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    Balsamo della Mecca/ Mecca Balsam by La Via del Profumo

    What do I smell in Mecca Balsam? Frankincense. Yes, I smell frankincense. But not only frankincense, but dates. I love the dates! But it smells like I'm sitting in church on Easter Sunday, while the father is coming down the aisle with that little metal ball swinging around with its fumes coming off of it, and then someone hands me a platter of dates instead of the collection plate.

    Eating in church seems so wrong.

    I do enjoy food-like scents, but I actually prefer Bazaar over Mecca Balsam. Bazaar has the same "dates" smell, without the churchy smell, which is why I like it so. But, by that token, I enjoy Rose Des Bois the most. Spices. Rose des Bois remains my favorite of La Via del Profumo's natural scents.

    04th September, 2010


    Oriental Lounge by The Different Company

    At first I was reluctant to sample "Oriental Lounge" because of the name. At work, sometimes heady, rich fragrances, such as are typical of "oriental" fragrances, can really overwhelm the people with whom I work. But, my fears were allayed, because Oriental Lounge didn't really strike me as a typical Oriental. And I can see that others who have reviewed it feel similarly as I do. My first thoughts upon spraying it were, "Hey! Nice!" I could smell something fruity (I guess that's the bergamot), something spicy (could that be the pepper?), and I swear something smelled sandalwood-y. Upon looking up the notes, I find "satinwood" listed. What the heck is "satinwood"? Well, in a wonderful interview of the perfumer Celine Ellena by graindemusc (see, she reveals that in a way, it *is* sandalwood. So I guess my nose is not completely off-kilter. All in all, it's a lovely spicy sandalwood fragrance. And I love spices and sandalwood. No patchouli! Thumbs up from me!

    06th January, 2010


    Eau de Fleurs de Cédrat by Guerlain

    Lemon Pledge? So fleeting. I tried it today, alongside another resampling of Mitsouko. By the time I reached the parking lot, Eau de Fleurs de Cedrat was long gone. Mitsouko was still hanging on -- the nuts and plum wine. I agree with hirch_duckfinder, that there is truly no base. And therein probably lies the reason why it's not very long lasting.

    29th November, 2009


    Rose des Bois by AbdesSalaam Attar Profumo

    This has to be one of my favorite of La Via del Profumo's scents, of those I've tried so far. Creamy cinnamony with food spices, coriander among them. My kind of fragrance. I don't smell the rose very well, but if I try, I can fool myself into thinking I smell it. I just don't have a nose for this kind of rose, I guess. Salaam says there is vanilla in there, and that must be why I like it so. Almost all of my favorites have a touch of vanilla in it somewhere. I suppose that imparts the creamy flavor. And wood, supposedly there's rosewood in it? I've not smelled straight rosewood oil, so I don't recognize it. Sillage is pretty low-key after a few hours, but longevity is good for me. With several sprays, I could still smell it faintly on me after 10 hours. In that respect, it has a Bulgari Omnia quality to it -- spicy, minimal sillage, but good longevity. So, if one has had complaints about the sillage of Omnia, one can expect that kind of result here. I think the sillage issue has to do Rose des Bois being made completely of essential oils. The longevity, I cannot explain, because I've been told that most natural perfumes (from essential oils) have poor longevity. I myself did not have that problem with Rose des Bois.

    04th July, 2009


    Japon Noir by Tom Ford

    If I had tried this 2 years ago, I probably would have poo-pooed this as an "old lady" scent. Now, I find myself drawn to this kind of perfume. It's not a fruity floral, that's for sure. I tried this alongside Tom Ford's Champaca Absolute which was a stark contrast -- flowery, toothache-ingly loud and sweet. Japon Noir is more musky, dusty, and subtle, not sweet and loud. In the opening, I get neroli, mandarin, and patchouli. An hour later, it starts to resemble what I remember of Amouage Dia for Men or Must de Cartier (for women) -- musky? Three hours later, it was kind of cinnamony and musky, almost like a cinnamon latte from far away, but up close you can really smell the stinky musk. Sillage was pretty good for me. Longevity on my skin, not so much. But my sweater sleeve still smelled of it the next day. I'm not sure what Japon Noir has to do with Japan. It doesn't make me think of Japan very much at all. More of an old Victorian townhouse than an island country in Asia.

    18th March, 2009


    L'Instant de Guerlain pour Homme by Guerlain

    This review is for the Eau Extreme version. A very foody scent! Along the lines of Angel (patchouli and chocolate) or L by Lolita Lempicka (patchouli and anise) or possibly a more quiet version of A*Men (patchouli, chocolate, incense). Although the name has "pour homme" in it (French for "for men"), it is still wearable by women -- especially those who like gourmandy scents like Angel.

    The opening is kind of lemon-powdery-berries, which is nice. And the anise (licorice-like) smell comes shortly after! But, I don't care for patchouli, and that is predominantly what I smell on the drydown -- powdery patchouli. Some say it smells like chocolate, and I guess I do smell a little chocolate under the patchouli. Longevity is good on me. Over 6 hours later, I'm still giving off waves of powdery patchouli. Sillage is moderate. Not as in-your-face as A*Men, but not close-to-my-skin either.

    A very distinctive, recognizable scent. I would know this immediately if I smelled it again. It's very different from a lot of the cool aquatic fresh things that are being put out lately.

    21st February, 2009


    Montana Parfum d'Homme (original) by Montana

    Absolute love. Makes me want to eat my arm. I tried the "red box" version, which was discontinued. Citrus burst of an opening -- bergamot? After about 6 hours, I smell predominantly pine sap, as if I'd mushed pine resin on my skin. There's some patchouli in it, but I don't mind. Also some mild aromatic smell. 12 hours later -- still sandalwood, amber, and oakmoss. Good longevity (> 12 hours on my skin), and pretty good sillage. Notes from "Top notes are aldehydes, cinnamon, lavender, mandarin orange, tarragon, pepper, bergamot and lemon; middle notes are carnation, jasmine, sage, nasturcia, rose, pine tree needles and geranium; base notes are labdanum, leather, sandalwood, patchouli, oakmoss, vanilla, incense, cedar and ambergris." I guess I can smell *some* leather, but not really much. There are other leathery-ier scents than Montana Parfum d'Homme. Nose for this one is supposedly Edouard Flechier, who also made Dior Poison and Poison Tendre, as well as Frederic Malle's Un Rose and Lys Mediterranee.

    28th December, 2008


    Chergui by Serge Lutens Les Salons du Palais Royal Shiseido

    Apparently there are two formulations of Chergui -- the brown (original) and the green (newer). From reading the Basenotes forums, others have said they smell exactly the same. However, my review is of the brown juice. (I haven't tried the newer green version yet.) It has everything I love to smell, and nothing I don't (patchouli). It opens with something kind of green and citrusy (bergamot perhaps?), but that is short-lived. After that, it's mostly candy-sweet amber, cinnamon, vanilla to me. Some people have listed hay, honey, leather as things they smell. I really don't get any leather. If one is looking for leather, there are tougher leathery scents out there (i.e. Bandit, Tuscan Leather), but this is not one of them. And musk? I'm not a big fan of musk, and if there's musk in here, it's rather mild. It's nothing like the heavy-hitting Musc Ravageur to me. Sillage on me was moderate. It wafts around me nicely, but doesn't precede me into a room. Longevity is incredible. After 12 hours, I was still giving off waves of amber-vanilla -- the drydown. It stays close to my skin though. It's not a sillage monster, by far. 'Just a nice gourmandy oriental. Thumbs up from me! Too bad it's so hard to find, and mucho expensive to boot!

    14th December, 2008


    Tribute by Mary Kay

    I accidentally got to sample this on my hand, while trying to spray a tester card. Tribute is not a fragrance for wallflowers or for people whose occupations require stealth, as whoever wears this will be smelled 500 feet away, with no wind. After it dries down from the bergamot, it smells a lot like an earthy pile of fresh mown lawn clippings. It lasts forEVER.

    28th November, 2008


    Myrrhe Ardente by Annick Goutal

    What a strange smell. It smells like. . . Salonpas! Kind of licorice-y. Only at first. Then the incense comes through a little bit. The drydown is mostly amber of some sort. I like it. But it's kind of got a weird medicinal opening.

    22nd November, 2008


    Union Square / Andy Warhol Union Square by Bond No. 9

    First spray smells like AquaNet hairspray! All that alcohol. But, then it calms down into a melon-y, aquatic scent. Cool Water-ish. Nondescript aquatic smell. It's pleasant and very familiar. I'm sure there are a dozen or so shampoos with this kind of smell. White Rain is probably one of them.

    19th November, 2008


    Central Park by Bond No. 9

    I love that verbena-and-basil blast of the opening notes. Green! However after 2 hours, all that I smell is patchouli. And I don't like patchouli.

    19th November, 2008


    Cuba Gold by Cuba Paris

    I agree with SirSlarty on this one. It's a musky vanilla drydown with some spices, like cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom -- almost makes me think of Jaipur Homme. VERY similar to Le Male's drydown. Easily wearable by gals, as well.

    18th November, 2008


    Sentiment by Escada

    Bleuccgh. Strong fruity smell. Is it grapefruit? Melon? Then after maybe 10 minutes, roses and melon? But way too overpowering for me. Sillage was intense, which would not have been bad, if I had actually LIKED the smell. I tried to scrub it off, but it was persistent. And what was left, smells a whole lot like something in Estee Lauder's Beautiful that I absolutely hate. A musty smell, like clothes that have sat in the dryer too long. A fruity floral, this is. This is the kind of fruity floral that made me think I hate fruity florals. Luckily, I have since learned that they are not all like this mess.

    18th November, 2008


    Omnia Amethyste by Bulgari

    Its opening smell is that of lilacs to me, even though that's not listed as one of the notes. I can't comment on the drydown because it disappeared before I could even get around to thinking about assessing a drydown. In other words, longevity was miserably short. I do like the opening though!

    17th November, 2008


    Spectral Violet by Neil Morris Fragrances

    First blast, is alcohol and a potting soil-like smell. After that it smells like Chinese preserved plum candy, up close. But, if I'm not smelling up close, I feel like I'm wearing the raspberry incense of Revlon's Ciara. Sillage was pretty intense for about 2 hours. After about 5 or so hours, it calms down into a strawberry sandalwood, that reminds me of Neil Morris' own Woodland Strawberries. I would like this one a lot more if it had more longevity.

    09th November, 2008


    Paradox for Men Blue by Jacomo

    If I had sampled this blindly, without knowing its name or that it's marketed for men, I would have said this was a fruity-floral fragrance for women. Maybe the melon-like smell I get in the top notes is actually the "mangosteen" and is what gives it the "oceanic" smell that scentimus refers to in his review. And what is "combava"?? According to Wikipedia, it's a lime. Overall, it's very candy-like! Good longevity as it lasted over 12 hours on my skin. I didn't think it had much sillage, but my husband walked into the room, and immediately smelled it from 15 feet away. So, I could be wrong.

    It's a fruity fragrance. Good for fruity fragrance lovers, but not for me.

    09th November, 2008


    Jaïpur Homme by Boucheron

    Someone commented to me that they thought the color of Jaipur Homme should be white, not clear, because it reminded them of eggnog. And yes! It does remind me of eggnog also! Nutmeg and vanilla! But not just nutmeg and vanilla; there's also some cinnamon and cardamom -- the list of spices I use to make my moussaka.

    But about 4 hours later, it becomes less like a spice packet that I'd use to mix into my stir fry, and more vanilla and musky-smell -- almost like that powdery Arrid XXtra-dry deodorant-like smell of Le Male by JPG. I can't say I like the drydown as much as the opening. But it's certainly a distinctive smell, and I wouldn't mistake it for anything else, should I ever smell it on anyone else.

    My test was with Jaipur Homme EdP, not the EdT. I agree with other reviewers that it definitely *lasts*. Sillage is pretty prominent, I think, because husband was able to smell it with me just standing next to him, and he was able to say that he doesn't like it. To each his own.

    01st November, 2008


    Chèvrefeuille Original by Creed

    It says "Chevrefeuille Original" on my sample vial, but I'm just not smelling any chevrefeuille in this concoction at all. It's pleasant, but it's not like any honeysuckle I've ever smelled. Maybe in France, honeysuckle smells like lavender, because *that's* what I smell. It's a soapy scent, to me, much like Original Vetiver, but without the lemongrass. I guess I smell the mint that everyone else smells, but mostly I just smell soap smell -- lavender with something else. If they wanted to give it a name that means lavender, they could have named it Arome 3.

    30th October, 2008


    Aegean by Neil Morris Fragrances

    Aegean and Drifting both remind me of Smarties -- those little pastel-coloured candies that come rolls covered by see-through cellophane wrap, and twistie-tied at each end. I guess because both Aegean and Drifting contain "mandarin." It must be the citrus I'm smelling there.

    But Drifting and Aegean part ways after that, because while Drifting is a sweet innocent baby-oil and Smarties scent, Aegean smells like Smarties and MUSK. Sexy Smarties. That's Aegean.

    After about 2-3 hours it dries down with something like lavender and soapy smell. Maybe some vetiver?

    Longevity was kind of poor for me. By 6 hours it was long gone. I guess I'd like it much more if it lasted longer

    24th October, 2008


    Earthtones #3 - North Woods by Neil Morris Fragrances

    At first spray, I felt like I'd taken a clod of Scott's potting soil and mashed it onto my arm. Earthy. Neil Morris ain't kidding when he decided to call this *Earth*tones. And then after about 30 minutes or so, it stopped smelling like a potted plant, and I could smell woods. Cypress, cedar, and just lots and lots of loamy woods, with mushrooms growing in it. And it stayed like that for maybe 3 hours or so.

    Then it became a really nice spicy scent. Kind of like BPAL's Coyote, but different. Coyote smells of champa and teak wood to me. The weathered, slightly-damp teak that one finds in old sailboats.

    While I was wearing North Woods, I caught a whiff of Woodland Strawberries that was still lingering on my lab coat. In comparison, North Woods is mostly cedar and other earthy woods whereas Woodland Strawberries is more cedar with sandalwood. That's what I think, anyway.

    22nd October, 2008


    Persian Leather by Caswell-Massey

    I agree with tvlampboy, that there's a bit of Mitsouko-likeness in here. Maybe because in the opening, I smell peanuts, just as I do with Guerlain's Mitsouko and L'Heure Bleue. Then it calms down into an aromatic with leather, reminiscent of Caron's Yatagan, to me. So, in summary, peanuts + aromatic + leather. Nice!

    18th October, 2008


    Pele by Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab

    I was surprised at how demure Pele was. I expected that a scent named after the goddess of a volcano would be a bit more powerful. Maybe incense. Or the smell of burning.

    But, it was a very light floral. I had to check twice to make sure I had any on me at all! A lovely scent, but not what I had expected from its name.

    16th October, 2008


    Hanae Mori (new / Butterfly) by Hanae Mori

    Today I finally got around to sampling the Hanae Mori that someone sent me! I don't know why I waited so long. As soon as I sprayed it on, I started singing, "Sugar! Oh, honey, honey! You are my candy GIRL! And I can't stop lovin' YOOOO!"

    It's got the same opening as D'Orsay Arome3. Pineapple! But unlike D'Orsay Arome3, the pineapple doesn't go away! It stays and stays and stays. It's almost 11 hours later, and I'm still smelling like a pineapple upside-down cake. I love pineapple upside down cake. How can there be no vanilla in this concoction? Amazing!

    06th October, 2008


    Intimate Wisteria by Neil Morris Fragrances

    Intimate Wisteria smells more like an aquatic to me than Neil Morris' Spirit of Water which to me smells more of wisteria. I think he accidentally mixed the two up. I guess what gives Intimate Wisteria the aquatic smell is the "oceanic musk" listed in the notes above. It's a pleasant enough scent, but it is not as distinctive to me as some of Neil Morris' other scents.

    24th September, 2008


    Woodland Strawberries / Gala by Neil Morris Fragrances

    There's no cedar listed in the notes? Weird! I've sampled about 5 of Neil Morris' fragrances in the last week, and of each one, I've noted that the name he's given them doesn't really match my impression of the scent! For example, Woodland Strawberries. . . . I thought this would be some kind of fruity-girly scent. Instead it's the complete opposite of what I'd expected. This is a strawberry scent that I imagine would work wonderfully on a guy! (Although I would love wearing it as well!)

    The first hour or so, it's a sharp Vitalis-smelling blast. Sure, there's "strawberry" scent in there, but it's an abstract strawberry. Definitely not a natural "woodland strawberry." I don't know what gives it that Vitalis-smell. But anyway, for that first hour it smells like men's hair conditioner (which is basically what Vitalis is).

    But after that first hour, more like two hours into it, it becomes this really yummy CEDAR and lightly-strawberry scent. Perhaps this is where the "woodland" part comes in. But it's not a cedar like a cedar closet. Maybe what I'm smelling is the black pepper, and I'm confusing it with the smell of cedar.

    Absolutely yummy! I love it! This is not your typical fruity scent.

    09th September, 2008


    Intimate Vanilla by Neil Morris Fragrances

    I love vanilla. I'm a Pink Sugar fan and a Hypnotic Poison fan. So this was one I had to try. On first spray, it's not really vanilla. It's more citrus and spices. But after about 30 minutes to an hour, the vanilla comes out, and I have a hard time reconciling the name "Intimate Vanilla" with what seemed like a really extroverted spices-and-citrus vanilla. It's kind of an oriental vanilla, and I almost compared it to Pink Sugar, but it's different from Pink Sugar. After many hours (10 or so), the vanilla comes out more and becomes almost like Vanilla Bean Noel, which I love so much. By then, it was only detectable up close. So perhaps Intimate Vanilla is only intimate once she gets to know you a bit. Sillage is moderate. Not monstrous. And that's something I appreciate. It stays relatively close to my skin, but lasts >10 hrs. on me.

    06th September, 2008


    Flowers for Men - Lilac by Neil Morris Fragrances

    The color of this one really reminds me of aged Vivienne Westwood's Boudoir -- orange! (Fresh Boudoir is pink, I'm told.) And so when I sprayed it, I couldn't help but think of Boudoir! I have to go back and sample Boudoir and see if that note that I couldn't place was maybe lilac? But is it really lilac essential oil? Or is it just lilac -- the note? I can smell that soapy smell that I've come to believe is vetiver. And that makes it have that "round" (I don't have a better word to describe it) smell that fresh lilacs have. But it's not just lilac. It's also really musky. Almost like Boudoir in that viburnum/fish-sauce like smell. I'm surprised that Neil Morris marketed it for men, because it smells very feminine to me. On the right person, I think it would be really sexy, but that person is not me. Sillage is moderate. Not monstrous. And that's something I appreciate. It stays relatively close to my skin, and lasted all day and then some (>12 hours).

    06th September, 2008


    Voleur de Roses by L'Artisan Parfumeur

    90% patchouli. 5% roses. 5% other. That's what I smell. Sillage is minimal. Longevity is pretty good, though. It's over 12 hours later, and I'm still smelling patchouli. Lots of patchouli. If one doesn't like patchouli, this is probably one to skip.

    02nd September, 2008


    Mille et Une Roses / 2000 Et Une Rose by Lancôme

    Ooh! Quite rosy! I like it very much! It actually smells a lot like Le Labo Rose 31 to me, only minus the cumin, and with some kind of added baby oil smell that Rose 31 doesn't have. Definitely roses. I do prefer the greener drydown of Rose 31, however. Mille et Une Roses dries down to a more musky baby oil smell, which some people might feel is more feminine. Sillage is minimal on me. Longevity of the sharp roses is poor, and it leaves way too quickly. But while it lasts, it's gorgeous! And like Rose 31, Mille et Une Roses is whoppingly expensive. Oh well.

    31st August, 2008

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