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Manifesto by Isabella Rossellini

I find this scent really comfortable if not terribly exciting. It seems to wear quite close to the skin for me and doesn't have great lasting power. I get a very nice, light floral in the middle notes, and that seems to be what really lingers. I don't find any part of it heavy in any way. It could be a nice everyday scent, especially in spring/summer, in my opinion.
30th October, 2006

Cannabis Santal by Fresh

I'm in love! I have tried this once only and enjoyed every moment of it and must have more. Deep and tasty throughout, it makes me realize that I just might like gourmand scents, though I wouldn't classify this as strictly gourmand. I get no cannabis at all, except for a certain resinous-herbaceousness (is that a word?) I like this for a rainy, gloomy day, but I think one could easily pull it off in hotter weather as well. Definitely unisex (but I think most fragrances are, anyway).
29th October, 2006

Trouble by Boucheron

My first lemming. I smelled a sample in a magazine and it was instant lust. Creamy, luscious, and lemony in the beginning, it comes down to that smoky cedar in the end. It lasts on me, which is also nice and has great sillage. This is one of my sexiest scents.
29th October, 2006
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Iris Silver Mist by Serge Lutens

A very strong smell of wet earth, in a good way, but it is certainly unadorned, unadulterated earth. It makes sense that it is the roots of the iris that are represented. This scent has a very emotional impact of me. The stoic bitterness is like sadness in a bottle, but not bad sadness. Wearing this when I am down has that same sweet painfulness of rubbing a bruise. One of my absolute favourites.
It can be warmed up with layering. I wore it over cuir mauesque and loved it.
29th October, 2006

Vera Wang by Vera Wang

Overpowering floral. One of those blends that makes me swoon, but not with pleasure. It made me so dizzy I had to have a bath! I find the bottle rather pretty, though.
29th October, 2006

Bois Farine by L'Artisan Parfumeur

Beautiful! Warm, soft, comforting, and yet, somehow fresh. This could easily be my everyday scent. It also works in any season, as it is light enough for summer, but warm enough for winter. Doesn't have great sillage or lasting power, but it is so unique and beautiful it is definitely worth the $$.
29th October, 2006

Black Cashmere by Donna Karan

Starts out spicy hot, like a cinnamon heart, and maintains that note but adds in deep smokey wood. Strong, yet restrained with a dedicated constancy in the spiciness. It seems elegant, yet open and loving. Top notch fragrance. Best for winter; works for fall. ...
29th October, 2006

Cashmere Mist by Donna Karan

I'm a fan of both Black Cashmere and Cashmere Mist. I agree with scenteur7 that this is nice for warmer weather, but it stills for me as a comfort scent. Cuddly, yet refined, like cashmere. I really get the suede in this, and I find it to be a wonderful, very ladylike rendition of that note.
29th October, 2006

Sung by Alfred Sung

This is the first bottle of 'real' perfume I ever owned. After much testing of department store samples I informed my boyfriend that he would be getting this for my Christmas gift. And I loved it for about a month. Then it actually became nauseating to me, and has remained so. I am not a person who can instantly identify a scent on someone else, but this I can, and it's too bad. I loved the top and middle notes at first (probably the muguet and hyacinth), but the base notes became overpowering to me. Oddly, I am not a person who can't tolerate strong perfumes. This one just doesn't agree. So I got rid of it. And the boyfriend, but not for the same reason.
28th October, 2006

Dune by Christian Dior

I can definitely see a man wearing this scent. I get a very soft, lightly spicy smell, cut with a little sparkle, like champagne. I don't find it sweet, particularly. Nice.
04th October, 2006