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Bryant Park by Bond No. 9

This is one of my favorites of the Bond line - it is very light and summery, and the raspberry undertones sweeten the scent. It is not too floral, but has a warm dry down when I wear it.
22nd December, 2008

Colors de Benetton by Benetton

Colors reminds me of high school as well - but I have to say that the newer bottles of Colors that are being sold DO NOT smell anything like the clear glass bottles that I owned way back when. I've read that it was re-launched in 1993 and they must have changed the formulation. When my last bottle ran out, I replaced it from two different perfumers and neither of them smelled anything like the one that I had that was empty. I ended up buying a vintage bottle on eBay. Only when I'd bought an old bottle did I find the warm wintry scent that I remember from way back when.
22nd December, 2008