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Divincarnation by Annette Neuffer

This is a lovely, grown-up dusky carnation with underpinnings of roses and patchouli. I admit to a bias - both for this house and nose, and for carnation. But this dianthus is not the sprightly bright peppery friend...she's ready for the sophisticated world - not "in your face" but smoldering darkly.

....but my seven year old granddaughter LUVS it on me...what greater recommendation!
21st November, 2017

South Water by Lili Bermuda

On me this frag opens soft, slightly sweet and coconutty (is that a word?) There's a light fruitiness about it - a sort of melon thing, that is underlined with a slight saltiness...the musky gardenia shows up an hour or so later and the longevity is amazing for a summer scent like this.

Gets lots of notice and inquiries...i rully rully like it.
27th July, 2014

John Varvatos Woman by John Varvatos Citrene said....

Not my signature but way up there in my fave fruity-florals. And I also love the original Johnny Vee for guys. Whole other story.
01st August, 2010
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Début by Delrae

I love all things Delrae (and all things Roudnitzka) and again - let's hear it for body chemistry.

On me Debut comes flying out with muguet (I frequently bypass the top and sometimes middle notes and go straight to the heart or soul of things. What can I tell you.) Swiftly mingled with linden but none of the lime others have mentioned. Over time it mellows. It's lightly green (that there vetiver) and the musk unnoticeable. On me.

Part of Gemini me is Old School and I love these full-bodied florals. Can't imagine this on a guy.
24th July, 2010

Mogador by Keiko Mecheri

Encountered as a sample, this one MUST join my rose collection. (La Rose Jacqeminot - Nahema - Fleurs de Bulgarie, etc.) On me the roses are dew drenched, heavy-headed and sumptuous. Full blown Bulgarian roses in the height of summer - can you tell I love it??!!
17th June, 2010

Feuilles de Tabac by Miller Harris

My responses to this EXcellent frag are much like Ayala's - and I couldn't say it as well. I LUVLUVLUV tobacco - this one comes down hard at the end of brisk and spicy (as opposed to soft and hay-ey) like rolling a Gitane between your fingers. On me it gets woodsy in the middle and settles into an almost vanillic sweetness with that damp sand that someone mentioned. TOTALLY thumbs up.
30th April, 2010

Roses and More by Priscilla Presley

A surprising sophisticated and lovely rose-dominated floral. The effect is like walking through a flower garden and catching the occasional whiff of an old fashioned rose - not tea rose, or the heavier Damascus but plain old fashioned rose.

When we were doing blind sniffs here a while back, this was universally mistaken for niche! A GREAT buy if you can find it.
08th April, 2010

Evening Edged in Gold by Ineke

This one's got EVERYTHING going for it. Exotic osmanthus...Angel's trumpet (deadly but delicate) "Midnight Candy" (I have my own ideas about that) Leather and woods!! (And I would swear some coriander cuz there's the teeniest hint of skank, on me)

A revolutionary smell - ripe but with the nip of saffron and cinnamon - heady but subtle. A winner!
25th March, 2010

Derring-Do for Men by Ineke

Well, I didn't realize it was For Men and I just LOVE it. On me the opening is a burst of citrus juice quickly followed by rounded leafy magnolia. After an hour or so this is mellowed by a sort of angular woodiness. Great longevity...a total winner.
25th March, 2010

Chemical Bonding by Ineke

Ah! Body chemistry!!

A few caveats: 1)I AM a peony lover/ searcher and 2) what I write here is what happens in my nose to this frag on my bod - I don't pretend to be objective.

On me Chemical Bonding opens sweetly citrusy with a sort of bergamot peony already peeking through. When the peony becomes full blown she's soft and round and super creamy. She shines this way for HOURS growing softer and creamier as she goes.

TOTALLY one of my fave peonies...many thanks to the BNer who pointed me to Chemical Bonding!
23rd March, 2010

Farouche by Nina Ricci

On me a classy, old world and VERY French floral with citrusy undertones and a purring chypre presence. After the peachy tea laden opening the flowers burst into bloom that lingers for a long time over the woody moss.

Of course I love old fashioned power scents and this is a classic...loved it in the it now. NOT for the faint of heart.
23rd March, 2010

Délices de Cartier by Cartier

To quote the anonymous, cherry-skinned reviewer - one man's heaven is another man's hell...and Delices is heaven on my bod. Most frags develop very quickly on me and this is one. So the quick rush of high voltage fizzy sweet swiftly settles into cherried flowers with a well behaved vanilla and musk base. Good longevity and sillage. Just LUV it.

Edit: This review is for the Parfum - have no experience of the EDT.
01st March, 2010 (last edited: 02nd March, 2010)

Bryant Park by Bond No. 9

Bryant Park is another one of those scents that goes right to the basenotes when I first apply. So the initial affect is WOW! Just-picked, still warm and tart raspberries. THEN comes the rhubarb - in about fifteen minutes a faint waft of Lady Bankshires in early bloom - no patch or amber!!

Light and fresh - but not much longevity in cold weather. We'll see what summer brigns!
10th February, 2010
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Miel & Citron / Honey & Lemon by L'Occitane

I own and wear several L'O's...the Vetyver, 4 Voleurs and Eau de Baux (masculines) and find them all top quality.

And body chemistry is an amazing thing....unlike Trebor (whose nose and reviews I respect enormously) I get clover honey and Meyer lemon INSTANTLY on application and through long hours of wear. The undertones are ambery. I've got the glittery EDT (don't know if it's now available in other formulas). I would not compare it to SDV (which is totally "meh" on me) because of the outstanding citrus notes. Body chemistry.

In the colder weather, Miel/Citron is as comforting and cozy as the same drink Gradmama gave me when I had a December cold - in the summer it's light and airy.

09th February, 2010

Safram by Laura Tonatto

Let's hear it one more time for body chemistry. On me Safram opens with a burst of that saffron note that doesn't show up for Caltha! Very spicy - almost peppery. I get no vanilla (and I am a vanillaholic) rather a brownish musk. I quite like it and find it wonderful for cool weather.

Go figure.
15th December, 2009

Yohji Essential by Yohji Yamamoto

Whoo boy! A powerhouse rosy chypre over musk with that hint of skank that speaks of cumin. As a lover of "big" fumes I really enjoy this but it's not especially memorable - nor for the faint of heart. Pretty good sillage but not much staying power.
20th November, 2009

Harajuku Lovers - G by Gwen Stefani

I gotta have my jellies and my neon scrunchies and something like G to bolster my belief in all things silly. On me the fruit notes are light and crisp and the coconut right out of the shell. Even the tropical florals are terrific on my older (drier?) skin. Yumsters.
01st October, 2009

Cool Water Woman by Davidoff

Picked this up by mistake - thinking it was the well touted original. PLEASANTLY surprised....a nice aquatic with light citrus come-on. The melon/lotus notes are not overpowering and the underlying florals sustain nicely. This is a floaty summer dress kind of frag on me and I'm glad I made the mistake!
01st October, 2009

Kolnisch Juchten by Parfums Regence

Oh geeze. This is absolutely the guys have said - birchtar and oiled leather of the club chair variety with a waft of roses? Can that be powder.... ? VERY tao...light and dark, soft and strong...aggressive and retiring...and did I mention the leather?

Girls you gotta try Andre and be sweet. He's a pussycat.
17th August, 2009

Sun Moon Stars by Lagerfeld

I've never met a Sophia Grosjman I didn't love (White Linen, PARIS!!, Tresor, Beautiful)...they share a voluptuousness and uniqueness that really appeal to me and SMS is one of these.

The peach is not the breathy lightweight of - say - Mitsouko but ripe and summery. It supports the flowers and the airy amber all throughout the drydown on me.

Top notch!
16th August, 2009

Eau des Baux by L'Occitane

Strong enough for a man - but I like it too! What a beauty! Green and incense-y with a heart of spicy fruits and vanilla. It all works on me...I love it. (And many thanks to Oviatt for the history lesson!)
29th July, 2009

Eau des 4 Voleurs by L'Occitane

I'm with Odysseum!! It opened orange/citrus on me with brisk green undertones...the middle is warm and almost honeyed and drydown to die fort... ambery sandalwood with a wisp of the lavender that didn't show up at first. Go figure. A total gem. Ladies - take note.
29th July, 2009

Delicious Closet Queen by Etat Libre d'Orange

All in all I LOVE the "French" quirkiness and audacity of this whole line although some work better on me than others.

DCQ is one that works very well...I love raspberry anyway, and the way in which it co-exists with another fave (vetiver) whilst being "bridged" as the redoubtable Trebor phrases it is irresistible to, and on, me. "Sweet-tart".

It is cheerily wistful and wonderful for hot weather.
10th July, 2009

1969 Parfum de Révolte by Histoires de Parfums

Totally yummy "oriental gourmand" ...warmly spiced white flowers and dark roses tinged with clove. It all settles down into a lingering hum of chocalate flavored coffee (dark roast) and light musk. Good sillage and longevity. If I were richer I would certainly spring for a full bottle.

Of course, this is coming from an oriental - lover.....
08th July, 2009

1873 Colette by Histoires de Parfums

OH boy. PurpleBird is one of the most knowledgeable and thoughtful noses on this board and I TOTALLY respect her views/reviews - but I gotta say that this fume behaved in a totally different way on me. (A lady of a "certain age" living at the beach)

It opens with sparkling citruses and bergamot and quickly arrives at lightweight florals...muguet is here, with a hint of lavender and violets and all undergirded by lightweight vanilla and musk.

On me it trails nicely in a powdery and intimate way.
08th July, 2009

Premier Figuier by L'Artisan Parfumeur

I had already fallen in love with figs before I came to this classic - my becnmark was the equally satisfying Miller Harris Figue Amere. Figs do well on me - this one in is creamy and vigorous at the same time. Figgy from the start with a nice green overtone and hint of citrus over woods...wonderful dry down and respectable longevity if a bit short on sillage.
04th July, 2009

Vert Pivoine by Histoires de Parfums

In Stalking the Perfect Peony I find this a winner. On me the peony has a comfortable "bottom" that's rounded and almost powdery, full bodied without the usual rose. I get a bit of a spark but I wouldn't call it peppery and the woodiness is warm too.

The marvels of body chemistry!
02nd July, 2009

Oliban by Keiko Mecheri

Oooooo...luvvin' this incensed rose with its hint a honey, fresh cured tobacco and glove leather. On me MUCH warmer and less Cathedral than pining for a full bottle.
19th June, 2009

Mûre et Musc by L'Artisan Parfumeur

I'll say it again...the vagaries of body chemistry. I adore fruity frags and am likewise a fan of the right kind of musk and - sadly - on my bod this smells plastic-y and slightly rancid. Ditto for the EXTREME version...I can never predict what LAP 'fumes are going to do on me...this is one that just doesn't work.

19th June, 2009

La Nuit by Paco Rabanne

I LUV dark and dirty scents and was thrilled when a kind BNer sent me a sample of this highly touted (and DISCONTINUED???!) frag. My - um - mature skin and bod get right to the heart of matters pretty quick and the rich, body heat of this complex beauty appear in minutes on me. The leather is ambery and hints of tobacco, the roses are dark and heavy laden in a dimly lit bedroom smelling of S-E-X....

19th June, 2009