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Falling In Love by Philosophy

I bought this fragrance last year! The scent is very light, yet lush! It did not stay with me all day & I found myself re-applying through out the day, yet did so happily! It is a "feel good" scent! The only ones that ever noticed the scent was my immediate family & usually immediately after applying it. It seems to last longer if you layer with the shower gel, lotion then fragrance! Although it is very light, I must say the scent is angelic! For the price, you can't beat it!
13th January, 2007

Brit Red by Burberry

After reading so many reviews about this fragrance & being very satisfied with the Burberry Brit, I couldn't resist trying it! I just love trying new scents! This is really a lovely, pleasant fragrance, not overly strong & not overpowering. On me, it lasts all day & that's what I like. I do believe it is more fruity than rosy which almost makes it more of a summer scent! I must say, I will continue using it as it is lovely but I do prefer just the Burberry Brit! If you like the lighter, softer fragrances, this one's for you. Very Sensual, yet subtle! Nice.
13th January, 2007

Jessica McClintock by Jessica McClintock

I first tried this in the early 90's & fell in love with it! It is definitely a classic white flower fragrance! Very fresh & lovely for a spring or summer day! Just a couple spritzs to last all day. I always received tons of compliments when wearing this fragrance. And, still to this day one of my all time favorites for spring & summer.
13th January, 2007
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Almond Blossom Dew by L'Occitane

Almond Blossom Dew is a really nice, smooth scent! I would say it is more floral than woody or nutty but you can definitely tell there's almond in it! I luv it simply because it's great for your skin & the subtle scent lingers all day! I like to layer the lotion & then add this on top for an even more delicious scent! I luv many fragrances by L'Occitane!
10th December, 2006

Eau du Val / Magnolia by L'Occitane

I agree with the review by calchic! This fragrance is awesome! A very soft, subtle but lingering floral scent that screams femininity! Truly a pretty scent!I love many fragrances from L'Occitane including Eau de Val (Magnolia); Eau d'Azur (Mimosa); Fleur de Lotus (Lotus Flower); Eau de Vanilliers (Vanilla) & Almond Blossom Dew & regular Magnolia. I receive many compliments wearing all these lovely scents!
10th December, 2006

Magnolia by L'Occitane

This scent is probably my favorite of L'Occitane! It is a light floral that leaves your senses wanting smells that good! I receive compliment after compliment when I wear this. A superb fragrance in my opinion!
10th December, 2006

Eau des Vanilliers by L'Occitane

If you enjoy "Vanilla" then you will adore this scent! It is a nice scent but to me when you first spritz it on, sometimes it can overtake you a bit! But, after awhile, it calms down to a very soft,sensual & warm fragrance. It is really lovely for fall/winter. And, I always get numerous compliments no matter what L'Occitane scent I wear! Just a fabulous line of fragrances!
10th December, 2006

Fleur de Lotus by L'Occitane

Fleur de Lotus is very sheer, light, fresh, clean & watery fragrance. It reminds me of a spring day when the first flowers are blooming & the air is clean & crisp.
10th December, 2006

Brit by Burberry

I luv, luv, luv Brit! I reach for this probably more than I reach for any! I luv it because I definitely can smell the vanilla, the slight citrusy scent mixed with the woodsy. Everything seems to take a backseat to the vanilla in the most heavenly way! And, the vanilla is not overpowering at all! I luv pretty much all vanilla scents but some are just too much! This is heavenly & for some reason makes me feel warm & fuzzy & a little flirty too! I have noticed that more men notice this & compliment me more so than women but I still get compliments from women too! 3 thumbs up in my book!
10th December, 2006