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Montana Parfum d'Homme (original) by Montana

Bought my first bottle in Hong Kong back in 1992. Love this rich, spicy stuff and cannot even begin to understand why Diana de Silva decided to discontinue to lush Oriental. What a pity -- will have to keep perusing eBay for "stash" bottles, I guess.
05th September, 2006

Millésime Impérial by Creed

I agree with the reviewer who deemed this Creed classic "bright." I wear M.I. whenever I want to be in a good mood all day -- never when I crave a little melancholia on a dark winter afternoon.
Along with Clinique's "Happy" and Dior's "Eau Sauvage Extreme," Millesime Imperial's always sure to cheer me up.

Could be longer lasting, true, but the first few hours (and the cool bottle!) are well worth the price.
05th September, 2006

Léonard pour Homme (original) by Léonard

A perennial favorite when I was in college, although -- looking back -- the fragrance may have been a bit "old" for me. (This is one of those that probably oughtn't be ventured by those under 35 -- it's pretty mature.) Very boozy, very rich, very formal, very deep, with great sillage and a lovely drydown. Lasts on me for HOURS.
05th September, 2006
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Lapidus pour Homme by Ted Lapidus

I'll give this one a "thumbs up", but no thanks to my body chemistry's bizarre interaction with T.L. I love the notes themselves, but WHEW! Talk about a headache in the making for Yours Truly!
(Yes, pronounced migraines usually ensue after I've been spritzed with this heady stuff, first off.)

Also, its sillage carries for MILES. (This isn't a problem for me, but some don't like it in their own fragrances.)

All that said, I always get oodles of positive comments whenever I DO wear T.L. Still, it's just not worth it for me in light of my body chemistry and its natural aversion to the stuff. Like "Versailles" by Jean Desprez, this potion is definitely tailored for someone else, but not me.

05th September, 2006

Jockey Club by Caswell-Massey

De-LISH! I love the powdery drydown of it -- very reminiscent of Lagerfeld Classic in its overall effect (if not its exact notes, granted).

I wear this one all the time, both in formal and informal settings. (One of the few fragrances I know of that effortlessly crosses that line.)

An earlier reviewer compared it (albeit a little unreasonably) to Dana's "Canoe"). Nothing wrong there -- "Canoe" is, in many ways, a less expensive and (IMHO) a less complex version of "Jockey Club."

Good buy for the money all in all, but I don't recommend it if you dislike powdery scents.
05th September, 2006

Erolfa by Creed

My favorite of the newer Creed fragrances -- well, right up there with Millesime Imperial, anyway.

Very crisp, very fresh -- not overbearing or overblown in any way.

Hands down, this is my very favorite marine scent of all time.
05th September, 2006

A*Men / Angel Men by Thierry Mugler

A vile, execrable potion -- more akin to burning asphalt than eau de toilette. This bottled evil gives me migraines deluxe, and often does the same to those unfortunate souls around me who have to ingest its rancid fumes.

Try gasoline -- it's cheaper and smells far better.
05th September, 2006