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Still Life by Olfactive Studio

Full of sparkle and joy! Lovers of yuzu, or citrus in general... this is one to check out. Still Life is a little tart, balanced nicely by the different types of pepper and dry woods. One of the happiest, brightest citruses I have come across in the past few years. Good lasting power as well.

So, don't let the name fool you into thinking it might be boring. This was made to celebrate summer, sunshine and joy in general...
29th December, 2012

Eau de Monsieur by Annick Goutal

Eau de Monsieur is a distinct, refined fragrance with many facets. I have found that all the way through its composition, there is a citrus note not unlike that in Eau d'Hadrien or Mandragore, there are elegant woods and just that hint of freshness to make it suitable for a summer day. I don't find it particularly bitter, more aromatic and spicy but much smoother in the drydown. Definitely a unique offering that sadly seems to have been discontinued.
26th April, 2007

Virgin Island Water by Creed

Virgin Island Water is quite a fine spring/summer fragrance if you ask me - opens rather fresh and citrussy clear, then mellows down into a more floral base with a very distinct coconut note. Coconut is also what people around me have detected, and it seems that you have to like that in order to enjoy this scent. Personally, I think it works quite well.

I feel that this is definitely reminiscent of a tropical island - lying down in the silky sand, surrounded by nothing but the ocean and the forest behind the shoreline, drinking cocktails from a coconut.
01st March, 2007
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Eau de Santal Extreme by Floris

A woody, spicy, warm and sensual fragrance. As it dries down, the rather strong opening goes into a sweeter, rich base. Very classic and elegant with a twist. It is indeed quite familiar to Gucci's Envy but I'd rate it a little more grown-up.
15th December, 2006

Un Jardin sur le Nil by Hermès

I love this one big time. The stylish hit of the mango, the refreshing quality... and the bitter, almost dirty (in a very good way) drydown is amazing. I feel very elegant wearing this.
28th April, 2006

Terre d'Hermès by Hermès

I obtained a sample of this at the Hermes boutique and was pretty stunned. It reminds me of something I can't place. It really has that 'rough' sweetness yet with a 'light' touch to it, totally fits the description. Very earthy but not at all intoxicating, it was very 'lightly sweet' during my wearing. Absolutely pleasant and a great piece of art.
02nd March, 2006

Mandragore by Annick Goutal

This fragrance is really extraordinary. It starts off with a lot of anise, ginger and citrus, giving an elegant and uplifting first impression. It slowly shows notes of black pepper and other spices but also maintains a minty freshness. Wonderful in summer or winter, I have a great time wearing this fragrance.
26th December, 2005 (last edited: 17th August, 2009)

Gucci pour Homme by Gucci

Starts off very woody and spicy - good for many compliments during the day. When you get home from work or whatever, it will have a sweet, comforting tone left. Amazing, a true classic.
04th November, 2005

Higher by Christian Dior

Although it's not very complex or extreme, this fragrance is heaven for summer. It reminds me of a hot day in spring on a wonderful island. I like how this fragrance has a very nice balance between floral and spicy - it's sweet, yet with a spicy, heavy base. Lasts long, even on hot days.
24th October, 2005