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Omnia by Bulgari

Walking in woodland brushing wet cardamom leaves, subtle hint of ginger being crushed underfoot. Earthy woody and mossy not bitter and not sweet. A very close to the skin scent. A very private treasure. Hints of cardamom and ginger and spices having been closed in an old wooden box. Sadly as well as having no trail, this does not last on my skin and thus the neutral review. Maybe that's why I didn't ever get to smell chocolate or the other notes, it didn't have time to develop. But it's a problem I have with every Bvlgari - they have no lasting power.
17th November, 2012

Yardley London Daisy (formerly Royal English Daisy) by Yardley

Royal English Daisy is a light new mown hay scent. I grew up on a lucerne farm and it is such an evocative scent for me. Swinging in the hay shed with the breeze blowing over the bales. It's a light, fresh, out of the shower, day old cut grass scent, not sugary sweet.
For me it is unidentifiable from the Daisy range by Marc Jacobs but costs a fraction of the price.
Unfortunately, even when layered with the body mist, the scent is short lived on my skin (just like the Daisies) and because I like my scents to last, I won't replace.
Although I like the perfume, it gets a neutral rating from me for its lasting power.
17th November, 2012

Ce Soir Ou Jamais by Annick Goutal

Luscious, dripping with dew, deep red rose which never turns powdery but keeps its lush, wet scent. Gorgeous. Smells like plunging your head into an old fashioned Mr Lincoln rose. I'm 3/4 through my EDP. It has a hefty price tag though and, I love Stella just as much and it's a much more affordable option.
17th November, 2012
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Gucci Flora by Gucci

I have the EDP and I love it. Starts off sparkling mandarine, bright and soft citrusy, very lightly spicy and a floral heaven. Sadly, it fades out too quickly and has vanished to the wind after 30 minutes on me, although it lasts a bit longer - about 2 hours on my daughter. And this is the EDP. The only reason I won't replace my bottle is the lasting power. the neutral review is for the lasting power on me. Otherwise I love love love the scent.
17th November, 2012

Fleurs d'Ombre Violette-Menthe by Jean-Charles Brosseau

Absolutely beautiful perfume. The mint never overtakes the violet but lifts it. Lightly green and minty, violetty sweet and cooling. Powder comes in later. I am a violet lover and don't much like mint, but here the violet is perfectly tempered by the mint. I'm on my second bottle and I rarely buy 2nd bottles. Perfect for hot weather. Good projection, lasts about 5 hours on me. One of my top 5's for summer days.
16th November, 2012 (last edited: 24th November, 2012)

Passion by Annick Goutal

White florals aren't my favourite and I gave this to my girlfriend, who loves it. I found its scent was vastly improved with heat ie after 10 min.s in the sun my body was wafting perfume, but before that, the scent was barely noticeable.
16th November, 2012

Thé Vert / Green Tea (original) by L'Occitane

On me this is a sharp and penetrating, clean, aromatic. Clear, refreshing, perfect for a hot, sultry day. Happily not sweet. Much stronger and more long lasting than the Bulgari tea range which all fade after half an hour. Just bought my third bottle. Its difficult to imagine a summer without it.
15th September, 2010

Eau Fraîche by Bulgari

This has a hint of a tea note with ginger beer home brew in an oak barrel. Quite a perplexing scent if you haven't figured it out in about 6 minutes too late because it's gone you have to wait until the next time you put it on to try and analyse the notes. Any talcum powder lasts longer than this.
28th August, 2010

Lizsport by Liz Claiborne

The very piercing and irritating first smell takes ages to soften. I wear this perfume for the wrong reason - to get rid of it - it's clean, brisk and Yes it is good for sport - it is pungent enough to mask the sweat. After 2 years I am very pleased to see there's only a few drops left it's going going gone.
28th August, 2010

Intuition by Estée Lauder

My bottle reads "INTUITION Summer In Bloom". It's minty/musky/musty/soapy/very boring. It's been sitting there for 3 years. IDEA - I will use it up as a toilet spray.
28th August, 2010

Parfum d'Été by Kenzo

I just can't get past the first 10 min.s of brash discordant, watery citrus to get to sour mandarin - Not a comforting, powdery Champs Elysses type mandarin. I just can't bring myself to use this one. And the ridiculous bottle takes up far too much space. Sold it on ebay.
13th June, 2010 (last edited: 17th November, 2012)

Daisy by Marc Jacobs

I was brought on up on lucerne farm and this is the same smell as the hay shed. Hay. Not sweet, new-mown hay. Dried hay. Sometimes, when just having put it on, wet cardboard. It's light and blows away in the wind. Gorgeous bottle though. To me, a perfume should be more than a light smell of hay. I've tried this about 10 times now it's the same every time. My friend's daughter loves it.
13th June, 2010 (last edited: 28th August, 2010)

Fantasy by Britney Spears

I smelt this on a girl in the bank and asked her what her perfume was. Being a bit hesitant about the name I tried it 3 or 4 times before I bought it. Surprisingly it has become one of my favourite day scents - asweet, crisp fruity floral with a definite fresh pick me up which lasts on me 4-5 hours. No change in the dry-down, just fades away. Sweet, fun, easy and uncomplicated. This perfume has garnered me the most compliments from friends, clients and strangers.
02nd August, 2008 (last edited: 17th November, 2012)
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Voile de Jasmin by Bulgari

weak, watery, this very light and nothing fragrance doesn't even last the trip to the office. My first Bulgari and very disappointing.
02nd August, 2008

Aqua Allegoria Winter Delice by Guerlain

I've tried to like this but I can't weara it at all. I will take the reviewers' advice and try it out as a homespray.
02nd August, 2008

April Violets by Yardley

This lovely scent indeed smells of fresh violets. Fresher and not as complicated as Violetta di Parma by Borsari which is more sublte, layered as it is with rose, orris and jasmine. Great for after a shower before bed when some other fragrances like Baby Doll are too sweet, the fruity florals are not what you want. Sometimes I spritz the sheets to lie in violent violet. Bliss. Compared to Bulgari's Viole de Jasmine, the scent is clean, strong and lasts. Worth very much more than its modest price tag suggests.
02nd August, 2008

FlowerbyKenzo by Kenzo

I have the EDP in the clear glass bottle with the poppy. That was scintillating enough to make me buy the parfum in hte red metal bottle which is divine. I love violets. I can't see a future without these perfumes, or one of them, in it. Both are more advertourous than Borsari's Violetta di Palma - the EDP more suggestive and playful, the parfum more sultry.
02nd August, 2008

By Woman by Dolce & Gabbana

Smokin' black rubber.. An incredibly sultry powerful perfume quite capable of staying 10 hours but becoming simmeringly sexier and sweetly smokier. Strongly animalistic in a leopard-tiger-lioness way. I don't wear it very often,like Shalimar, but when I do I am infused with its power and optimism. .
02nd August, 2008

Diesel Green Feminine by Diesel

No No No. Don't do it.They discontinued it for a reason. Couldn't be that they intended this for a perfume. Perhaps I could use it to spray on cockroaches (as the bottle suggests). Another very good reason for never buying a scent before trying it on my skin.
02nd August, 2008

Tendre Poison by Christian Dior

I bought my bottle on ebay, perserved with it for a few months and threw it out thinking it must have been stale. Last week I saw it in a pharmacy and tried it again. Sadly it was just as vile. I see other reviewers love it, which is inexplicable to me..
02nd August, 2008

Madness by Chopard

You'd have to be bloody mad to buy it if you smelt it first. I took mine to work, offered it to anyone who wanted it. No-one did. On me it smelt like a mixture of crushed tomato leaves and cough medicine.
02nd August, 2008

Violetta di Parma by Borsari

Divine. Violet is one of the best smells in the universe. Borsari's is a more complicated fragrance than Yardley's April Violets which is more one-dimensional and pure (and, for the price, a fantastic violet perfrume).. Borsari's is subtle, smooth but strong and soft - it must be the rose, jasmine and orris gives the powdery overlay.. But it is predominatly violet and you can smell the violet and its an absolutely gorgeous perfume and, unlike Bulgari's Viole de Jasmine, it lasts and lasts.
02nd August, 2008

Fleurs d'Oranger by L'Occitane

Bitter orange. Clean sharp fresh. Perfect for an australian summer. Love this.
25th August, 2006 (last edited: 17th November, 2012)

Blonde by Versace

Essence of stink beetle. sorry. I really wanted to like this çause I love the smell of fresh tuberose. Smells petro-chemical on me.
25th August, 2006

Green Tea by L'Occitane

Love this but my sister keeps taking my supplies. Its the only perfume she wears. Bitter not sweet, clean, fresh, cool for an Australian summer, uplifting. Lasts longer and stronger than Bulgari's Au The Vert.
24th August, 2006 (last edited: 17th November, 2012)

Incanto Dream by Salvatore Ferragamo

LOVE this. My new favourite. Fresh, sparkling, dreamy. Fuzzy peach and just gourgeous. My daughter took it. I have to get more.
24th August, 2006

Sensi by Giorgio Armani

I can't do Sensi. The lime (I can smell gineger in there too) is very harsh and overpowering. I had to give it to my son's girlfriend, who loves it.
24th August, 2006