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Midnight in Paris by Van Cleef & Arpels

I've not read every single review yet, but has nobody mentioned the similarity to Lolita Lempicka Au Masculin? Which I guess is liquorice and vanilla, in essence. Maybe a bit of smoke.

I don't have a super-sensitive sense of smell, so I am probably not picking up any small differences that others may find.

I need to do a more precise side-by-side comparison, but I think LL just wins by a nose - no pun intended.

As for Bulgari Black comparisons, my BB spray mech jammed (the twiest and spray thing) so I can't remember tat oen too well.

The vanilla - or should I say tonka? - means it lasts a good while and 'clings' to clothes, so bear in mind.
07th March, 2015

Noble Cedar by Chopard

Sophisticated, if not particularly long-lasting, and stays close to the skin. This puzzled me for 48 hours until it suddenly struck me how similar it was, from memory, to Acqua di Parma Blu Mediterraneo Cipresso di Toscana. (I've been regularly practising how to say that at a decent speed, in case I am ever asked what I'm wearing.)

Side-by-side on left and right hands, the AdPBMCdT is initially more pine-y (well, cypress-y, I guess) and a little less sweet - although neither are sweet, vanilla-style EDTs - but after 3 minutes they ARE pretty similar to each other, to my not-very-sensitive nose. But the Noble Cedar is not as strong or long-lasting, and not quite as smoky/incense-y. But it's great in its own right, and way cheaper than the AdP. Recommended, but maybe not for the younger members of society.

Class in a beautifully designed, metal-topped glass. And a great, olive green fluid inside it. But watch out - the large size is 80ml, not 100ml.
11th May, 2013

James Bronnley Original by Bronnley

I'm adding this as hardly anyone else has done so at this stage.
I can sum this up pretty easily. A weaker, but very good copy of Acqua di Parma, original version. Very pleasant, nothing repulsive. I don't thinkm it will last too long, but neither does ADP.
Don't rely too much on my review as, despite my obsession, I don't have a super-sharp sense of smell and there might be other things hiding away in there, but the i nitial hit is very ADP.

Tried out 2 or 3 times in a department store. I'd buy it at half price, but not at full price.

UPDATE: "A refined and classic fragrance, with natural toning properties. Seville Oranges blend with bergamot, exotic spices and fresh aromatic herbs, resting on a base of rich cedar and mosses." From the interweb.
05th February, 2012
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Blu Mediterraneo Tuscan Cypress / Cipresso di Toscana by Acqua di Parma

Top 10, if not Top 3, for me, and one of my few repeat purchases. Reading the reviews, it seems that all ingredients are natural, so maybe that's what's so appealing. It's pine / cypress / fir - I don't think I'd know one from another - but with a beautiful extra something that I can't identify. But as everyone else has already done that here, no need. So fresh, summery, Alpine (OK, Mediterranean, then) and open air / open space in feel. Like Pino Silvestre without the slight 'vomit' note (although I still like PS); and like Versace Green Jeans but not so over-overpowering.The initial blast is what one would call 'intoxicating', at least for me, and i wouldn't say that for many EDTs.
The matching cream stuff in the soft-touch blue plastic pump bottle is also good, and not too anaemic / diluted. I'm not sure what it's for, but I use it on cracked elbows (I do a lot of reading at work, involving a lot of leaning on desks) and it seems to have great healing powers, so maybe that's where the aromatherapy link comes in. But it's men only for this variant, I would say, unlike the rest of the range.
Should appeal to all ages except for those who go for the light, sweet, cookie-fuelled spectrum. (For those people, get Body Kouros NOW, before it's too late. It's nothing like standard Kouros and is a sister to LOL :--) Lempicka and Bulgari Black - but better.)
09th April, 2010

Messe de Minuit by Etro

Unfortunately, probably my most disaapointing / expensive purchase ever. Unable to easily buy CDG Avignon, i went for this. I just can't get any link back to 'Catholic church incense' in any way, which was what I was hoping for. I can't even find any 'levels' of differing ingredients. Having said that, a work colleague could smell it from 15 metres away, and kept asking about cinnamon aromas coming from somewhere. (However, she was with child at the time, so maybe had heightened senses, especially where cookies were concerned.) I don't have a brilliant sense of smell but, to me, this seems similar to Kenzo Tokyo, although I have not done a side-by-side comparison. And that's my least favourite Kenzo. UPDATE 5 minutes later - I inhaled really, really heavily from 1cm away and, for 1 second, has a slight incense hit... then it was gone... and I started sneezing and eyes watering... if anything changes, I will report back.
02nd April, 2010

Lanvin L'Homme Sport by Lanvin

I tried this in a shop in Chester (UK). If the tester is accurate / genuine , all I got was a slightly sweet camphor, camphor, camphor - i.e. medicinal. The Campari (I like it) of the EDT world. Maybe it was eucalyptus. I really liked it for its unusuality - but, as it wore off, felt that it smelled like clothes in an old drawer that had not been cleared out for a while. So, would not buy. If I try again / do buy this, I will get back with another report if I change my mind. Sorry if that's not too helpful. The botle was dull navy blue(frosted glass? but looked like a lump of plastic) rather than clear, deep blue as in some pics.
camphor - |ˈkamfər| - noun - a white, volatile, crystalline substance with an aromatic smell and bitter taste, occurring in certain essential oils. • A terpenoid ketone; chem. formula: C 10 H 16 O. So now you know.
12th July, 2009

212 Sexy Men by Carolina Herrera

I tried this in a store before I read the reviews / pyramid. Immediate impression was 'A Blue Cross (cheaper) Lolita Lempicka', with less finesse. Sweet, vanilla, and not much else, to my nose. (I have not tried Le Male.) Stick to Lempicka - similar vanilla base, but more liquorice and green notes at first; or Rochas Man - similar vanilla, but with unusual cappuccino and lavender tones. These 2 both feature longlasting vanilla.
07th November, 2007

Kenzoair by Kenzo

Someone said previously:
Worst bottle of all time. anise and licorice and really nothing else. very strange and short lived.

I say: BEST bottle of all time, anise and liquorice and not too much else. Magnificently unusual and very long-lived - one of the few to go round the clock (and I have a very bad sense of smell, unfortunately). Linear, but if you like the star, you'll like the end...

My earlier review, tweaked a bit one year on...
Good, descriptive and apt name, and a mini-masterpiece of a square and frosted glass bottle. My favourite Kenzo. My impression was of a simple liquorice combined with fresh hay (the hay as in Jicky). Not sweet. Unlikely to cause offence to allergy sufferers and super-noses. I keep this for very best.
07th November, 2007 (last edited: 09th February, 2010)

Bowling Green by Geoffrey Beene

All the reviews are right, but for those unable to track it down, I would highly recommend Eau de Rochas Homme. It's much more fleeting, but the first few minutes, then hour, are worth the rather expensive admission price. Initially similar to BG (but better), with gin and sparkling limeade tones, EDRH gently fades and stays constant, whereas BG fades to peppery spice and lasts quite a while longer. Both are 2 of the best lemon / lime concoctions. Monsieur Balmain (a great lemon and liquorice blend), also hard to find, and Acqua di Parma (a great lemon and rose combi) are also both recomended.
07th November, 2007

Tokyo by Kenzo

I thought I'd add a quick summary until the more experienced Basenoters take over and add their own comments. Overall summary = sweet. But not as cloying as some. Difficult to describe, as nothing 'jumps out', which is probably a bad thing - maybe too many ingredients are fighting for attention. It's hard for me to differentiate all the notes. Initially, pretty similar to Yves Rocher Nature Millenaire (the coppery bottle; not the green bottle), until compared side by side - then Tokyo is less harsh after a while. Pretty fleeting, and stays close to the skin, so reapplication is necessary. The idea behind the juice is interesting (each ingredient = a colour = an aspect of Tokyo), and the 'speeding car lights' bottle graphics ditto. The most boring of the Kenzos I have, which are: Air - liquorice and hay with hint of lemon, in square 'window' bottle; Jungle, punk zebra-fin bottle and hard-to-describe lemon mix; L'Eau Par - lemony boring; and Original Pour Homme - medicinal, eucalyptus, distinctive, less fleeting than the others, in the dark blue-black curved 'bamboo' bottle, on which shape the Tokyo bottle is also based.
05th November, 2007

Collezione by Marks and Spencer

As no-one's reviewed M&S's EDT sprays, and I recently bought a midi 3-pack, I'll have a quick go on the slightly more upmarket ones...
I bought the 3-pack because, of the 3, I wanted THIS one. No doubt it contains 27 beautifully blended aromas, but I would sum it up as light drinking chocolate with a hint of incense - the reason why I like it - fading to a clean, freshly showered, sweetish, but not cloying, flatness. My description has not really done this justice - if it had a designer label, maybe Rochas, everyone would go crazy for it, and it's a (maybe not close) relative of Rochas Man and its unusual frosted, upside-down glass cone. The M&S bottle is a traditional, classic, angled glass with squared-off matt gold (plastic) cap and a half-invisible, extra-light typeface. I'd expect vanilla, but don't think there is any here, as nothing lingers a day later as I'd expect from vanilla. Collezione is excellent for its (£15 for 100ml) price. See past the label...
26th May, 2007

Façonnable Stripe by Façonnable

Although not in the pyramid, my own impression of this (before I looked at the pyramid) was of a mainly sweet coconut, slightly minty, very pleasant start, followed pretty quickly by a clean just-showered, clean-smelling and soapy, feintly marine-ish base, and not much else until it fades away 4 or 5 hours later. I would probably buy again (at a lowish price) for its relative obscurity. Will not offend many, day or night. Good, classic glass bottle, matt aluminium click-on cap attached with blue cord.
26th May, 2007

Green Jeans by Versace

Cannot really understand the good reviews of this. I don't think I have a great sense of smell, but the tinest drop of this (I bought 30 samples which will last until I die) knocks one's socks off, and gave rise to many office complaints and a 1-month long sneezing fit in my wife when a sample vial leaked away in her car. So much pine, I cannot get past it to smell anything else at all. My favourite pine, tempered with other beautifully blended aromas, would be Blu Mediterraneo. My first review, and I wanted to start with an upper, but as I just can't live with Green Jeans, it's got to be a downer, unfortunately. Definitely attempt to try it first.
26th May, 2007
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