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Private Collection Amber Ylang-Ylang by Estée Lauder

Wow, cedriceccentric hit the nail on the head with the Play-doh reference. I could not put my finger on what it was, but it has that slightly salty, vanilla note that's both sharp and soft at the same time. I truly have a love/hate with this fragrance. I bought it and also (thanks cedric) agree that it can be unisex, and during our chilly New York winter days, it may become a favorite.
29th October, 2008

Infusion d'Homme by Prada

The mens's infusion is truly a hybrid of the women's infusion and the original men's Amber pour homme cologne. It has the lovely iris, vetiver, woody/incense notes of the women's original, yet has that distinct barbershop/soapy quality of the men's amber. While seemingly well composed, after many applications on the first day after purchase, it sadly disappears on my skin with virtually no trace whatsoever. I do like it though, yet it appears to be an eau de cologne in silliage.
19th August, 2008

Spritzer by Jo Malone

This sadly discontinued fragrance was one of Jo's original group of fragrances. It came in a different bottle (a larger version of her 30ML), and was intended to be 'spritzed' liberally as a true eau de cologne. It was a bit of citrus, a bit of ambery spice and had a sparkling lift to the dry down. It was unfortunately discontinued, I was told, due to the fact that while Jo still owned the company it was not popular enough to continue producing it. Those of us who wore it, and loved it remember it fondly, or cherish whatever we have left in the original bottles. It worked equally well on men and women.
It was lovely.
23rd July, 2008
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Chemistry by Clinique

Chemistry, while not the most sophisticated fragrance, for me is easy to wear, very pleasant and hits some lovely notes. A little clean, just a bit spicy and just the right amoount of depth and warmth. Clinique never intended it to be anything else.
Rumor has it that it's slated to be discontinued. I hope not.
09th November, 2007