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    Samsara by Guerlain

    I am a Chanel girl through and through but I am sold on this fragrance. I passed it by so many times because I thought it was going to be too spicy and heavy for me. I always equated Guerlain with the older generations. I am 32 and cannot get enough of this scent. It lasts all day, isn't too heavy and is just very pleasing overall. I am glad that I finally took a moment to smell this wonderful fragrance and I think I'll be requesting more of this one in the future. It kind of reminds of Chanel No 5 but without the punch. My mom wears Chanel No 5, I love the scent but don't necessarily want to wear what my mother is wearing. This has its own identity, yet just as lovely and sophisticated.

    02nd September, 2006

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