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Island Hawaii by Michael Kors

If you are a citrus fan, give this a try. The only citrus scent I own is Happy, and I've learned I really dislike citrus perfumes. So, the best I can say for my review is that it is a fresh citrus scent, quite lemony. To me is smells like furniture polish, but of course, I dislike all things citrus.
It is not very sweet, I think if it was sweeter, I could tolerate it. The one and only citrus fragrance I like is Tocca Stella. It is nothing like Stella, Stella has the sweetness that I'd need.
But if you like fresh lemons, give this a try. If not, you might smell furniture polish like I did. Sorry!
03rd March, 2007

Inspiration by Lacoste

I love this fragrance! A lovely SA from Macys spritzed this on a paper for me to smell, and at first I brushed it off as being too simple, or not my style. But I pocketed the little paper strip, and just could not stop smelling it the rest of the day. I usually lean more towards stronger, floral orientals, but I have been in the mood for something softer, and more subtle. I think I finally found the perfect fragrance for that! Inspiration is a scent that would work for any time of day, and perfect for any occasion. It is soft, gentle, powdery, and while a previous reviewer said it smells like a young mother, I think it smells like my baby's sweet head! I stopped wearing perfume while pregnant and when my baby was a newborn, but now I'm ready to get back into my fragrance habit.
But my tastes have changed, and Inspiration is perfect. Sweet and fruity at first, wait for that dry down, it is so gentle, like a baby's blanket.
Love it!
13th February, 2007

Touch by Tocca

At first, I sort of passed by Tocca Touch. I thought it was just not my type of fragrance and didn't really give it a good enough chance.
Then I took home a sample of it, and after trying it at home, I decided I love it.
I was trying to decide between this and L'Instant, especially after all the rave reviews I've seen on the Guerlain.
But because I am not a fan of foody fragrances, comparing the two, I decided I'd rather buy Tocca Touch. It is a sweet floral, but not foody in any way. I suppose I could compare it in style to the floral type of possibly Kenzo, though Kenzo is much more powdery.
Touch is a simple, soft, understated scent. It is nice for daytime, and it is nice for when I want to take a break from my usual spicy fragrance collection. There is a tad of a synthetic aroma to it at first, but the drydown is beautiful. Very delicate and quiet, not an in your face type of scent.
It's not my usual choice in fragrance, but one I shall like to own for nice relaxing days at home.
27th January, 2007
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Florence by Tocca

I really love this new fragrance. Though my tastes run towards sweet and spicy, I also have a love for the more old fashioned florals.
And this one is all floral. If you hate big white flowers, you won't appreciate Florence. It is said to use cabbage rose, and while I am not familiar with the cabbage rose, to me it smells like a buttery bouquet of white flowers. I see a comparison to Michael, by Michael Kors, though I find Michael to have fruity notes that don't exist in Florence. Another slight comparision could be Dior's Jadore. I smell a resemblence in Jadore's opening notes, but then it takes on a whole new direction.
I have a feeling Florence may be a love it or hate is fragrance. As a floral lover, I love it. But apply lightly, as it is strong!
27th January, 2007

Midnight Fantasy by Britney Spears

The first time I tried this, I didn't care for it at all. I do own the original Fantasy, which is the ONLY fragrance like it in my collection. I am usually not too into the gourmand types. But Fantasy has this sunny summertime likeableness to it. I find it sweet, but also easy to wear. I tried Midnight again today. To be fair, I didn't not try it on myself, only on paper. But by giving it a second chance, it sort of grew on me. The fruits in the version of Fantasy are more candyish. It has some sort of sugar plum scent to it. Although it isn't as edible as Fantasy, as it has a spiciness to it. To compare the two to, IMO, a couple of better fragrances.... Midnight Fantasy is to Fantasy, what Magical Moon is to Hanae Mori Butterfly.
Neither smell alot like the originals, but have some quiet similarities. The newer fragrances being a spicier, darker version than the formers. I prefer Fantasy, as I prefer Butterfly. But I do find both of their new versions an interesting spiced up version, though not as easily wearable.
27th January, 2007

Gardenia by Elizabeth Taylor

I just bought this one nice and cheap from TJMaxx. I love gardenias, and thought, why not, I'll give this one a try.
I don't own any other Elizabeth Taylor fragrances, so I cannot compare. There is a funky synthetic note in the top notes, but hold on, once it dries, it is really pleasant.
Gardenia is a nice fresh, and sort of powdery fragrance. It reminds me so much of a perfume I owned when I was really young (I'm talking 10-12 years young).
I think it is possible it reminds me of the Love's Baby Soft mini set that I had then, I remember a purple colored perfume, Jasmine perhaps?
Don't cringe yet!
This is not a bad thing!
Though perhaps it does show that this fragrance has a youthful feeling to it. Though I'm not a child anymore, I don't mind the memories this brings back. It is soft, sweet, comfortable and feels like spring! It is not a complex perfume, but I think that is why I like it. It is a nice bottle of something different to keep in my collection. I give it a thumbs up.
27th January, 2007

Euphoria by Calvin Klein

Euphoria is a fragrance that I've visited often. Stalked it really. I couldn't decide if I liked it enough to buy.
There always seemed to be some strange synthetic note that bothered me.
But in the end, Euphoria won me over and I bought my first bottle.
On me, it is soft fruit, with a nice creme powder dry down. At first spray, it is a little strange. You have to wait for it to dry to your skin to appreciate it fully. And, personally, I believe Euphoria in its dry down is at its best! It is not long lasting on me. Though at first spray it seems almost too strong, it fades so quickly, you end up wishing you applied more!
I decided that I actually prefer spritzing it on my clothes than on me. I love the scent it leaves behind best. Just this soft sweet whisper on the cuffs of my sleeves. That is the Euphoria I love.
27th January, 2007

Narciso Rodriguez for Her by Narciso Rodriguez

To monochromatism:
I have exactly the same reaction the Stella and Stella Rose Absolute.
I LOVE the smell, but I cannot wear it, I get quite sick, exactly the way you describe it. But the funny thing is, I was recommended this fragrance by someone when I said I loved Stella but was allergic to it! Yikes, now I don't think I want to try this either!
11th October, 2006

In Control Curious by Britney Spears

I've got to say, this is the second Britney fragrance that I really like! Though it is named after her first, Curious, I am not a fan of the Curious fragrance at all. But I do own Fantasy, a very sweet, edible perfume. The In Control is also a very sweet, semi foody perfume. It will appeal to those who found Fantasy to be too much, but who still enjoy the sweeter scents. Like the previous poster, I also agree that it disappoints me it its staying power however. I had hoped it to be more like Fantasy, which is removed by nothing less than a shower! But In Control is a much softer fragrance, which does stay on my skin, but gets so very light, and changes its scent the lighter it gets.
For some strange reason, at its very lightest, it almost resembles the smell of play dough on me!
But at its strongest, it is very beautiful. I found it to smell somehow like a cross between Euphoria and Lolita Lempika, though very much a lighter fragrance than both of those.
If I purchase In Control, I will probably opt for a smaller bottle, as I do own Lolita and Euphoria, and it is just a little too similar for me.
If you like the In Control, but find it too light, or too fading, you might want to check out those two choices as well.
04th October, 2006

Délices de Cartier by Cartier

I was excited to get my first sample of this after reading a write up in People Magazine about it. I tend to like sweet, soft and powdery fragrances, as well as spicy orientals. This one sounded right up my alley! I first tried the tester on paper and I already knew it was one I had to take home and try out.
Once home, I tried it on my wrist and a little up my forearm. At first sniff, it was a sweet cherry, yummy and soft. As it wore on a bit, I could still smell it and still really liked it. But then when I put my nose to my wrist to sniff it closely, that was when it got strange. Up close, the scent changed on me, it ended up sort of smelling oddly like a tire shop!
But yet, still without smelling it up close, from further away, it was sweet and I liked it.
So now I don't know what to think! I would certainly not wear it on my neck, but if it only smells nice on me from further away, then I think rather than let myself smell like tires to my husband, I'll get this one for my sister (who tends to overapply) and enjoy its scent from further away.
12th September, 2006

Fantasy by Britney Spears

Okay, so I am NOT a fan of Britney Spears, and not a teenager. So it almost pains me to admit, that I really like this fragrance, and bought it! You have to have an appreciation for sweet fragrances to enjoy this. If you like the sweet body sprays sold in Victoria's Secret, you might like Fantasy. I like it on warm summer days, it wakes me up and makes me feel cheery and ready for fun. It is a yummy scent, and while probably better for younger females, I happen to really enjoy it. If you are looking for a sweet fragrance with a more "mature" scent, other favorites of mine are the Hanae Mori Butterfly perfume and the Lolita Lempika. There is no comparision of the 3, but those are the other sweet perfumes in my collection that I also enjoy on those warm summer days.
12th September, 2006

Brit Red by Burberry

I adore the Brit Red! This is the first fragrance in a long time I had to buy in the biggest bottle! Gingerbread and Rhubarb! YUM! I can see this being a fragrance I could wear for years and years without tiring of it (so of course it had to be a limited edition sigh).
I do find that it's wearing power is somewhat weak. It is very strong when you first spritz it on, and fades away much quicker than most of my perfumes.
If you like the Red, you would also likely enjoy the Gold. They are quite similar in the dry down, though the Gold is more oriental at first, whereas the Red is more fruity. But I am not a fan of fruity fragrances, the Red is a very different sort, maybe it is the unusual rhubarb. I find the Gold lasts longer on me. At this point, I do not know which one I prefer, I love both, and I think that it is also quite yummy to combine the two! I get more staying power, and it is more interesting.
12th September, 2006

Hanae Mori (new / Butterfly) by Hanae Mori

A really sweet powdery fragrance, I knew I had to own a bottle. I really do love it, but I have to admit, that after awhile, I did grow a bit tired of it. It is a strong fragrance, so be careful not to overapply.
If you like this fragrance, but don't like the price tag, I did discover something interesting several years ago. The clothing store Hot Topic sells a perfume called "ragdoll" there which smells so closely to my Hanae Mori, that I have been able to fool people with it many times. I can tell the difference, as the Hanae Mori is definitely richer, but it is an interesting likeness.
12th September, 2006
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Brit Gold by Burberry

LOVE Brit Gold. I seem to have this problem with falling for fragrances in limited editions. Soft, sensuous, spicy and warm, it is a gorgeous oriental that perfectly suits my taste. I love both the Brit Gold and the Brit Red, the Red has a bit of a fruity zip to it, but both smell similar in the dry down. The Gold also smells similar to Givenchy Indecence. But the Indecence is too strong for my nose, overpowering. Whereas the Gold is just perfect in strength, but with the same spicy yumminess!
11th September, 2006

Victoria (original) by Victoria's Secret

This was my favorite all time perfume! I still have yet to find a fragrance that will fill the void Victoria has left! The company described it as "liquid lingerie" and I found it just that. I adore this fragrance, if anyone is familiar with it and knows of something similar, please let me know. I have never smelled a single perfume even remotely like Victoria!
11th September, 2006

Stella by Stella McCartney

I really really love the smell of Stella, as well as the rose absolute. It is a beautiful powdery rose scent. I think it could have become my favorite fragrance now after losing my Victoria by Victoria's Secret, if it wasn't for the fact that I am allergic to Stella! Within minutes of smelling it, I start sneezing! Such a shame, because I adore the scent!
11th September, 2006