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Nemo by Cacharel

In a few words: get it while you can. In this fragrance Cacharel takes an interesting tact to reach the woody destination it is going for. On the first spray, Nemo feels a little sweet and almost cloying. After the initially olfactory assault (which disappears quite quickly), Nemo comes into its own. I grew up in the great northwest and Nemo smells like home in a bottle. Evergreens and a little sandalwood for spice make this cologne an absolute hit in my book.
27th September, 2006

California for Men by Dana

This cologne is absolutely great. Spicy, warm, mysterious. Since this is a cologne nobody has ever ever (never ever) heard of, I find it to be extremely unique. The sillage is quite moderate and on my skin it lasts about 5-6 hours. Unfortunately, I got this as a gift and have no idea where to get it as I want more. As a side note, before moving to a warmer climate I wasn't too fond of this fragrance.
27th September, 2006

Samouraï 47 by Alain Delon

Right out of the bottle this will remind you of just about all of the other overpowering sweet scents you've sampled and lumped together. However as that fades this fragrance will take you by surprise with its elegance and a plain but very nice vanillic note that runs all the way down to its base. This is an obscure find that will definately not fail to impress.
19th September, 2006
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Quorum by Antonio Puig

To say that this cologne is a punch in the face would be an understatement; straight out of the bottle it's an olfactory assault. The upside is that it will last forever. The downside is that you may not get it off. It's a surefire headache inducer with no questions asked. However, I give it a neutral because it is beyond manly in scent alone, just don't expect any sort of finesse whatsoever.
08th September, 2006