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Goodbye Piccadilly by 4160 Tuesdays

This is the most cloying, disgustingly sweet perfume I've ever had the misfortune to smell. I hate it. It is worse than Magie Noire and Youth Dew. In fact, mix them together. You'd be pretty close. Just need an extra little something to help you vomit? You've found it.
27th June, 2017

Vanille Citrus by Comptoir Sud Pacifique

Delicious creamy

It's funny: I absolutely hated this perfume 6 years ago, but I love it now! Just luscious, creamy vanilla and an orange-y lemon-y note is secondary to the vanilla -- or does it just temper it? Whatever it is it's a gourmand fragrance and it's yummy. Doesn't last too long which is the downside, but it's very lovely! Worth a second spray.

Pros: Creamy vanilla with a soft citrus note, kinda like a Creamsicle! :)
Cons: Doesn't last very long.

02nd July, 2013

Coney Island by Bond No. 9


[LEFT][/LEFT]It took me a while to get used to this scent. It smells like the beach in a way that is very different than how most perfumes handle it. It doesn't have any of that "fresh air accord," nor any trace of island flowers.

Personally, to me, it smells more like Montauk (the beach, not the perfume) or Cape Cod. It sure doesn't remind me of Coney Island.

Coney Island (the beach) has a very distinctive smell. I can't really put my finger on what it is, but I think it's a combination of the sand there and the wood used for the boardwalk when it's wet. (The sand is brought in from Florida.) You could blindfold me and bring me there and from the smell alone, I would know I was there.

Bond No. 9's Coney Island is a very unique scent. It captures the smell of salt air. I almost expect my skin to feel tacky when I use it. Light, yet long-lasting. Nice for the summer.

Pros: Smells like salt air, long-lasting

07th June, 2013
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Live in Love by Oscar de la Renta

HATE it. Reminds me of Sung, another fragrance I LOATHE.

Someone who find this perfume (and Sung) "light" needs to see an ENT. Or, if one thinks it smells like flowers, then I suggest a visit to the nearest Botanical Gardens to find out what real flowers smell like. Nothing like that here. Aldehydes and chemicals is all I smell.

This perfume is heavy, cloying and gives me a headache.

Perfume, that, if worn by someone else, would send me to the bathroom retching. I don't know what is in this perfume (or in Sung) that I hate so much, but it reminds me of something an elderly lady would wear--one with too much makeup drawn on badly (like the old lady on the greetings cards). Or, something to cover up a really bad smell of unclean individuals. One word: D-I-S-G-U-S-T-I-N-G.
25th February, 2013

Dans Tes Bras by Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle

I don't get the negative reviews!
This is G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S beyond belief !!!

Via eBay, received a sample size from Latvia, of all places. Came a long way, and well worth the trip ... it may be that I, all of a sudden, have a need for all things smelling of Violets, but I completely, instantly FELL MADLY IN LOVE with this fragrance!!! This doesn't happen often, only a dozen times that I can recall and I sniff over a hundred perfumes every year!!!

Reminds me very slightly of J'ai Ose, but not as sweet (J'ai Ose has no musk, too).

Very "hippie" though, I have to say. (Far more "hippie" than True Religion's Hippie Chic ... which I don't get, btw, having been one!) Musk and violet go very well together. We had something very, very similar to this .... concoction we used to buy on the streets of Greenwich Village from a street vendor that is strikingly similar to this mixture. Brings back many memories!

My new favorite Malle fragrance ... on to buy a 3 piece travel set!

08th October, 2011

Portrait of a Lady by Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle

I love this. I am a huge fan of Rose Absolut, Patchouli and Sandalwood. The Sandalwood and Patchouli alone are wonderful, but the Rose cuts the headiness and gives it that dry sweetness. A nice complement to each other. Opening notes are delightful and the drydown is fabulous ... that's where the rose really shines.

The heart gets a little weird (cloves and Ambroxan), but over all very nice.

I suppose the Ambroxan is what is making that "faux ambre" note I'm sensing in the heart. I don't care for anything synthetic, most especially when it's trying to copy something real ... but MUCH better and more PC than real Ambergris, for sure! (I don't mind aldehydes, but they're not trying to be something they're not!) I can also do without the clove (reminds me of the dentist). Definitely unisex, as most Malle frags are. Opening and drydown are my favorites.

VERY powerful scent and I mean that a little goes a LONG way. Let's just say, a bottle of this could last several lifetimes! ;)

(I don't know why people spray on a load and then complain when it's too heavy. ANYTHING ... with Patchouli in it ... ALWAYS use caution, at least, at first!)
07th October, 2011 (last edited: 08th October, 2011)

Dawn - The Lovely Collection by Sarah Jessica Parker

I like this and the fact that it is weak, although it lasts all day on me. I didn't think much of the others to be honest and thought they were too strong. I have an "uber" nose so it just cannot be overwhelmingly strong and pungent or it's OUT (like the original Lovely, for instance).

This is nice and fresh. I like the fact that it kinda smells like Aqua Net at first because I've always loved that fresh "salon hairspray" scent. It's a "friendly" scent and I think this type of "light" scent should be the rule, not the exception. After all; most of us who can afford these types of things now, take a bath more than once per month. The need for "heavy" perfume, for the most part, has been obsoleted. Take note: nothing is worse than your scent remaining long after you do, especially in an office setting. It's rather obnoxious.
28th July, 2009 (last edited: 02nd July, 2011)

Clean Simply Soap by Clean

I like this. I'm not exactly sure why, but I think that this one actually DOES smell like bar soap ... unlike the others which remind me of laundry detergent, a scent which makes me very ill.

Very light / fresh. Keep it on extremity pulse points only, though, or it matures into a "beachy" scent, which is more floral and not nearly as nice.
28th July, 2009

Clean Lather by Clean

I think this smells like a slightly cloying imitation of Love's Baby Soft. Not done nearly as well as the cheap original.
Basically, to sum, it's just "OK."
28th July, 2009

Clean Provence by Clean

This is a good one too. Definitely reminds me of French milled soaps. It's nice in a different way than the others, not exotic, not too floral. Just a nice scent, very feminine, very engaging.
28th July, 2009

American Cream by Lush

I didn't want to like American Cream, but you just can't help it. It grabs you, hard. (I even use the conditioner, even though I don't particularly like it as a conditioner, I like the scent.) vanilla absolute, clary sage, lavender and benzoin ... probably one of the most different vanilla scents you will wear. Subtle and soft, vanilla with a spicy bite. Very nice fragrance for any time of the day or any season.
14th December, 2008

Silky Underwear by Lush

There is something absolutely luscious about this fragrance. It's quite different than anything you've ever smelled. It's powdery and simple, and though you partly expect "hippie," it's far from that. It's a very soft, welcoming scent that evokes comfort as well as earthy sexiness. The sweetness of the Jasmine Absolut is perfectly mated with the fresh, tranquil Vetivert Oil. Layer with the very nice dusting powder (corn starch base, not talc and cocoa butter to moisturize) and you will love the way you smell all day. Subtle, yet you sense its presence. Very nice surprise.

Special Note: In the UK this is still available as a solid perfume, but here in the US, you can no longer get it and must settle for only the powder. LUSH has an "unusual" marketing plan ... this was a US & Canada "best seller" yet they discontinued it ... something they like to do with all their products. IMHO, it's a tad sadistic and self-indulgent, if you ask me. BTW, for those of you who think you can just order the solid perfume from the LUSH UK website, forget it....they charge $50 to ship ONE tin. I have a friend in the UK who bought me 5 tins and just sent them to me ... for $5.
14th December, 2008

Fever by Lush

Another "best seller" that LUSH USA discontinued. I like this scent very much, although I prefer Silky Underwear and American Cream over this one. Jasmin absolut, rose absolut and sandalwood. Nice, warm, sexy. It is a bit sharp at first, but it warms up nicely. One positive thing about solid perfumes is that you don't get that sick headache. Lush's ingredients are very pure, so "scrubbing" is not usually necessary (only for Karma). It's definitely pretty, spicy, and worth purchasing. Do like I did and get your friend in the UK to purchase them for you and send them to you. They are cheaper in the UK ($9 in the UK, $12 in the US) but for one TEENY tin, they will charge you $50 to ship it. My friend sent me 5 tins for $5.
14th December, 2008
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Karma by Gorilla Perfume [Lush]

This would be OK as a candle, but not a skin scent. Very sweet, orange and patchouli, cassie absolut, lavendin, lemongrass ... carry it around to wake up a person who fainted. Very sharp scent that will "stun" you and not in a good way. They say it's very popular, but I just do not get it. Not for me.
14th December, 2008

Cashmere Mist by Donna Karan

I like it OK, it's soft, creamy, light.. It's good on a summer day especially if you're running out the door and need to refresh a bit because you can wear a lot of it and it won't be overbearing. You do smell like you stepped out of the shower; almost borders on a body spray IMHO . I don't know anyone who finds this fragrance offensive, so it's a good choice when you want to go "light," like at a job interview or visiting someone who is sensitive to scents. There is something I like a lot about the drydown because it smells like Jovan's Eau Fresh. That's really its appeal to me, to be honest.

I assume that Victoria's Secret's "Dream Angels Heavenly" is trying to be Cashmere Mist, only it's a cheaper, more chemical version of it and certainly not nearly as classy or nice (VS says their version is the biggest selling perfume in the US, but I doubt that.). Lucky Brand #6 also reminds me of CM ... the Lucky Brand version has a little spice added which makes it a bit more interesting and less "safe" than CM.
24th August, 2008

New York Fling by Bond No. 9

What a gorgeous fragrance! Could Spring be bottled? I think so! New York Fling captures it about as well as anything could. Fresh, soft, warm ... deeply romantic. If you don't care for most of Bond No 9 fragrances, I urge you to try this one. It's definitely one of the best. Totally unique, my new daytime fragrance, it has no trouble carrying you right through to the evening and wee hours. But then again, she's a New Yorker, so we shouldn't be at all surprised ... it's in her blood.

My very finicky, "all natural" aldehyde-hating cousin, who made a "yuch" face at just about every fragrance I've ever introduced her to, absolutely LOVED this. I think the quality of the brew was something her nose just honed right in on, without actually having any knowledge whatsoever how truly pure Bond No 9 perfumes are. You can really tell when they use only pure ingredients, which is all she will ever wear.
24th April, 2008

L - L.A.M.B by Gwen Stefani

Reminds me of Benefit's Maybe Baby, except not as good. Warm and oddly beachy, it's definitely a scent for warmer seems out of place in December. All in all a very nice scent, but not one I would necessarily buy. But don't hold me to it...(hmm....maybe I just need to retry it in May....)
29th December, 2007

Insolence Eau de Toilette by Guerlain

I really like Insolence. It is pink because it smells like pink should smell if "pink" had a scent. I love that it has a "youthfulness" about it, but it's not necessarily a youth fragrance. I never really thought I cared much for the smell of violets before (being turned off by cheap men's or kiddie perfumes and Violets candy), but everything I have been buying lately (like Marc Jacob's Daisy) has violet in it so I guess I do like it. Insolence reminds me slightly of Miss Dior Cherie, but much warmer and not as sparkly. There isn't a note listing, but I am picking up on a tinge of muskiness. The drydown is spectacular. Powdery and lush, perfumers are seemingly trying to incorporate violet without the usual "sting" that accompanies it. I think Maurice Roucel did a very nice job of creating a perfume that can be worn by a woman of any age. Quite the fait accompli ...
29th December, 2007

Juicy Couture by Juicy Couture

Is it just me? Or is anyone else reminded of Giorgio? Perhaps a Giorgio that has its sweetness cut by something with a "sparkly" tinge to it. This is another scent I wanted to hate and couldn't. I figured it would be a scrubber, but it's very nice, summery, fruity, fresh.
04th November, 2007

Madison Soirée by Bond No. 9

First time I put it on, it screamed "Caleche" and becomes more like it as it dries down. Perhaps a tad less sweet than Caleche, and a tad more spicy. I have no clue what notes they share, but if you like Caleche and have always wanted it a little lighter and more spirited, this one is for you. Very pretty, feminine, definitely high class all the way.
22nd October, 2007

Midnight Rain by La Prairie

I like this fragrance. It smells like several other perfumes (Angel? Curious? MAC?) in different ways with similar ingredients, but you can tell the quality of these ingredients is exceptionally high. Despite all the fruits and other sweet notes, it's surprisingly soft and not sickeningly sweet and dries down to a very nice spicy/woodsy scent. Not offensive at all and you have to love the really cool bottle!
19th October, 2007

Fantasy by Britney Spears

Nice bottle, sweet but not cloying unless you dislike sugar. The root and wood notes cut the sweetness and leave a creamy soft luxurious fragrance behind. It's a good gourmand fragrance and like Cat states, the drydown rocks. Best suited for the under 30 set, but I can see wearing it in the summer or a hot year round climate, especially if you are young-at-heart and feel spirited on that particular day.
19th October, 2007

Curious by Britney Spears

It's a nice summer fragrance, a bit young, very vanilla-y but it also says "beach" in some ways too. Like Ms. Boucheron states, I surely didn't want to like it because its namesake is a talentless white trash queen, but fortunately, the perfume's designers were talented and high class. Nice gift for a 12-25 year old. Not sure it's for the over 30 crowd.
19th October, 2007

Infusion d'Iris by Prada

I am COMPLETELY taken by this scent. I don't exactly know what it is that has left me dreaming of this perfume. It is a newborn, yet like an old soul, it has full knowledge of what came before it. An absolute treasure: spirited and beautiful, fresh and warm, provocative and tender....all at the same time. It is an enigma. Love it....cannot stop thinking about it. Maybe it's the rare Iris...whatever it is....Grazie, Prada!

Top: Orange Blossom and Sicilian Mandarin
Middle: Iris Pallida, Tunisian Neroli
Base: Galbanum, Lentisc, Laotian Benzoin, Somalian Incense, Vetiver, Cedarwood
17th October, 2007

Fire Island by Bond No. 9

Probably the best "Coppertone" smell in a perfume bottle around. I use it and I think of the beach. I have used beach smells and all the other Beach Smell wannabes, but this is the absolute closest anyone has ever come (why Coppertone does not issue a perfume is beyond me). One thing I do like about Bond No 9 fragrances is they are very good like BlueDevil states, let it linger for a while...the drydown is where the real scent emerges and it is not chemical or harsh or cloying by any means. Smells exactly like Coppertone lotion....without the grease.
17th October, 2007

Blue Amber by Montale

I really like this, but in all honesty, as it opens, it just reminds me of a warmer Shalimar. Although Shalimar lingers in its floral notes; Blue Amber seems to linger in a soft and powdery amber and possibly some vanilla and/or bergamot notes and as it dries down this becomes more pronounced. This is most assuredly a unisex fragrance. Someone made a "sea" reference and for some reason, my dad came to mind, as it smells like something he used to wear... something in Blue Amber shares a note or two with an old favorite, not sure which one. All in all, I think, in some aspects, this is more of a masculine scent and a very nice one, indeed. Won't stop me from wearing it, though....
29th July, 2007

Original English Lavender / English Lavender by Yardley

The best lavender ever bottled. Just the right blend to remind you of fresh, real lavender from the garden. Classic, pure, soft and gently all time favorite from one of the oldest perfumers in the world. The soap and talc are probably more popular today than the EDT, but seek it out if you are a lover of lavender. You won't be disappointed.
29th July, 2007

En Avion by Caron

There didn't need to be an note list for this one to identify he predominant clove ...would be hard to miss, even for a novice, especially in the stinging opening notes. Since I don't know what the other notes are, I can't really tell you why I don't like it, I just don't. It's sharp, pungent and nasty. As it dries down, it is more tolerable, but with all the other great perfumes in the world, why waste time on one you don't really like? Pass.
29th July, 2007

Anné Pliska by Anné Pliska

Starts off super sweet but, I agree with everyone, mellows to a much nicer Obsession. I suppose the strong presence of vanilla reminds everyone of Shalimar, especially in the dry down. AP smells more "home brewed" than Obsession and is happily missing the harshness of the mass produced popular brew, which, for me, always has the potential to be cloying, especially if one "bathes" in it. This is like a kinder, gentler Obsession. Vanilla, amber, patchouli...yum. The dry down is my favorite part and you have to love the magenta color!
29th July, 2007

Paris Roses Enchantées by Yves Saint Laurent

I actually prefer this to regular Paris, (which I also love), but this one has a freshness to it and something that takes out the "bite" of the original Paris which tends to sting the nose a bit. Perhaps the rose rounds this out better and makes it not only softer, but tolerable. If you want to like Paris but something about it turns you off, try this one.
28th July, 2007