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    Eau des Baux by L'Occitane

    I had great hopes for this one. After reading glowing reviews, I am somewhat dissapointed. EDB initially starts out vey niche like, with a spicy rich somewhat incense vibe to it. However, after a few hours, it morphs into basically a vanilla candle aroma. I don't wan't to smell like a cheap vanilla candle. Compared as of lately to Spicebomb, Spicebomb, blows it out the door! There is a richness and luxurious sheen to the V&R composition the is lacking in the EDB. The EDB ultimately falls way short of the smooth elegance of Spicebomb. I was a little suspicious of the price point of EDB, and maybe for good reason too.

    26th July, 2012


    Bel Ami by Hermès

    The Eighties are over ! Move over for Moss Breches!

    05th June, 2009


    David Beckham Instinct by Beckham

    I must agree with the wisdom of by 2537.
    A beautiful review, & right on the money! Spot on review!!!

    19th January, 2008

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