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Maxim's pour Homme by Maxims

Think Francesco Smalto pour Homme married to Montana Parfum d'Homme and you pretty much have all the olfactory info you need to peg this one.

Sadly, discontinued.
14th May, 2008

Nicolaï pour Homme by Nicolaï

Gris Clair's warmer, friendlier cousin. (Not really close enough to be a sibling, but definitely in the same formal lavender clan.)

I'm not usually a huge fan of mint (witness my general indifference to Live Jazz, Pasha and others), but the mint really, really works here.

The frag itself does warm up a bit as the wearing goes on, true, but this neverthelss a formal, almost aloof kind of frag from beginning to end. (Great for the office, but probably not a romantic dinner kind of frag, let alone casual Friday.)

Thumbs up, granted, but only with the provisos above firmly in place.
12th May, 2008

Comme des Garçons 3 by Comme des Garçons

CdG #3 is green and citrus-laden at first, granted, even to the point of fruitiness, but that soon dies down and is replaced by a cedary brute that is (at least to my nose) a half-sibling to Terre d'Hermes. (I can't believe no one else has picked up on this so far!)

Still, there is that trademark CdG synthetic "twang" to this one, and that distinguishes it (and not for the better) from TdH, at least in my humble opinion. Neutral on this one, as it's almost like a TdH wannabe that doesn't quite make it.
07th May, 2008
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Quattro by Mary Kay

A bone dry men's chypre from MK, with hints of spices below.
Very good longevity.

For some reason, MK has either discontinued this one. Can't imagine why. It was, along with Tamerisk, MK's very best men's frag.
05th May, 2008

Crystal Noir by Versace

I'm not a fan of fig notes (isn't that fig I detect in it?), but I do like the florals in this one. Nice woodsy dry-down that makes the fruity floral (read: slightly harsh) opening worth it all.

All that aside, I won't be scrambling to buy this one for a gift anytime soon.

Thumbs up, but only marginally so.
19th April, 2008

Baby Rose Jeans by Versace

Awfully sweet for my taste -- I'm going to have to give this one a neutral.

I don't mind bold roses (e.g., Black Aoud), nor dry roses (e.g., Cabaret pour Femme), nor green roses (e.g., Tea Rose). All that said, I don't often care for sweet roses such as this one.

A fine frag for kids, maybe, but probably not for anyone over 16.
19th April, 2008

L'Eau Homme by S.T. Dupont

Herrera Aqua? Not even that memorable.

In a word? Meh.
Two words? Aquatic meh.
18th April, 2008

Signature pour Femme by S.T. Dupont

Very akin to Dupont's Signature for men, with bright florals and fruits over a woody base. This is one of the few frags I can think of in which the gardenia and rose don't overpower the other floral notes.

Pretty old school in its construction, though, and not for young women in search of a light and breezy type of frag. Also, this one's probably better suited for romantic and formal events in the evening -- I can certainly see how it might come across as overbearing and/or cloying in confined business spaces.
18th April, 2008

Basala / Basara by Shiseido

Gorgeous frag I love to wear in cold weather. (That said, I'm not sure I can even imagine putting this one on in spring or summer.) Deep and complex and oh-so-spicy -- not at all like the other (read: bland, boring) Shiseido frags for men that I've tried.

The coriander can be a bit strong at first, as can both the cedar and lavender. Basala/Basara is definitely one of those frags, though, that you really need to give at least a few hours' time to, if not multiple wearings.

A must-try if not a must-have.
18th April, 2008

Jack Black Signature Black Mark by Jack Black

First off, neither Black Mark nor Gucci PH have been able to offer me in the way of cedar-based frags what Lalique Equus edt has been able to. Still, I like Black Mark better than PH -- it's creamier and softer and lacks that hard, cedar-y edge that PH possesses.

Like foetidus, I'm not a huge fan of saffron (hence my indifference toward L'Homme Sage as well). Still, I can't help but like Black Mark and appreciate its quality ingredients and clever blending. All in all, a must-try frag for cedar fans who've not yet sampled it.
17th April, 2008

Jack Black Signature Silver Mark / Jack Black Signature by Jack Black

Dry, patchouli-laden fougère that really stands out among the JB products I've sampled. If you're a fan of Heritage and/or Cacharel pour Homme, you'll want to give this one a fair shake.

JB Signature almost has an Eighties powerhouse feel about it -- very bold and masculine and not at all what you'd expect from a frag created less than a decade ago.
17th April, 2008

DKNY Red Delicious Men by Donna Karan

This is what happens when you leave your Carlos Santana for Men next to your Liz Claiborne Spark -- the two mate at night and create this odd little baby.

Put another way, it's Spark without the cheap synthetic rumminess and Santana minus the distinctive (and very pleasant) musky notes.

If you like fruity, fairly sweet men's frags, you can't go wrong (esp. for the low price tag). If this type of frag is NOT your bailiwick, though, I'd run screaming in the opposite direction.

I'm giving this one a thumbs up, but only with the proviso above.
13th April, 2008

White Musk for Men by Jovan

Pleasant and clean and remarkably affordable. If you like Gendarme, CK1 and/or Issey Miyake, you'll likely flip for this little puppy (especially once you see the VERY modest cost).

Decent longevity and good sillage -- a damn good bang for very little coin.
13th April, 2008
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Ginseng N.R.G. by Jovan

Not my cup of tea (I'm no fan of fig notes in general), but remarkably good stuff for the moolah. It's definitely a product of the late Nineties, what with its "clean and fresh" herbal thaaaang going on, but all in all not bad at all for something from Jōvan.
13th April, 2008

Fleur du Mâle by Jean Paul Gaultier

This is what Le Mâle SHOULD have been -- COULD have been, even. Glorious use of neroli, and proof positive that white florals for men can and do work.

I've no doubt that Fleur du Mâle is chock-a-block full of synthetics, and frankly I don't give a crap -- it WORKS. I especially like the sexy use of vanilla here, and (again) can't stop thinking about the clever way in which neroli is used in it, either.

I get tons of compliments when I don this one, and also feel very sexy and confident after having put it on. At the very least, I have to say that everyone should at least try this one once.
11th April, 2008

Quelques Fleurs L'Original by Houbigant

Dense describes it perfectly -- a dense multi-floral from another era altogether. Don't think for a moment, though, that "dense" here implies sodden or heavy. No, this is dense complexity -- the French perfumer's art at its best.

What starts out as tuberose overdose with lily and jasmine galore soon dries down into a green floral delight and then onward into a warm and inviting muskiness.

Very, VERY old school opulence -- not for the faint of heart, nor for the die-hard fan of Tommy Girl and other relentless, watery clone frags. Appropriate for any age if worn with confidence. A must-try for any frag aficionado, too.
11th April, 2008

Aoud Damascus by Montale

Magnificent rendering of the rose note, I'll agree. Still, what makes it so is the unusual use of gurgum (thanks for the info there, zztopp) and what I can only describe as a deliciously high quality sandalwood note -- very dry, very expensive. (I hope I have this pegged -- that's certainly what I'm picking up here.)

This is by far the most subtle of the aoud offerings from Montale that I've sampled to date, but it's no blushing violet. The aoud note is clear and consistent and long lasting on me, and in no danger of being overwhelmed by the rose (as is almost the case insofar as Black Aoud goes).

Definitively unisex comfort frag -- very powdery, very dry but not dessicated. HUGE thumbs up!
10th April, 2008

Herrera Aqua by Carolina Herrera

One of the few aquatics I can really say I like. Very fresh, very crisp bergamot here, with a fruity heart and a light musky base. Decent longevity; average sillage.

I won't be going out of my way to snag a bottle, no, but I certainly have to give this frag a thumbs up.
09th April, 2008

Sand & Sable by Coty

Soapy, powdery gardenia. Goes on with a sharp edge, but dries down beautifully for a drugstore type frag.

Lots of bang for the buck here -- a definite must-try for fans of White Shoulders, Jungle Gardenia and White Diamonds alike.
09th April, 2008

Bogart by Jacques Bogart

Seventies Era powerhouse chypre. Very green and herbal, but also leathery and tough -- imagine Equipage without its polite veneer and rounded corners. A definite classic, yes, but one which would likely not sell well today -- not at all. This is a very masculine, very French affair whose composition would today be a bit of a dinosaur. (And more's the pity.)
07th April, 2008

Adolfo for Men by Frances Denney

Big oily eighties monster -- very green at first, but dry and woodsy later on.

I can't say that I remember it terribly fondly, no, but I certainly can't say that it was crap, either. My dad used to wear this one from time to time, and I remember it as one of many loud, brash Eighties frags, some of which were fabu, some of which were just OK (like Adolfo) and some of which were, well, you get the picture.
05th April, 2008

Mignonette by Voluspa

Gorgeous concoction -- easily my favorite of the Voluspa line thus far. Longevity doesn't seem to be as much of an issue with this one as it is with other Voluspa edt's, no, but I still find Mignonette lacking in the longevity department.

Wonderful use of fruit notes here, btw. Mignonette is really too feminine for me to wear out in public, so I think I'll just stick to the candle versions to appreciate this frag. I wish that Voluspa would create a men's frag (for home and body alike), or at least one that had some real "teeth" to it (and longevity). I see a lot of potential here, though.
03rd April, 2008

Linden Blond Tabac by Voluspa

Clever affair with crisp citrus top notes and a powdery, slightly floral dry-down. Still, the longevity issue rears its ugly head here -- as it does with all of Voluspa's edt offerings. I find that this one lasts no longer than one hour on my flesh.

I think I'll just keep buying the candles in this one. Still, I have to do the right thing and give the fragrance itself a thumbs up.
03rd April, 2008

Olive Leaf by Thymes

Warm and dry fragrance for fans of olive notes, with just a touch of pepper in there to break up the monotony. Great (albeit fairly linear) frag for the office or classroom.

Nice range of home scenting products available in this frag, too -- I like that about The Thymes and its full range of mdse.
03rd April, 2008

Goldleaf / Goldleaf & Hydrangea by Thymes

Warm, soft and powdery -- literally "feels" golden in the nose. Goldleaf is The Thymes' best seller, and I can't believe that this ultra-feminine classic doesn't get more play here on Basenotes.

Btw, guys, it's not just for the gals -- you can enjoy a full range of Goldleaf home scenting products (e.g., candles, sprays etc.) without spritzing on the juice itself.
03rd April, 2008

Antidote by Viktor & Rolf

Gorgeous frag -- really what Prada for Men wanted to be and/or should have been. Sweet amber lovers, beware though -- this is seriously sweet territory here.

Balanced, complex dry-down that's vaguely reminiscent of Egoiste and Prada alike, but with a powdery note (the iris, perhaps?) that makes me keep smelling my wrist all evening, long after the spicy heart notes have died down.

I've read that this is Rufus Wainwright's signature scent, and that makes me like this little puppy all the more.
03rd April, 2008

Cuir d'Oranger by Miller Harris

I agree with pluran -- this sexy leather frag is easily related to Tabac Blond, but considerably more masculine. The oakmoss moves it into the realm of the bad boy, granted, but there's still a formality here in spite of the leathery/orange-y sexiness. (I would feel just as comfortable putting this on for the board room as for the boudoir.)

I haven't yet sprung for a bottle, no, but am making my decant last as long as humanly possible. Along with Noir Epices (one of my all time favorites), Cuir d'Oranger is one of the very best orange-heavy frags ever made, IMHO.
03rd April, 2008

Black Orchid by Tom Ford

Bizarre but beautiful concoction that puts me very much in mind of Thierry Mugler's Angel. A deep, chocolate-drizzled floral gourmand that is way too feminine on my skin, but definitely a creation to be admired from afar -- I can certainly see why this one has its ardent devotees.
03rd April, 2008

Vera Wang for Men by Vera Wang

For some odd reason, VW for Men "feels" like a frag that might have been blended three decades ago rather than one (or less than one) -- very elegant use of sandalwood and leather in this juice, but a bit formal and stuffy.

VW is great for office wear and even formal occasions, but, IMHO, is probably NOT the best choice for "jeans and t-shirts" sorts of days. All in all, an elegantly blended affair that's well worth the money.
03rd April, 2008

Tiffany by Tiffany

This gem would be staid at best (and downright prim at worst) were it not for the gorgeous fruit notes that lift it up and away from many other traditional, woody florals of the same type.

Polge did a wonderful job here balancing the fruity and the floral, and, in doing so, managed to create a lovely frag. That said, it pales in comparison to Tiffany for Men which, IMHO, ranks as one of his greatest creations ever.
03rd April, 2008