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Cacao Aztèque Extrait de Parfum by Perris Monte Carlo

Cacao Azteque is a fine cozy comfort fragrance with peppery spice and cardamom opening a soft dark chocolate + tuberose and leathery musk soft finish. With cacao in the name you expect a chocolate flavor, however chocolate is not a stand alone note in the world of scent and this cocoa is comfortably absorbed into a melange of pepper, cardamom, rum, chocolate, tuberose, sandalwood, and leather. The leather provides a dry soft finish but the character of the scent is cozy and warm fuzzies all around. A camphorous and mentholated tuberose floral adds depth to the spiced chocolate before the finish turns dry and slightly prickly before the sandalwood, leather and soft musk base. The blending is so complimentary that it is difficult to pick out any one note as dominant but they all take turns getting noticed while cocoa lays underneath. The long lasting base is a warm darkly spiced Mexican cocoa drink of ancient origins. Cocoa Azteque puts a smile on the face and is one of Perris Monte Carlo's best fragrances - maybe the best one.
14th March, 2018

Incense Gold by Ermenegildo Zegna

Incense Gold opens with a lemon and saffron note that is wonderfully exotic and deep for saffron and is an aggressive incense opening. This saffron is the leading edge of a cold steely cardamom, incense, juniper, peppery leather body of dryness that has a dark incense feel. The character of Incense Gold is dark and rough but clothed in a rugged elegance - you don't take your eyes off this presence if you pass it on the street. A bold statement. A rating of 7.5 of 10.
11th March, 2018

Persian Saffron by Ermenegildo Zegna

I am cautiously thumbs up because I really like this scent because it is pleasant and evocative, and offers all the mysteries of saffron up front; but, I am frustrated that the story starts and ends with saffron and seems incomplete in a way. The personality of saffron begs for other notes to show contrast against and it is great for that purpose. The notes list I have seen says Zegna Persian Saffron is composed of bergamot, citruses, saffron and exotic spices. It smells exactly like this too with exotic, threateningly raw saffron which flows continuously out into the world through a lemony citrus doorway and more or less ends its story when it passes through. The spices, mentioned as the closing notes are very dry, peppery and hard but leave tiny elegant swirling paisley trails of exotic saffron aroma that close and quickly disperse. This is a brief but very complete story in a fragrance. If you love saffron and persian orientalism in design, you will enjoy this fragrance.

Zegna has a nearly identical opening and mid notes of bergamot + saffron in another release, Zegna Incense Gold, which emerged a year earlier, 2016 and contains the same saffron opening scent which is paired with frankincense and leather which makes a very complimentary blend and a great fragrance. Somebody at Zegna was sniffing this wonderful Incense Gold, saffron opening and might have said - "this smells wonderful without all this incense and leather, put that in a bottle and add a slight spice trail to it!". They did and it works. Persian Spice gets 8 of 10 stars.
11th March, 2018
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El Cosmico by D.S. & Durga

El Cosmico is D.S.& Durga's interpretation of the atmosphere and evening air at the namesake Marfa Texas hotel and campsite that resides on the wild edge between civilization and the high plains desert. This same aroma is found in many of the desert southwest communities when the sun goes down as piñon and dried mesquite smoke fills the cool night air with cleansing smokey resin drifting from campfire and kiva with a smudge of shamanic essence. El Cosmico smells smokey and dusty with resinous bold notes from piñon, khella and creosote. The appeal of a fragrance like this is not its beauty, but that it transports you to a specific time and place that has a not so familiar and wild adventurous spirit. Many of D.S. Durga fragrances have this same outdoor spirit, but most are easier to wear than this one. El Cosmico is a wild gnarly aroma of piñon pine and burnt creosote. I like the imagery and creativity of this fragrance but I won't wear it because its abrasive character is just slightly off the mark for me.
18th February, 2018

Soleil de Jeddeh by Stéphane Humbert Lucas 777

Soleil de Jeddeh is a sandstorm of subtle softness of osmanthus, iris and suede powder. There is a slight lemon fruit opening to an otherwise very dry powdery scent. The notes combine for a very smoothe slightly iridescent sheen to the dry down that takes it out of cozy comfort powder territory and into a dry windswept desert sands realm. The fragrance is a warm elegantly cared for suede osmanthus very light incense. Soleil is related to and possibly is a precursor to the more recent Taklamakan, but still is warmer. These notes are also similar to PG Suede Osmanthe but the lemon in the opening makes quite a difference. Unisex and I rate it 7/10.
10th February, 2018 (last edited: 11th February, 2018)

Amber Gold by Ermenegildo Zegna

I feel obligated to echo the opinions NickZee has enumerated about Zegna Amber Gold. This may be Zegna's best fragrance to date and is well worth seeking it out especially if you like amber incense types of fragrance. I do. This Zegna is way up on a pedestal in quality and character with Atelier des Ors Larmes du Desert and Tauer L'Air du Desert Maroccain. The initial rose only opens the door to a rich and dark amber note which is co presented with a healing lavender note. I smell the lavender + amber and I'm thinking Bois du Portugal? or Nicolai New York? which is quite nice, but it continues to get better. The patchouli quickly takes over the lavender, the rose melts into the amber darkness and a dangerous bit of incense slithers its way into the mix turning this to a deep amber incense scent loaded with character and long lasting as well. Zegna has used similar notes in their Elements of Man series for Passion, which is almost as good as this one. Rated 9/10.
10th February, 2018

Natura Fabularis : 9 Arcana Rosa by L'Artisan Parfumeur

Arcana Rose is built around the simple but proven combination of rose and vetiver. The mixture of rose essential oil with vetiver essential oil has always been a magical blend. The cool earthiness of vetiver grounds the expansive and healing radiance of rose resulting in an ancient natural and healing mystical potion. This rose / vetiver is strengthened by addition of juniper, cedar and sandalwood as a base and the rose is given an amber edge with labdanum. A beautiful and very natural ambered rose that has green and light woods support. The result is more of an apothecary ancient rose formula rather than a floral perfume. I would categorize Arcana Rose as a healthy option in the rose wood perfume genre.
02nd February, 2018

Queen Street by Haeckels

I like this fragrance. Bought it blind hoping for more leather, but I am happy and surprised with the melony but lively green opening notes. I think I can smell what they describe as glue accord as well as a very dry base which is the leather. Queen Street is a truly unique and is an original combination of notes. It smells British for some hard to describe reason. I am reminded of Jack by Richard E. Grant which is also very British in character and has a similar combination of green notes on top of very dry leather - but different than this one. I know you might be thinking it so I will say this is not an Aventus clone, not even close. Something in the melon and green opening smells a little like a candy, but it is a good overall tone due to the changes and contrasts. Well done for a rare summer green and weathered but still fresh leather from Grenson.
01st February, 2018

Mortal Skin by Stéphane Humbert Lucas 777

The opening of Mortal skin smells like blackberry and rose with a dark attitude. Then a very bold salty and sweet ambergris follows through with inky dark berries with a sweet but bold amber base. These two don't really go well together for me. They are both heavy and dark and need more quiet or softness in there to prolong the mystery. There is a disconnect here somewhere at lest for my taste. I believe amber lovers might appreciate the unusualness of Mortal Skin, but it misses the mark for me. There is quality but it is trying to hard to be mysterious.
22nd January, 2018

Reflection Man by Amouage

I can see why so many people love this scent. Reflection is an aromatic scent built from old fashioned fragrance combinations that are often found in toiletries, fine milled soaps and barbershops around the world. The opening is bitter orange leaf, pepper, rosemary and neroli that turns a bit powdery over a layer of orris that smoothes out the mid notes. The base is a classic masculine sharp edged cedar, sandalwood, vetiver and patchouli perfect finish. This same combination can be found in many other popular stalwart colognes such as: Villoresi Uomo, Aqua di Parma Essenza, Stetson Cologne and MFK Pluriel. This is a classic but soapy aroma that is done on a slightly more refined level to reflect the Amouage standard level of quality. Reflection risks making no enemies and is a steady and pleasantly upbeat friendly clean cut fragrance.
17th January, 2018

Oud Fleur by Tom Ford

Oud Fleur is a really well balanced rose fragrance. I almost want to call it an oud rose, but the oud is very light and is secondary so even though its in the title this fragrance is a rose scent supported by oud, sandalwood, leather and patchouli for a dry but warm background.
So on balance we have very well rounded rose with some spices, nice leather and woods supporting notes and a bit of incense oud before it retires. One of the better rose scents out on the market today. I wouldn't call it an oud scent because all these other notes are secondary to the big rose statement. Oud Fleur is in the same category of fine rose scents as fragrances such as Rose of No Man's Land, Gris Montaigne, Lumiere Noir pour Homme, and Rose Arcana. These are all similar but Oud Fleur is one of the best of that group.
14th January, 2018

Indian Spice by Ermenegildo Zegna

Great name for a fragrance that is all about tradition and the smells of spice incense from Indian traditions. The opening blend of cardamom, coriander and star anise is a potent spice that is the very essence of a good chai spice tea drink. This combination is an uplifting spice blend that starts warm and peppery dissolves into a cooling mint sensation which is the penetrating character of these spices especially cardamom. As the fragrance dries down it blends with a wood base of oud, cedar and patchouli which gives it a deep incense feel as well as an ancient, wizened character that is natural aspect of resins of this type. The patchouli strengthens the warm/cool mint sensation of the spices. The woods add stability and turn the scent away from a hot cup of chai and carefully into deep incense territory. Apart from the first hour or so when they are dominant, the spice blend is now a doorway through which we are immersed in the traditional character of an older world through this deep Indian spiced incense. Many hours later this smooth spice blend seems to break down through the woods into softness of a very gentle powder - but still retains a magical, adventurous aura that lingers into the night.
13th January, 2018

Grimoire by Anatole Lebreton

Grimoire is magical mixture of various scent directions that assembles itself into a potion which radiates earthen mosses, healing minty lavender, and herbal tinged incense woods. There is a dark green direction to the mossiness that hovers close to the earth and crackles with aromatic healing qualities from cumin, basil and herbal lavender. The herbal content here gives the moss a feeling of a healing poultice with bold curative power. The varieties of lavender in this brew offers a green penetrating and medicinal aspect, but also a shimmering purple iridescent aroma that is lighter and floats above with an ethereal presence. Atlas Cedar also helps the penetrating nature of the scent with its pinene woodiness. The central body of the scent has a not altogether pleasant ashen dry and empty feeling. But the surrounding aromas are very engaging and make up for the contradictions. Grimoire offers a very interesting fragrance and a fairy tale of complexities in the fragrance blending. It is a unique experience which is getting hard to find in new fragrances.
12th January, 2018
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Taklamakan by Stéphane Humbert Lucas 777

The Taklamakan desert is the largest desert in China and is the worlds second largest shifting sand desert. The namesake of this Stephane Humbert Lucas 777 fragrance is the arid dry sands and shifting winds of this desert desolation and by indirect association and similarity of ingredients, I detect a reference to Tauer's L'Air du Desert Moracain which I think is the inspirational category leader for this type of fragrance. Compared to LDDM Taklamakan is more - more of everything - including more ingredients to achieve the effect, more coordination and artistry to smooth all of these dry incense woods and spices into a stunning cozy but elegant composition. Takalamakan unfolds in a slightly more subtle way and because of this receptive natured softness it might be seen as more refined, possibly more feminine while still being very unisex.

The notes listed for Taklamakan: Bergamot, rose, patchouli coeur, black vanilla, tonka absolute, birch, cade, gaiac, cedar, myrrh, orris, tolu balsam, labdanum, ambreine, amber gris, benzoin, sandalwood, musk; and this list feels more accurate to me than the directory notes printed above. Amberine, ambergris, black vanilla, benzoin and sandalwood are an accurate amber woods description. While the cade, birch, myrrh, patchoui and gaiac brings a moody darkness noticeable earlier in the development that is not present in other desert inspired amber incense brands. These darker parts coupled with the very smooth amber melange creates a dark amber or black amber that is very attractive and has considerable depth. The prominence of benzoin, sandalwood and musk adds a cozy almost cuddly sheen to the mix that is very alluring. Taklamakan is an amber incense fragrance that uses desert references through its soft dry wood notes and then becomes even softer. This is an exceptional fragrance that is comparable to dozens of other fine and rare fragrances but, Taklamakan holds its own place of uniqueness. I think this is an excellent value of quality for the price of this bottle. This creation adds another superb jewel in the crown for Stephane Humbert Lucas.
07th January, 2018

Elements of Man : Strength by Ermenegildo Zegna

I am really liking this fragrance Strength from Zegna's Wisdom of Man series. The dry tobacco leaves stay dominant all through as apricot, deep echoing woods of oud and pine needles. The smoke quality only shows during the first couple hours then is gone. Comparable fragrances to me are Gucci Pour Homme II, Slumberhouse Baque and Burberry London. The tobacco character is stronger here than in London and the fragrance overall is bolder than GPH II, however I would give it a similar rating as with number 2 Gucci Pour Homme. The boldness here requires a warning to spray with caution. I honestly don't see much the similarity to Tobacco Vanille due to no vanilla in this scent at all. There is some sweetness from the apricot but the tobacco is the star player. The apricot gives it a similarity to Baque. Tobacco lovers take notice! One of the best of the Wisdom of Man by Zegna receiving 4 of 5 stars for its warmth and "strength".
06th January, 2018

Elements of Man : Passion by Ermenegildo Zegna

My favorite from Zegna Wisdom of Man Series is Passion. The notes flow seamlessly from the cognac, rum, incense, frangipani through to amber. A boozy but warm and resinous body of a lively incense amber fragrance. This is the essence of a warm desert sands incense blanket of booziness but with a warm glow. Saffron is the contrasting note that some people will consider to be dirty as it nestles into the warm amber. When my wife smelled this she said, "this is a bit dirty isn't it? But I like it". I do to. Nice work by Zegna - Passion.
06th January, 2018

Elements of Man : Wisdom by Ermenegildo Zegna

Elements of Man Wisdom is most definitely my favorite mediterranean citrus scent from Zegna. Zegna has used their legendary bergamot in many of their Essenze fragrances and Wisdom has a similar vibrant juicy citrus note that is mandarin and neroli supported by a similar sharper green note from verbena and lavender which has a fresh from the cut characteristic here. The French Lavender noted is often a medicinal partly green herbal and this comes through here as well. Also, whenever I see musk listed as a base note I assume it means a synthetic dry white musk to anchor all the juiciness of the citrus and neroli but in Wisdom the musk is papery almost woody with a stand alone character. I think this is a very well done fragrance that will unfortunately get lost in all of the other great citrus/neroli scents that are on the market now from Zegna, Acqua di Parma, Hermes and others. Also Zegna fragrances are very hard to find in order to test them, at least in my area. Nieman Marcus stopped carrying them, and also Zegna boutique only carries parts of the Essenze fragrance line here. While this one is not my favorite of the Elements of Man series (Passion) it is an excellent spring and summer citrus that is created with great experience you could say it is "wisdom".
06th January, 2018

Beach Hut Man by Amouage

Beach Hut is that most rare of things in the fragrance world an original summer fresh perfume. The scent is green fresh ozonic and very alive sparkling with light. Several notes of green add crisp and living freshness coupled with orange blossom and the subtlest hint of mint. The base is a very dry woods that is always present here. Beach Hut is a very worthy summertime staple that will take you right back to the beach with ocean breezes woven through the sunlight. It dries down to warm sandalwood and dry spice scent that feels sandy. It is odd I found this in midwinter but it is a transporting scent that takes me back to the little beach at Kona Village on the Big Island that was home to a little beach hut that survived the typhoon that came through and shut down the Kona Village resort. It is still closed to this day, but the beach hut still stands with dry woods bare to the pacific winds. It's a nice memory.
03rd January, 2018 (last edited: 01st February, 2018)

Patch Flash by Tauerville

Tauerville Patch Flash is a truly original take on a patchouli fragrance. This is no hippie patchouli as it is well blended with warm and smooth ingredients. The patchouli has a grassy aged old time patchouli aroma, noticeable mostly at the opening and this combines with dry spiced amber which contributes to a cool/warm chord combination that has nice depth but is also smooth almost like a polished leather. Reminds me slightly of LM Patchouli Boheme, but really this is a unique patchouli blend. The scent is agreeable to wear, mildly addictive and has me returning to my bottle for more wearing time. There is a bit of adventure in wearing something like this. The best flash yet from Taurville.
27th November, 2017

Oud Wood Intense by Tom Ford

Oud Wood Intense is a dark oud wood with subtle spices, tobacco and leafy character and a charcoal dust aroma all within the opening. This melange evolves into a dark dry oudish leather which stays present in one form or another throughout. The oud is subtle and shrouded in birch tar which gives a smoldering leathery backdrop. Because of its namesake - Oud Wood - I am surprised how dark, almost burnt, Oud Wood Intense becomes. Very well blended, the aromas intertwine and appear from within as if from inner depths. This fragrance is unique and different enough from original Oud Wood with its leather, tobacco and dark quality which might have deserved its own name and identity, but naming things is a separate challenge from creating the scent. Tom Ford continues to impress with his relentless exploration of interesting variations in aromatic niche perfume art.
20th November, 2017 (last edited: 22nd November, 2017)

Portraits : The Uncompromising Sohan by Penhaligon's

The Uncompromising Sohan is a brass eagle capped, 2017 arrival to the Penhalgon's Portraits fragrance series. This bottle is another in Penhaligons collection of rose centric fragrances that pair rose with berries, contrasted with saffron, pink pepper, vetiver, and mellowed with amber and oud. The variety of ways to spice up and incense a rose masculine perfume dates back to the original, 1872 Hammam Bouquet Penhaligon's that started the concept. Today Penhaligon's has many male rose beauties that are tuned slightly different from one another, filling the spectrum from soft subtlety to rich bold and savory. The variety goes from Savoy Steam (mild), Something About the Duke (civil spices), Hammam Bouquet (fruity rose oriental), Halfeti (spice trader, woody), As Sawira (mystical) and Uncompromising Sohan - very bold, expressive, uncompromising but pleasant.

Uncompromising Sohan is an Arabic styled accord of opulent jammy rose essence sharpened with saffron and pink pepper, resting on a warm wizened woods base of Laotian Oud, vetiver and sandalwood. This rose combination soars to the brighter side of the Arabic incense rose range but retires to a mellow but crisp assuring base. It is an excellent fagrance that is bold, long lasting and contains a wide range of tonal resonance from soaring formal red rose to sombre good natured mellow rose and woods retirement, from bright start to softer finish. This may not be my most favorite rose saffron oud scent, but it is a very good one.
20th November, 2017

Mazzolari Oud by Mazzolari

Unfortunately, Mazzolari chose to name this nice masculine "Oud" and because of its title everyone wants to see what wonderful spin Mazzolari will put on the Mazzolari Oud product that they finally released to show "we can do oud too". Big mistake! Just as Lui is not a patchouli fragrance and thankfully named Lui, Oud is not an oud fragrance and it should never have been named as such. It will be and should be critiqued for its average oud performance. The oud plays a nice supporting role and succeeds in this capacity but is not the star of the fragrance. Actually this is a nice masculine scent that has fine blending of woods, leather, carnation and rose for a warm comfortable leather scent that has woody character and many will enjoy wearing. So, this scent is a pleasant daily wear scent that is decent. But, with a name like Mazzolari Oud you had better bring it with the oud, and this late in the oud scene it should be a special oud at that! They didn't and it's not. A good scent, improperly named.
04th November, 2017

Patchouli by Mazzolari

Mazzolari Patchouli is one of the great patchouli fragrances because of its mesmerizing scent profile that revoles, hand to hand and back again through three independent fragrance note players: (1) cool impersonal patchouli, (2) dirty, waxy, honey, (3) warm fuzzy amber - each of these strong notes rely upon the other for context and contrast. It is a reverberating tone that oscillates between dirty-but-cozy amber, and then exotic-but-cold patchouli with the honey as a bridge to connect these cold and warm cousins. The patchouli eventually wins the discussion.
04th November, 2017

Lui by Mazzolari

A classic macho mens fragrance that might burn the hair off your chest, but if applied reasonably offers an alpha male attitude that is dark and ready for action even if it might be dangerous. This is a patchouli, leather and spice scented toolbox necessity type of fragrance. You have to have one of these around for the life of the party attitude. The patchouli is raw, old and wizened in tone as it is slowly absorbed into a saucy leather which still maintains a sharp spice and indolic floral trail. I muse that these exotic flourishes for the Lui leather are due to blackberry musk, saffron and possibly jasmine indole. Overall Lui sports a sharp patchouli and warm leather scent with a personality that is a bit too bold and rowdy until the special moment when you need a kickstart for new adventures.
04th November, 2017

Y by Yves Saint Laurent

Y by Yves Saint Laurent does smell fresh, clean, ready for anything. Saturday morning fresh and carefree. I like this smell but I have smelled this before haven't I? Would it be in the late 1980's with Clairborne for Men or is it CK One, Curve, Curve Chill, Bora Bora Men, Lacoste 12.12 Yellow and Y is oozing into Acqua di Gio territory with that melony freshness. Some of these are better than others and Y is as good as most and possibly just a bit more freshness, less citrus; but why would YSL come out with such a well used and tired scent profile? I am sure that there is some new melony musk aroma chemical that adds special sparkle and is slightly different - but I swear it smells just like Clairborne for Men which can be gotten for around $10 and has long retired from sales. It does smell good, though not very original, generic, but I give it a neutral rating because if you want this type of freshie, this is as good as any of the others like this - just more costly.
14th October, 2017

Versace pour Homme by Versace

Versace Pour Homme when it launched was a revelation of balanced fresh clean notes that are engineered to give that fresh but stylish approach that a fashionable setting requires. In the last decade it has opened the door for a host of emulators of the precise but pure pale blue balance, however, the venerable Versace PH has weathered the onslaught from the Chanels, Lacostes, Boss, D&Gs, Mont Blancs, etc. and is still standing tall, solid as ever to represent the finest of light blue synthetic freshness and buttoned up decorum. Still have my bottle and it works great for that everyday, consistently anonymous but hopeful engagement with the generic post modern urban situation.
09th October, 2017

Armani Privé Ambre Eccentrico by Giorgio Armani

This is Armani's gourmand scent, a muddled confusion. Yes it is an amber but the opening smells like something edible and very sweet - amber made with simple syrup? It could be peaches heavily spiced in syrup, or sticky buns with lots of cinnamon. People who like gourmand type fragrances might like this but all others - not. It is just too sweet. Why not contrast these sweet notes with wood smoke or incense smoke for balance as is done with PG Aomassai or Serge Lutens Jeaux de Peau. This is not my favorite gourmand scent.
09th September, 2017

Black Gemstone by Stéphane Humbert Lucas 777

True to its name, Stephane Humbert Lucas Black Gemstone is coal black or charcoal grey with a flinty mineral sparkle that sets a tone from the very start. This feels dangerous! A slight black tea smoke with a resinous tar darkness evolves during the mid notes. The resinous myrrh, teak wood which is a very dark wood resin and olibanum roil in the dark smokiness. The dry powdery tonka base adds a bit of sparkle to the darkness hinting at gunpowder. The tonka adds an odd sweetness to the charcoal and gives it a licorice like sticky darkness without being gourmand at all. This unexpected use of powder sweet tones in the base is a typical SHL 777 stroke that happens to civilize his otherwise dark and brooding orientals such as Taklamakken, Qom Chilom and Soleil de Jeddah. I like Black Gemstone quite a bit for its subtlety with darkness and powder for a mysterious and centering fragrance.
07th September, 2017 (last edited: 10th December, 2017)

Halfeti by Penhaligon's

A refreshing but spicy roses, woods and dry leather barbershop fougere style fragrance straight from the shipping receiving docks where Turkish spice traders unload their wares. Yes, there are dark Halfeti roses plus green lavenders added to a Ras-al-Hanout spice blend of saffron, cumin, nutmeg, cardamom and cinnamon - but nicely done and layered over tonka, amber, woods, patchouli, oud, and leather base notes.

At it's simplest this is a barbershop fougere fragrance warmed with some dark rose, a peppery spice array stirred and aged into a warm woods base. This is almost an incense, but definitely a rich masculine scent that derives an influence from Turkish trade routes on the high seas. This is not an oud fragrance or a saffron rose fragrance, although it has those things in it as well. I find Halfet to be a refreshing fougere with prickly spices and warm woods along with a creamy warmth from rose and amber made to splash on skin after a good clean up. I like this scent much more when I don't try to overthink it or categorize the fragrance for more than what it might be. It smells good. I think this is one of Penhaligon's best new fragrances and appropriately illustrates historical and cultural discovery through trade in far away and exotic ports of call. A very Penhaligon's theme and well done.
04th September, 2017

Tango by Masque

Tango is a sultry and rich, exotic amber that reveals itself in small quick unfolding bites of rose, labdanum, jasmine sambac, patchouli, frankincense, morrocain spice and then glides to a soft finish on benzoin and musk. Tango opens the door to the party with the boldness of Mazzolari Lui or Rundholz '68, then retreats to the quieter side ending in softness and comfort. Tango is lively, but easy to live with. Nice one!
24th August, 2017