away so tragically and suddenly last winter that (I feel so emotional just writing this much) now that I have her used bottles that she left behind, the ones I gave to her, every time I smell it I am overcome with longing for my friend to still be here.

I will buy a purse sized J'Adore to remind me of her always. It was never the scent for me, I am definitely more of a Hypnotic Poison gal but an occasional dab will help keep my precious Cherylee forever alive to me.

27th September, 2011

Shalimar by Guerlain

Love at second sniff - the first was, "Yargh! Old lady!", but wait....try it again....heaven. Smoky, vanillic, a spicy concoction that wafts about the wearer's being like a haunting mist that shifts and blends with the body's chemistry to create something altogether personal. Genius blending and, to me, pure alchemy. Beautiful.
01st September, 2011

1881 pour Femme by Cerruti

Oh Lordy, how I love this one - I wear it to work a lot but it works just as well (for me) in the evening. Must be the violet/freesia/sandlewood/musk combo that just does it for me. To me, 1881 is strong but subtle if that makes any sense, it has a very defined personality, one that doesn't need to yell to be heard - and won't be pushed around, either. One to two sprays is enough on me, usually behind the ears which warms it up nicely and leaves a soft trail. A beautiful, underrated classic in my humble opinion, sexy!
12th August, 2011

Beyond Paradise by Estée Lauder

Oh gawd, I really flip flop with this one - my husband bought me my first bottle of this - he loves it on me but every time I wear it, I am left wanting more from a fragrance. This feels too one dimensional to me (could be my body chemistry) and I always feel it would work better on either a teenaged girl who loves pop idols, pink and cupcakes or an older woman who loves flower shows, fluffy small dogs (and cupcakes). I know that is a bit harsh but you get what I mean?

Either way, it is pretty and incredibly strong with soapy synthetic flowers saturated in a potent & heady jasmine syrup. Great if you are in love with knockout jasmine. For me, I can wear it once in a while, usually getting lots of compliments (and a headache at some stage). If I was into pure florals, this is one I'd probably wear more often but maybe that's the real issue here...

I love the bottle, which doesn't seem to be the common consensus here but I guess that's to personal taste! Argh, after writing this down I am still no closer to love or hate with this bottle, think I want to love it cos my dear hubby gave it to me - will keep trying!
10th August, 2011

Angel by Thierry Mugler

I definitely need to try this one on again as so far my experience of this is more akin to Angel of Death than something heavenly. I remember sniffing it in Liberty's in London one winter in the 90s - and absolutely loving it. Then everyone started wearing it. In high quantities, in crowded tubes in summer and smoke filled clubs with poor ventilation at nightime and I hated it.

A friend wears this as her signature scent so it is tolerable (prob cos she's an angel herself) but I still can't help but feel choked whenever I try it on again in a shop and try to recapture that first sniff.

Smells like death by candy floss in an overheated elevator to me and I would never inflict this on other people in the dog days of summer - unless I didn't like them. Chokingly sweet, overbearing, totally unsexy and impossible to wear lightly IMO. Yuck!
22nd July, 2011 (last edited: 23rd March, 2013)

Cherry Blossom Glittering by Guerlain

I was delighted to buy this cheaply and although the glittering gold flakes and delicate bottle markings and design are truly enchanting, the fragrance itself is...where? Watery, thin wearing and unmemorable.

I won't attempt to fully describe what I can smell as I am not great in the art of differentiating blooms but I cannot for the life of me smell cherry blossom or anything else of note, even with my savage nose. Watery with a slightly sour (?peppery) drydown that doesn't sit well on me - despite the beauty of the bottle, I'll be selling this on. Not for me, unfortunately.
22nd July, 2011

Calvin Klein Beauty by Calvin Klein

I've just come into a bottle of Beauty and have been wearing it to work (I'm a nurse) - it's perfect for work, non-intrusive, soft, subtle and not a gutsy floriental like the perfumes I usually prefer to wear (but not to work where people are already ill and don't need to feel worse because of my overbearing scents).
That the marketing aims to target 40yr plus women in a youth obsessed world is not the smartest move CK ever made - I suspect it will turn off a lot of women regardless of age. The marketing angle made me feel a little frumpy even though I read the blurb after I'd tried and declared Beauty good. Despite that, it's a warm, harmless fragrance, and I do like it a lot - it doesn't have the lingering sting that would make it a favourite for me but it is definitely beautiful in its own way.
11th July, 2011 (last edited: 20th July, 2011)

Poison by Christian Dior

I love Christian Dior fragrances and used to own this one but it gets a thumbs down because it's plain old noxious. I tried so hard to like this, love the purple bottle, it should be a goth's wet, dark dream but while it is evil, that's not in a good way. Makes me think of frizzy haired women in heavily shoulder padded suits and frosted eyeshadow. There is nothing dark or sultry about this, not to me, anyway! Leave that to it's seductive sister (the Hypnotic one) or try on Mitsouko for size if you're after mystery.
06th July, 2011

Eternity by Calvin Klein

There see to be many negative reviews of this perfume - for me, this fragrance suits my body chemistry beautifully and smells light and spicy on me. I wouldn't use more than 2 sprays, however or it could be too much. Not my favourite or signature but definitely would have a welcome place in my wardrobe anytime!
02nd July, 2011

Insolence Eau de Toilette by Guerlain

I've just applied a couple of drops of the EDT Insolence for the first time and am overwhelmingly smelling violets and vanilla. It's strong, I don't think this is one I'll be wearing often but in the right mood, for the right occasion will be perfect. Very feminine, with a touch of fun but wouldl never be my signature scent.
This is the only perfume I have that my son has commented on - he's 2 and keeps demanding to smell my wrist and repeats, "that's nice!" - so it's a winner with him at least!
10th May, 2011

Secret Wish by Anna Sui

Beautiful, light, fresh, lemon top notes, quickly followed by watermelon which lingers. Love the fairy cap and ocean rock shaped bottle. Very feminine and pretty. I prefer this way and beyond D&G Light Blue, which is similar but lacks the innocence and the ethereal edge of this one.
15th April, 2011

Hugo Deep Red by Hugo Boss

I haven't worn Deep Red for a while but I absolutely love it. It's warm, sensuous, bewitching and (I think) subtle (I've read a lot of reviews here saying it's overwhelming but maybe it's my nose, I find it rather subtle and very warm up close). The only downside to this for me is the sillage which is really poor. Otherwise, sophisticated in an understated way to me - I would've thought it was an oriental though, not a floral - again, my nose may be bung!!
08th April, 2011

Ysatis by Givenchy

This was the only fragrance I wore from my late teens through early twenties. Men loved it, women wanted it and I smelt divine! Ysatis has a deep yet soft earthy drydown after the intoxicating top note combo has drifted away. I have no idea what's in it, still a mystery to me but the combination worked for me on every level. I recently bought a half full used bottle but it smells tainted so I'm on the hunt for a new one again, might be time to revisit even if only infrequently fro the memories and fun o fit.
To my brutish nose, I smell sandlewood, patchouli and a couple of gorgeous blooms on top of that, rose and maybe a spicier smelling flower. Would like to know what the ingredients are someday so I can put my finger on it. There's magic weaved into the sauce in that bottle!
04th April, 2011

L'Eau d'Issey pour Homme by Issey Miyake

I steal a spray of this from my husband occasionally, on him it smells like heaven to me, fresh and citrusy, love it, love it, love it. The shower gel is definitely the best I've ever used, great after the gym or as a get out of bed incentive. I know it's not meant to be unisex but def could be.
14th March, 2011

Black by Kenneth Cole

My darling hubby wears this when he wants a change from his signature Issey Miyake and although I don't like it nearly as much as Issey, which is just perfect on him, Black smells great.
Synthetic up close, yes but fresh, a teensy bit zingy, a little different from a lot of men's scents in that it doesn't club you over the head with its masculinity but has a very yummy (official term) drydown.
Good for day or evening wear, esp in winter when its inital fresh notes mirror the chill in the air but the drydown warms it up.
14th March, 2011

Mitsouko by Guerlain

The first time I tried this, I didn't like it, thought it too old smelling and quite harsh on the nose. I tried it again a few weeks ago and have completely changed my mind. In a time when little girly pink bottles and scents seem to dominate, this is refreshingly enduring and not nauseatingly pink and flowery. I wore it to a cousin's wedding last weekend and was impressed at it's ability to take a subltle backstage to my outfit while remaining original and totally in a league of its own with regard to its almost mystical scent. Mitsouko to me smells timeless, speaks of seductive nights in a time and city long ago with strangers, of black lace, darkly painted fingernails and illicit liasons. Haunting and enduring, mmm...
07th March, 2011