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A Scent by Issey Miyake

The perfume is a deep floral scent, that, (as it happened with the glorious but not understood "Léau Bleue" in the past) will bring confussion regarding the name and the marketing around it: It's not light as we could spect and definitely, it doesn´t really represent the purity and freshness of the air at all...

"A scent" opens green, liquid green, with a strong smell of cut grass, dewy and gorgeous. But instantly the green notes give way to a bubblely bervena that melts into a strong floral mix of hyacinth, jasmin and then, light undertones of cedar that brings to me a funny note of wood varnish, probably, by a use of a hidden synthetic note.

The perfume ends light but noticiable, remaining floral still, rich, with the hyacinth as a main note with jasmin undernotes, soft green notes and a warm touch of galbanum.

"A scent" is a nice scent with a deep caracther being refreshing in a new dimension without being zesty or light, (meaning: without the typical "fresh" or "aquatic" notes).
It has a weird green-floral accent on it, strong yet "uplifting" that will appeal to many people.
Probably too floral that loads of guys will find it enough feminine, but I think it works cool on a boy even it's market as a girl scent.
05th September, 2009

Jasmin Noir by Bulgari

Another nice creation for Bvlgary, although despiste the name, the scent is quite innofensive as I spected.

Jasmin Noir opens as finishes. Classy, elegant and seductive yet harmless.
You can detect a touch of sweet, citrusy-green note in the opening, but the jasmin appears quite immediately, just as a shade, a whisper.
See, sometimes, this perfume reminds me the glorious "Black orchid" from Tom Ford if you can isolated the vanilla and the truffle notes. It's exactly the same jasmin note.
Ghostly and appealing, misterious. Gorgeous.
The jasmine is accompained by a light, almost invisible floral note, (I assume is the gardenia), and by a subtle green note.

The floral accords of the top and the middle rapidly decease and the scent moves to a woody drydown.
Here it comes the dark woods.
The spirit of the whole juice is more or less woody. You can tell there's a shy hint of licorice on the drydown, just shy.
The end of the perfume is rather masculine with the presence of woods licorice and tonka.

"Jasmin Noir" is a classy, elegant seductive fragrance, that make you feel well without shout out.
Even so, the price is much higher than the rest of the Bvlgary range. I assumed that they try to follow a kind of marketing positioning the perfume as something more prestigious. It actually has not the spirit and it's not really worth it.

Despiste of the jasmin / gardenia notes, the fragrance ends in a quite warm, masculine way.

The lasting power is great but tends quickly to be a quiet scent close to skin.
03rd February, 2009

Tom of Finland by Etat Libre d'Orange

Notes: aldehydes, lemon, cypress, pine, safraleine, pepper, cypress, galbanum, geranium leaves, vanilla, tonka, iris, vetiver, styrax pyrogene, suede, musk, ambergris.

It could be the Vraie Blonde version for the male.
Despiste the previous avant garde launches, (fantastic recreations by my taste), ELDO now reaches a new challenge. Create a perfume for the mainstream without losing the nickname of "efant terrible". And, honestly, they raise the topic, with a good result.

The packaging is quite erotic orientated, so, "Tom of Finland" can be easily categorized as a gay perfume, or as a promiscuous perfume, but the reality is beyond the controversial perception of the scent, is, actually predominantly abstractly elegant, even a bit of "childish".
This is dificult to express with words.
You have to wear it to find out for yourself!.

TOF open kind of effervescent: loads of aldehydes.
Oh, I do love aldehydes!; all this synthetic bubbles head on are just simply delightful.
Instant dejá vú of "Vrai Blonde" or "Miroir des secrets".
but the aldehydes goes here beyond. The companion of lemon make it a really clean ozone-like note. Lovely. It has a vague reminescent of CDG "Odeur 53". Nail polish?.
Instantly appears hand by hand:
nail-polish-like aldehydes combined with overdoses notes of iris, resinous pine & cypress brings a metrosexual twist of femininity against a masculine atmosphere.
Makes you wonder: -Oh, no. No another over femenine cologne for a man-.
But the iris fades away and the combination start to smell like skai, or latex, kind of plasticy, but not in a industrial, synthetic way.
The saffraline gives a metallic like accord compained with the geranium leaves.
Just a hint.

The juice develops in the heart, kind of fruity. Sometimes reminds me a clean "Secretion magnifiques" + leather. Strange.
The iris comes back and stays.
Powdery but discreet, till the drydown.
The styrax just smells like tar, and the scents come rather musky, with light notes of leather, in a "frozen" watery way like "Rien". Still clean. Not animalistic.
The iris fades giving a dicreet touch of baby powder on the drydown.

The idea and description is quite psychodelic but the result is frankly gorgeous.
Maybe the closest description will be a innocent fragrance that plays at times with the ambiguity, but fades into pleasant and clean, masculine, but innocent perfume.

The scent develops close to skin, but the longevity is quite good.
03rd February, 2009
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Kenzo Peace Vintage Edition by Kenzo

I always respect highly the Kenzo launches beacuse of its originality, the distinctive of its perfumes, but this peculiarities seemed to vanish, nor only in this company, as it looks like it is becoming a shared characteristic in the perfumists, like there's a crisis in the perfumery industry where all the recent launches exhudes lack of originality and they mute themselves into something more bald and mainstream.

Kenzo has decided to celebrate its 20th anniversary launching this fragrance as a reminiscent of the 70's when Kenzo just started his designer career in Paris. The perfume is claimed as unisex.
It smells subtle and nostalgic hippie, sweet and represents very well the whole marketing image and the color of the bottle. Violet and simple.
The formulation is centered in the cedar and heliotrope.
This is another orientated launch for the young public, as the previous fiasco called Tokyo. It’s a soft oriental woody, something like a dreamy material made of weaved milk, wood, and fruits.

Vintage starts fresh with a blast of mandarine and the introduction of the heliotrope.
The initial life of the scent it's kind of great and distinctive, where the flowery hint remains in the background but is noticiable still.

But after a little while the juice goes rather in a feminine side with the entrance of an oversweet cherry fruity note, that quickly reminds me loads of youth sweet girly perfumes in the market.
“Vintage” soon claims a prolongs previous olfactory themes as “Amour”, “Summer”, etc…
Soft powdery textures comes along and as the merges into a creamy wood touch, (tonka bean, cedar and vanilla).
The flower-power side: a deep, shy purple halo embraces it all in a fantastic cloud like recreation. It really has a patchouli character on it even that note never been mentioned.

The fragrance is marvellous, being kind of nostalgic, innocent but also naughty. I can picture out loads of young consumers using it on play out moments… But I cannot see many men wearing it.
With “Vintage” the Japanese company makes a clever step bringing to life the first suitable flowery for the men following the actual trend in perfumery, regarding the next step, “Power” the next proper serious flower-based masculine cologne from Kenzo, (a great one in fact), but there is another story...

Long lasting is average. 4 hours and become rather close to skin with not projection what so ever.
10th August, 2008

Kenzo Power by Kenzo

Concerning about the previous fiasco launches of my favourite Japanese perfume branch, I was kind of a "scared soul" regarding of what I was going to get with this new perfume for the male, but I can only say now, after giving it a try, that could be easily, the male version of “Flower by Kenzo”, and I have a feeling that it will become quite successful in the market, asit has been the above mentioned version for the ladies.

We know that Kenzo always has been fond of flowers and that is why he has based his latest fragrance for men on their image. He has envisioned the abstract flower: a wild tulip and the idea of how could smell like, something that he tried with the poppy in "Flower", before.

Power doesn't actually smells massively flowery, as it just has the enough amount of a vague balanced dose of flowery smell that make it appealing.

It start fresh and greenly soft spicy with burst of coriander, cardamom and bergamot, with the synthetic hints of the aldehydes.
It quickly lays in pieces into a resinous, dark musky balsamic character yet oddly flowery.
The juice mostly show true colors and goes deep and hypnotic with the presence of the tolu balsam and the violet leaves. In fact all is a reminiscent of a mineral-slightly powdery-salty-ambery-floral scent. Rather unusual for a male perfume. I like it.
The musk here comes far prominent, could it be easily marked as pungent, a vivid animalistic note accompanied with the labdanum plus a soft note of iris that instantly reminds you “Dior Homme”. I can detect the soft rock rose floating ghostly around in a shy background.
In the dry down the scent loses the powdery accords and the mineral ambergris is more noticeable, although the whole juice remains dark yet resinous still. I can detect a cola like note (maybe is the freesia note blended with the cedar wood). Highly pleasant.
The final result is an impressive odd floral fragrance, being rather dark musky, kind animalistic than a clean wood scent that you could spect:
My impression is a long lasting deja vú of other flower for man colognes. It has hints of the successful “Dior Homme” iris, the “Lèau Bleue” deep-resinous-dark flowery accents, aldehydic notes like "Farhenheit32", the animalistic notes from “Charonge”…

“Kenzo Power”, brings back the excitement of the old time house references, nostalgia of well blended and peculiar previous scents like the original “Kenzo Homme” or “Jungle”, and, at the same time follows the new trendy generation of floral for men.

The long lasting is terrific and it has a distinctive projection.
A must have for dark scents fans.
10th August, 2008

Monocle Scent One: Hinoki by Comme des Garçons

It seems that Comme des Garçons's reputation of "enfant terrible" has reflected positively on itself in the perfume industry.
This is the second time that the Japanese designer signs its own perfume in collaboration with "Etat Libre D'orange" persumist groupie, the first time that the company designs a scent for another, two other up to come for an UK based brand and formal gossip about collaborate with H&M with a clothing collection and a unisex cologne for the filial.

Hinoki takes its name from the Hinoki cypress, a tree that only grows in Japan and is the preferred wood for building palaces, temples, shrines and the finest wooden soaking baths. It was inspired by a visit to Tawaraya, a famous three-centuries-old traditional Japanese inn located in Kyoto.

Basicly this is a deep rich, woody scent with hints of smoky incenses.
It has a fab recreation; a deja-vú of steamed, heated, woody environments of saunas and baths actually: there's an asian legendary wooden bath called "hinoki ofuro", in outside open spaces with hot water in chilly locations. To put you in the scene, the closest panorama here in Europe are the famous scandinavian baths in the forest. So, basicly ,this is what's all about; a well constructed representation that captures magnificently the scent of an outdoor wodden bath.

It starts intoxicating: warm woods sorrounded by the resinous tupertine( the gum pine tree) and the odd note of camphor( white waxy resinous with strong medicinal aroma).
Then just a lovely smoky mix of heady frankincense that blends with sharp notes of thyme, cedar and balanced cold notes of moss.
There's a shy reminiscence of charcoal going on through it that, for me, could be the key of why this perfume is a well done olfative image of a hot woody sauna.
It is a great scent for wood lovers.

The longlasting is monster. Up to 10 hours in my skin.

I don't particulary love woody colognes but I have to admmit that this launch is well balanced, creative, nostalgic in a nice way and addictive.
Give a try.
10th August, 2008

7:15 am in Bali by Kenzo

It’s a soft flower oriental, something like a dreamy material made of weaved milk, wood, and fruits.

"7:15 AM in Bali" claims a prolongs previous olfactory themes as “Amour”, “Summer”, etc…
Its a soft perfume suitable (aparently), for both man and female although it tends to the feminine side.
Countains a simple but appealing blend of passiofruit, jasmine, orchid, cedar and vanilla.
it start rather nostalgic with hints of the original "Kenzo Femme", soft, creamy, fruity and floral. The passionfruit in this juice is very addictive and reminded me instantly "Angel" getting ridd off the chocolate accords.
The perfume goes rather linear in the drydown when soft powdery textures comes along as a creamy wood touch, (cedar , orchid and vanilla).The scent is a shy halo, quite close to skin with no projection.

Could it be "7:15 AM in Bali" a big rival substitute of Tom Ford's "Black Orchid"?? ( a perfume designed for women but very desirable and used for men like me).
I have my doubts.

09th August, 2008

8 88 by Comme des Garçons

Safraline is a molecular derivative of saffron created by Swiss perfume house Givaudan. The perfume is inspired by the initial question of knowing whether gold has a smell and then the idea of finding an olfactory equivalent of it....
I was a little worried about this new launch, specially after the huge deception on the luxe range. The idea based on the recreation of how could gold smell like, made me wonder for a little while, and I had flashing images in my mind of a tacky, terrible, overly power scent.
Well; what a great surprise. The perfume is superb.
The bottle is very appealing and exhudes luxury itself; it's a shinny gold version of the original pebble-like design of the company.
The juice could be easily going into the Guerilla series, they have a very alike character.

It's based in the saffron, curcuma, pepper and amber in an arid strange way.
To me nose, 888, opens light and zesty with pepper note, melting with a fiery , grant slap of playful coriander,a nd there's a bubblely effervescent gorgeous accent going on oin the background.
I can detect the synthetic saffron straight away, flying around the whole formula, showing off its own presence.
The initial sniff , to my nose, is kind of feminine, but it doesn't bother me at all. It could be definitely a Guerilla 2 old brother, but as it's settling down, the perfume get a nice gorgeous character. The safraline share path with hints of nice metallic geranium leaves that melts with the curcuma brings a vague hint of metallic sour mustard like odour..
I have to admit that the blend of safraline and curcuma gives a feminine twist of the whole perfume, but it's enough pleasant to be wore by a man.

The fragrance keeps heady and confortable while the drydown introduces the amber that add a warm twist to the whole formula.
The drydown is dry and bitter.
I realy like this scent, as much of the other Comme des garçons line, simply beacuse I'm a big fan of the company.
I probably have to try twice to get used of the arid, acrid aura that float around you when you wear it .
It decants a little to the feminine side, but who cares really?
08th May, 2008

parfums*PARFUMS series 8 Energy C: Grapefruit by Comme des Garçons

Energy C Grapefruit includes notes of blackcurrant buds, pink grapefruit, petit grain, jasmine, neroli, yellow madarin, tree moss and iris.

Grapefuit funnily won't smell like grapefuit itself:
The mandarine is the main note here, just as if you are you peel off one. Then comes the petitgrain, not overly sweet, it's enjoyable, airy and soft like a summer brezze.
It dries down in a ghostly accent of iris flower that melts with the mandarine and the neroli.
Can't detect any grapefruit still.
07th May, 2008

parfums*PARFUMS series 8 Energy C: Lime by Comme des Garçons

Lime (my favourite) is a real explossion of lime,(effervescent and uplifting, makes your mouth watery), that melts gorgeously with hints of watery old fashion accent of water jasmin and roses. To my nose the jasmin note is much similar as the glorious international well known "Eau Savage". As the other brothers of the line, Lime, is rather linear and just gets a little more complex when dries down, when the lime accord still present but shares the path with a gorgeous lily note, dewy and green.
07th May, 2008

He Wood by Dsquared2

I fell inlove straight away when first sniffed, but, ey!, there was something about it that reminded me other well known juice straight away, so I decided to experiment and wait for reactions.
I ask the tender to make me a tester, and then, here I was making sniff my neck to every single friend of mine.
Conclusion: They thought it was KenzoAir, just like me. I was not they only one though.

Both colognes share vetiver and cedar. I'm a fan of KenzoAir, but I have to admit: this a way better version in my opinion.

He wood is a minimal fragrance: a dreamscape of a light scent of a forest brezze near a lake.
It provides a new step on “wood” accords— it's smooth, bleached woods floating on sweet, cool, lightly flower-scented water.

Starts kind of aquatic and ozonic, definitively synthetic but pure, just like a whisper, but with presence. So many people has remarked that the initial burst is alcohol like, but to my nose is like watery fresh clean cut light wood, a similar smell of a paper manifactured factory.
The fir here it's rather no very evident, but, in a few minutes the perfume gets personality and body, I smell violet leaf, a beautiful violet flower note, mild vetiver and water notes that blends beautifully with the vetiver and cedar. There's altrough a nice ambient of forest and the previous watery soft accord remains gorgeous in the background.

It develops gorgeous and heady above yourself. It doesn't project grandly, but it's enough noticiable.

This is a dream of perfume, it's just the same atmosphere as KenzoAir without the aniseed.
It's funny how completely apart essences can share close similarities.
He Wood is an alive dream, the scent of how a fairy forest would smell like. A new solution for those that like light woody fragrances with a different touch.
07th May, 2008

parfums*PARFUMS Luxe: Patchouli by Comme des Garçons

Big fan of CDG here. When I heard that this fab company was developing a luxury serie I have two feelings: the first one was that they were tending to mainstream, and they were leaving behind the avant garde (real pity) and the second though was to be patient and hopeful.
The fact is that i don't dislike this perfume, Its nice indeed, dark, smoky, oversweet, mysterious and well finished, but the reality is that reminds me a whole range of perfumes on the market as "Eau Noire or Sables", and " Patchouli", on my nose it's nothing expectacular, as for example Black Orchid that just blown me away, so, sorry,, but neutral one for this juice...
22nd December, 2007

Agua de Luna by Antonio Puig

Perfect balance of aquatic, citric and jasmin, a radiant aquatic perfume for women...
28th November, 2007
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Vétiver by Annick Goutal

For a non domesticated nose, the initial olfactory picture on mind would be a seaweed scented plasticine.
For me this perfume is a challenge.
The unusual opening of cognac, fucus and iodine, just blown me away.
I know so many people find fucus kelp aroma hard. It’s in fact, in my nose, is just the same green, kind of balsamic accord in the opening of the glorious “Secretions Magnifiques”. The same touch of rubbery salty aura surrounding although. But in this juice, the vetiver reacts quickly fading off the medicinal touches, and blends with the cognac, a strange, (I have to say) note, never raised before in perfumery, but quite pleasant and in balance in this fragrance, that eliminates the metallic scent of the fucus too.
It’s actually, a versatile perfume: sharp and kind of aquatic sometimes, another times very earthy, dry, even moody. It represents in a very natural way the spirit of the vetiver root indeed.
Annick Goutal's “Vetiver” is quite linear, subtle and calming. It’s more close to skin perfume, and develops nicely with a decent longevity.
22nd November, 2007

Sables by Annick Goutal

This perfume has a very similar opening to the "Opone" by Dyptique.
Dry, dark, gothic, overdoses of saffron and then the rose accord is subtitued by a dry soft amber and vanilla accords.
I can detect a litle of licorice and curry, just on the opening. Later is just like "Eau Noire" by Dior. In fact, It could be a brother of this one. There's here too that particular raw, smoky smell of non threated leather, that you can easily detect at the Marrakech Zoco. Moroccan raw leather.
There's a prominent smell of burnt woods, like the smell of a bonfire, and the remaining black logs. There's something that I like about it but I don't know... In my skin still a wispher of curry and dissected laveder?? :)
I'm puzzle, I may have to give it another go!. Anyway. Thumbs up!.
it deserve it!.
22nd November, 2007

Parfum d'Habit by Maître Parfumeur et Gantier

One word: nasty!.
It has vague connotions of farms, in a ugly way.
First spray:
Alcohol + Thyponium venosun ( Voodoo Lily), no joke!. Fecal, fecal, rotten. Argh!.
After 2 mt, smells of farmyards, dirty moody soil, chicken feathers, some amber and geranium leafs.
30 mt later, creamy leather, some patchouli and mood accords…
Who want to smell like this really???.
I don’t. I stand by the blood and metal of Secretions Mafnifiques, believe me, much more wearable!.
22nd November, 2007

Habit Rouge by Guerlain

I just can pick from here is sherbert lemon mixed with cinnamom, a hint of vintage carnation and rose, powdery accords, leather and something greenish and pungent, (probably pimento, that has been missed badly with the wrong notes. What a disappointment. I really like pimento accords in others: Piment Brulant is a good example).
There’s nothing original here to be found.
Terrible instant migraine!.
This is a real example for me of how a scent should smell to be catalogued as vintage and vile. Disgusting!.
Sorry, I’d pass.
22nd November, 2007

Eau des Îles by Maître Parfumeur et Gantier

First Sniff and here it comes, punch in my face!:
It’s a funny mix of soft Colombian green coffee beans and a very dry accord of grapefruit. The blend is very medicinal like.
Then the galbanum comes through:
The galbanum smell is acrid, resinous, balsamic, bitter note I understand now the medicinal previous touch. It’s accompanied with green herbal touches, I think is palmarosa (a mild sweet floral like odor with a strong herbal note), that mixes nicely with creamy ylang-ylang.
The drydown is placed by a smoky incense note , cedar, and a touch of shy clove.
The sillage is superb!.
It’s a strong smoky fragrance.
Will I wear it?. Not sure!.
After several hours, when this tenacious perfume dies, the close-to-skin scent reamins as something similar as the smell that your skin, hair and clothes have when you spend some time in front of a campfire.
22nd November, 2007

Black Orchid by Tom Ford

A velvety body, heavy without being stinky, sour, sweet, hot, , little spicy, a little woody too.
I'm amazed!. The best on the gourmad range like Angel by Mugler.
The compostion is very strong. I may suggest to use with caution.
Main notes of truffle, berries,vetiver, jasmin, lotus wood creams accords and patchouli...
I can see this one weared with brave men.
I would if I could reach it easy here in Spain.
16th November, 2007

Esprit de Gingembre for Him by Angel Schlesser

ginger root, grapefruit, lemon peel, lavender, cardamom, pepper, vetiver, white musk and Atlas cedar.
More woody and spicy than the female version, more maisntream.
i'd rayher choose the female version, is more pleasant, and perfectly wearable for a man too.
27th October, 2007

Esprit de Gingembre for Her by Angel Schlesser

Has notes of bergamot, pink grapefruit, tangerine, ginger flower, lotus, white pepper, oak, white musk and white cedar.
Nice, calm, refreshing, aquatic and subtle.
Could tend to mainstream but the lotus accord save it.
Could be perfectly weared for a man, it has that unisex reminiscent.
Nice for a day by day use.
27th October, 2007

Calvin Klein Man by Calvin Klein

Nothing particular, could be easily confused with many other's around.

Calvin Klein MAN contains rosemary, mandarin, bay, juniper, nutmeg, incense, spearmint, cypress wood, and, oh dear, the usual (and overused) fragrance notes of bergamot, violet leaf, guaiac wood, sandalwood, amberwood (which is in LOTS of fragrances this year) and musk...

The start is nice crisp and gorgeous.
The base and the dry down spoil everything again... Centered in a scented composition of really horrible cheap bergamot scent (as the two last launches for men) and a (thank god for that) nice aroma of juniper,light woods and shy incense note.

The same result of CKin2u or euphoria.
Smells mostly the same with a variable of one unique note that make a slightly difference on them.
Words apart of the lack of quality.
Cheap manufacture means cheap result, cheaps smell.
26th October, 2007

Now Men by Azzaro

Include frosted metal, cardamom, tea, violet, green notes,rose oxide, floated wood, letaher, lichen and amber.
Probably suit modern niche guys from 20 to 32 years old.
I really like synthetic myself.
That one has no exception:
Green, oddly fruity, ozonic, kind of wet metallic note too.
The rose oxide note goes all over the composition and really punch you on the face.
Has that caractheristic softener like smell but more fruity, that blends unique with the metal accord.
I can detect the green accord too and the lichen that put your feet on a real life floor.
Can't detect violet flower ( or could be violet leafs???), no leather, but it dries down quite nice soft ambary and light woody too.
Average sillage.
In my skin no more than three hours.
If you like synthetics in the way of CDG, and you're young, go for it.
I put neutral vote for the lasting power.

26th October, 2007

Alegria Hombre by Adolfo Dominguez

Ozone, aquatic notes,ginger, lavender,green apple, mint and cedar.
Veryyyy clean, very masintream, yes, but would be my chosenone for a day by day innofensive fresh perfume, for the price you smell ,cheap, chic, nice and clean!.
26th October, 2007

Tokyo by Kenzo

Quite linear and shy!.
Prominent notes of fruity ginger fresh slices with pink pepper and guaiac wood.
It's very pleasant, dries down in a sweet light woody fragance, doesn't proyect at all and stays in your skin fairly ebough to be noticed, only for yourself really.
I expected something more in the lineof kenzo. This one, def. has not the mark of the company, could be another's fragance.
25th October, 2007

Scent Sheer by Costume National

A fresh version of the scent.
Lovely balance of hibiscus jasmin and citrus.
Abs. suitable for a moder male.
me love it!
25th October, 2007

Mark Birley for Men by Mark Birley

Different, so clena and fresh with attitude.
Nothing around like it!
What a fab composition:
Bergamot, madnarine, hisbiscus flower.
patchouli, musk, cedar, gauiac wood.

It's fresh yet deep, with the hibiscus flower althrough with a gorgeous base of guaciac wood.. and something fresh in the backgrouns, like fresh clothes drying in the sun
So gorgeous, so sexy!!
25th October, 2007

Erolfa by Creed

Nice fesh, like a brezze.
i can't detect the ozone and marine note till one hour of application, still so clean and crisp.
Pity the lasting is way short,and the price goes up than 100€.
Would suit me very well...
I rather choose Mark Birley for something fresh and genuine yet affordable
25th October, 2007

Sécrétions Magnifiques by Etat Libre d'Orange

Put in your mind a women, pearly woman with lovely, long wavy hair, laying in a inmmaculate bed with satin sheets, naked, clean. There's summer and her beautiful body smells clean, but disticntive, the human body smell mixing with the aroma of her shower gel nad body lotion.
She lays but her legs are wide open!. Smell of nudity and puberscense.

This fragance start so aldehydeic, clean, as pure as blowns you away. Very aquatic too.
Like a pool with a lot chloorine, just clean and neutral,
But then the notes itself make you dive in something more organic, like a swamp in a forest,.
The the fucus note emerges so sharp that nearly hurts when you sniff.
I know very well the fucus smell as I grown up next to the beach, it's a group of brown algae, not eatable, that hasn't a obvious smell but when treated with alcohols, smells very very metallic and organic like, not a lovely smell I have to be honest, but not vile too, just green, little medicinal,and metallic: ( It has been used as teraphical mud baths for ages in Galicia, north Spain where I am originally from.My grandma used to do "cataplasmas" with that algae to cure skin deseases).
Well, that's how this perfume smell like:
something green metallic, kind of medicinal but the initial splash ozonic aquatic goes all over the olfatory experience.And something really clean on the background, SOMETHING SO PURE.
The blood accord mixed nicely with the fucus giving a more sharper metallic twist, and the iris note come in the dry down very very subtle, appearing like a shy note of peachy skin surrounding it all. A feminine touch, i must say. I suppose it is beacuse of the mix of the iris and the milk note, it's creamy but clean.
I know now.
I don't know if the USA have that shower gel, the name is Lactovit.
The milky base smell like this, creamy clean soap, like a fresh young woman skin after a bath with this shower gel.
The conclusion is, despiste what you could spect, this fragance is just clean yet sharp, yet sexual but not dirty.
It's very marine, yes, very metallic, quiet indeed, but it's addictive.
I son't think so it's a wearable frag for a man, it has a dinstictive smell of woman-clean- skin- like, but I think I'll give a try to see reactions.
If seduction had an odour that will be.
15th October, 2007

Play by Comme des Garçons

Notes: Bitter orange, black pepper, lime, saffron, thyme, sage, sea notes, oak moss, patchouli, moss

Another fantastic creation!. Probably the most simple of all the previous CDG series. Easy to wear!.
It's more herbal than Soda, and it doesn't share similar caracthers, as I think It has more proximity with l'eau D'issey if you exchange the yuzu note for an orange one...
The orange mixed with juicy lime really stands on the top notes and then the saffron and sage give a rest and create more complexity and herbal twist to the fragance.
The sea note is quite fresh and sparkly and really workson the mix of the notes.
Its has a terrible long lasting power, also it proyect massively, so use with caution!
I really smell much better on distance that close skin as happens with the Odeur range.
11th October, 2007