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Xeryus Rouge by Givenchy

Love this on a man, even if a bit sweet. Yum!
31st October, 2008

Hot Couture by Givenchy

Mmm, this is a vamped up, more exotic Hanae Mori Butterfly. This is a fruity scent for a grown up, sexy woman. Must get a bottle soon!
31st October, 2008

White Patchouli by Tom Ford

Amazed that I ended up loving this - a big, white floral opening usually spells death for me. After about half an hour, though, this developed into a stunning beauty. Wearing it, I feel like walking through a tropical garden. Smooth and chic, very sophisticated, no "head shop" patch here. If you're looking for a gnarly, earthy scent, try Black Orchid (which I LOVE). Hmm...Black Orchid by night, White Patchouli by day...and the bottles look fabulous together. Tom Ford does it again.
24th October, 2008 (last edited: 28th October, 2008)
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Must de Cartier by Cartier

Reminds me of Obsession at certain points during the development (and I like Obsession), but unfortunately Must turned sour on my skin and I couldn't enjoy it after a while. I would like to try the parfum version sometime to see if I get a different experience. It is promising. Could work very well on a man.
22nd October, 2008

Theorema by Fendi

Guess I'm one of the lone dissenters of Theorema. Smelled too much like pencil shavings for me - I just couldn't get past it. I wish I could get what everyone else does out of this fragrance. For a similar fragrance, I much prefer Just Me by Montana - it has all the things I like about Theorema minus the pencils!
21st September, 2008

Lolita Lempicka by Lolita Lempicka

Ahh, lovely Lolita. I adored this when it was first launched - it was so unusual and captivating...and that bottle! I still admire it, but since discovering Jungle L'Elephant (which actually came before LL), I must say I enjoy Jungle much more. They both share the same unique liquorice note, but Jungle is smoother, spicier, and creamier. However, Lolita will always have a special place in my heart...I'm smiling as I'm looking at the adorable bottle right now... :-)
02nd September, 2008

Rapture by Victoria's Secret

I detest this stuff. A guy I dated a few years ago thought Rapture was incredibly sexy, but I just felt like a cheap tramp wearing it. I enjoy strong orientals, but this is something else altogether...loud and shrill...not my style!
28th August, 2008

Cornubia by Penhaligon's

I bought this several years ago on my first trip to London, but, sadly, later regretted my purchase. In the shop it smelled like a lovely oriental, but when I wore it again back home I noticed that it's much more floral than I like personally. The drydown is also too powdery. It is a lovely fragrance, though, just not for me. Try it if you like Chanel No 5, Samsara, Shalimar, et al.
14th August, 2008

Samsara Eau de Parfum by Guerlain

Sigh...I so want to love Samsara. As an oriental perfume freak, I thought this would be a slam-dunk for me. Every time I pass a tester, I spray my wrist with the hope that it will finally work on my skin. Nope. It's *almost* there, but the powdery drydown kills it for me (must be the iris). The "powder factor" is the same thing that kills Shalimar for me, too. I'm jealous of those who can pull this one off, though, as I can see how it could be amazing on the right person. It has the power to be a signature scent. I do respect it, so I'm giving it a thumbs up anyway.
14th August, 2008

Gucci by Gucci Eau de Parfum by Gucci

The more I wear it, the more I like it. It has a slightly shrill floral note that I don't appreciate, but once that burns off, it morphs into a gorgeous leathery/honey musk skin scent. It's sophisticated and grown-up sexy, neither too foody nor too sweet, and the bottle is classic and beautiful. Will probably not appeal to the younger crowd, but this totally works for me right now (42 year old professional). Perfect for the office. Will be a major contender in the fall/winter lineup.
09th August, 2008

Sensual Amber by Bath and Body Works

This is a very nice amber fragrance: comforting, soft, and sexy. A more "user friendly" version of Obsession. I'm not a fan of most B&BW fragrances, but this was a pleasant surprise. Excellent price, too, so I purchased the entire line of body products along with the EDT. The lotion is very rich, and the shower gel is highly scented. Receive many compliments when I wear this; very pleased.
09th August, 2008

Japanese Cherry Blossom by Bath and Body Works

I liked this very much when I first tried it, and purchased a bottle of the EDT. But...after wearing it for a couple of weeks, I found it too "plastic-y" smelling and gave it away. The lotion is very nice, however, and doesn't seem to have the same funk of the EDT. Haven't yet smelled the EDP - maybe it's an improvement.
09th August, 2008

Warm Vanilla Sugar by Bath and Body Works

Great if you're craving a VERY sweet scent. Sometimes I'm in the mood for this around the house, but I'd feel too self-conscious to wear it in public. Smells exactly like the name...vanilla with heaps of sugar...lots and lots of sugar! :-)
09th August, 2008
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Black Cashmere by Donna Karan

To me, Black Cashmere is not a casual, everyday scent. It's moody and evocative, and I have to be in a certain frame of mind to enjoy it. I live in New England, and if one scent embodies the smell of fall here, this is it: wood smoke, crisp leaves, spiced drinks, incense. Another reviewer said it smelled like "tar", and I agree, but it's not wholly unpleasant. Also brings up an image of Indian spices baking on hot sand. It is an austere scent; there is nothing sweet or comforting about Black Cashmere, yet it can be oddly relaxing. I enjoy wearing it on those days I feel aloof and slightly melancholic. Its bottle perfectly captures the mood of the fragrance.
26th July, 2008

Vanilla Fields by Coty

After hearing this compared to my beloved Casmir over and over, I finally tried Vanilla Fields again (memories from high school were vague) to see if there was any truth to it. No way. Casmir is warm and complex, and Vanilla Fields, as others have said, is flat, boring, and more floral than vanilla. It's not offensive, but not something I would wear.
26th July, 2008

Obsession by Calvin Klein

Add me to the list of Obsession fans. It's sad that this wonderful fragrance has been ruined by over-exposure (and by people who over-applied). It's warm, sexy, overtly provocative. This was my first "real" perfume in my late teens/early twenties. Back then, my (now ex) husband used to follow me around the office just to catch a whiff - he said my scent inspired him to ask me out. It is a powerful aphrodisiac, but needs to be applied with a light hand or you risk knocking people over. However, I have to laugh when younger people say this smells "too strong"...these are the same women who bathe in scents like Angel, which is much more obnoxious. And Prada? Prada is an Obsession rip off. Anyway, end of rant! ;-) Obsession is a great oriental and will be around for a very long time...and I, for one, am glad!
24th July, 2008

Wish by Chopard

There is something appealing about Wish, but in the end it is much too powdery for my taste. I do not find it similar to Angel at all, apart from the prevalent patchouli note and general gourmand feel. From Chopard, I'll stick with Casmir and Mira Bai...
18th July, 2008

Burberry for Women by Burberry

This is such a great scent: soft, subtle, and delicious with a musky, sensual drydown. It's an easy scent to wear, appropriate in all seasons and for any occasion. Much more quiet than its Brit cousins, it's soft and pleasing, wearing like a second skin. It's a staple in my fragrance wardrobe, one of my "go-to" scents that always works.
18th July, 2008

Bulgari pour Homme Soir by Bulgari

Very elegant scent, slightly more oriental in feel than the the original PH and Extreme, but still retains the trademark Bvlgari subtlety. I find them all very appealing and sexy. Lots of people complain about Bvlgari scents being too transparent, but they are designed that way. My boyfriend wears Extreme and Soir almost exclusively, and I can smell them on him hours later, even though he can't. Besides, you don't always want a scent that is going to shout to the world, and for those times, Bvlgari is perfect.
13th July, 2008

Burberry Brit Red by Burberry

Brit Red is delicious, almost edible. Definitely not a subtle, everyday scent. I usually don't like to limit fragrances to seasons, but I think Red is best reserved for cooler weather. The gingerbread note makes it a perfect scent to wear during the holidays, much like the men's Burberry London. Both remind me of Christmas. ;-)
12th July, 2008 (last edited: 03rd January, 2017)

Gucci Eau de Parfum by Gucci

I echo all of the other positive reviews of this perfume - it is magnificent from start to finish, but I especially like it after about an hour when it melts into a second skin. This is the kind of scent that makes people think YOU smell good rather than your PERFUME smells good. Love Tom Ford's scent creations. This and Black Orchid are hauntingly beautiful.
07th July, 2008

By Woman by Dolce & Gabbana

Very sexy in the great European tradition. This smells like a grown up, self-assured woman who knows what she wants - and goes after it. If Lovely epitomizes Sarah Jessica Parker's Carrie in Sex and the City, then By would be worn by Samantha.

First impression is relatively bright and perky, but it doesn't take long for the inner growl to emerge. After it's had a chance to settle, it smells like a coffee/bourbon/sandalwood second skin, with the florals making a subtle appearance now and then. The vanilla is there, but very restrained, just giving the composition a round smoothness. Very chic, no trace of "old lady" here. I'm loving it, and going to purchase a big bottle soon.
07th July, 2008

Néonatura - Cocoon by Yves Rocher

Don't let the price tag fool you - Cocoon is brilliant. A perfectly balanced comfort scent that gives much more expensive, niche scents a run for their money. You know that marvelous scent when you open a tin of really good cocoa? Well, combine that with a smidge of patchouli, woods, and the tiniest dab of vanilla, and you're there. It's not overly sweet, just comforting and relaxing - it's my best friend after a long day at the office. I also spritz on more every night before bed...for such a low price, I don't have to feel guilty! I hope they never discontinue this little gem.
28th June, 2008 (last edited: 27th October, 2010)

Union Square / Andy Warhol Union Square by Bond No. 9

Yawn. Been there, done that. Andy Warhol would probably be mortified to have his name attached to this fragrance. Buy some Cool Water and be done with it.
27th June, 2008

Sécrétions Magnifiques by Etat Libre d'Orange

Absolutely horrid - do not wear this unless you want to nauseate everyone unfortunate enough to smell you. I appreciate a certain "yuck" factor in perfumery (the truffle note in Tom Ford's Black Orchid, for example) that adds interest, but this stuff is just....vile. Even goths would run screaming.
27th June, 2008

West Side by Bond No. 9

I have been underwhelmed by most Bond scents, but West Side is absolutely beautiful. Goes on smooth as silk, softly sweet with a boozy edge that is intoxicating. The florals are just right (never too high pitched), and they blend perfectly with the sandalwood, musk, and vanilla. Appropriate day or night, any season, for any event. If you're looking for sexy skin scent, give it a whirl. Chinatown gets all the buzz, but I prefer West Side.
27th June, 2008

New Haarlem by Bond No. 9

Oh yeah, loving this. So far, New Haarlem and West Side are the only Bonds worth buying for me.
27th June, 2008

Narciso Rodriguez for Him by Narciso Rodriguez

I rarely despise a scent, but this is one of them. Smells like decaying greens and sewage. I cannot understand how anyone would be able to wear this.
24th May, 2008

Armani Code for Women by Giorgio Armani

My first impression of Code for women was, "Meh, another mainstream floral." Fast forward two years later; tried it again, and it clicked. It's quite special. Code is that rare oriental that could be worn all year - even in the heat of summer, this would never overwhelm. Not too sweet, either, just right. The orange and ginger are very refreshing. My only complaint is the sillage...after about an hour or two, it becomes more of a skin scent. I'd like it to have just a little more projection. Otherwise, very good, versatile scent for day or night. Will become a staple in my fragrance wardrobe.
18th May, 2008

Un Air d'Habanita by Molinard

Once the citrusy (grapefruit?) topnotes calm down, it morphs into a musky skin scent. It's ok, just not very exciting. Haven't smelled the original, so can't compare the two.
23rd April, 2008