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L'Eau by Tauer

L'Eau opens with a beautiful citrus splash of lemony orange and bergamot that feels like the sun just hit me in the face with a fresh citrus life force. And then hiding just below the surface of this bright opening is a soft woody musk aroma that is a nice finish and backdrop to the warm citrus. As time goes by, the citrus opening is completely won over by this salty musk and red cedar woods + soft amber base. It is amazing to me how the development of this wood musk amber aroma becomes the entire fragrance rather quickly with no sign of citrus that opened the door just an hour ago when I put L'Eau on. The fragrance is a great contrast of development from beginning to ending but all through it smells warm, inviting, natural, and highly traditional. The orange bright opening transition to dry aromatic musk amber wood notes reminds me of two artistic cousins that have similar note transitions: Tom Ford Mandarino di Amalfi and Acqua di Palma Colonia Essenza. L'Eau has its own unique development and I highly recommend giving it a try.
10th June, 2017 (last edited: 14th June, 2017)

Leder 6 / Fetisch by J.F. Schwarzlose

Saffron mixed with leather notes always seem to bring a sueded, soft fine tuned leather accord. Coupled with the vanilla and milk notes there is indeed a tobacco aroma here too. I like this leather as a scent but it does lack boldness and staying power. Leder 6 / Fetisch does not smell nearly as robust or deep as Fetish from Roja Dove and it does not have the berry notes or the clean dry suede that Tuscan Leather or any of its similars do so beautifully. Leder 6 is a very dry, soft sueded mid toned leather that also has a slight dry tobacco sweetness as if chewing tobacco were used. A handsome perfume, but the sillage is quite light and the character is soft, suede leather with subtlety and finesse in place of boldness. There is definitely a place for a leather of this type and leather fragrance lovers should definitely check this one out.
09th June, 2017

1A-33 by J.F. Schwarzlose

1A-33 is an old fashioned eau de cologne style formula with citrus opening, heart notes of light drifting gentle florals and a base of clear cedar wood with a light iris musk. The similarities to Creed Jardin d' Amalfi or MFK's Aqua Universalis are apparent although the floral mix is slightly different. There is an air of innocence in this fragrance that might also come from its old world historical references and exclusion of any animalic or tricky dark notes. It is a happy, clear woods scent with a light hint of lime and soft magnolia flower over dry woods. A bit of pink pepper adds some modernity at the top notes. To my nose this fragrance feels young, slightly feminine in character, and innocent in its world view, but it is very nice to smell nonetheless.
09th June, 2017
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Altruist - Paul DeFlorian by J.F. Schwarzlose

Altruist has a clear clean woods aroma lightly spiced with lemon, ginger and nutmeg for a fresh, smiling face. The orange blossom and ambramone musk gives some gentle lift that hints at cologne type notes only these do smell clean and natural. There is nothing dark or untrustworthy in this scent. It smells natural and like a woodsy version of a "sport" fragrance in the vein of Dior Homme Sport 2012. Altruist is a favorite from Schwarzlose. Good one!
09th June, 2017

Rausch by J.F. Schwarzlose

An excellent fragrance with masculine character that is earthy, leathery, and hints at dry rotting forest woods which flows seamlessly into an amber finish. This is an excellent fragrance and I am considering buying it. It is one of the best of the Schwarzlose line. Nicely blended so it smells like leather, but . . . it's not really leather! Has a bit of oud but in no way is this an oud scent! What is it? The most predominant note is cypriol, also called nagarmotha or English Nut Grass which lends an earthiness so authentic it feels like incense tanned dry leather then an amber base note. I feel like I'm camping outdoors, living inside an oiled canvas tent, deep in the forest. The sandalwood and red pepper lighten and enliven the aroma. This is not a very bold fragrance, but is a nice earthy mood perfume.
09th June, 2017

Aqua Celestia by Maison Francis Kurkdjian

A very simple freshie that is a light clean floral musk that would be a killer laundry detergent and this is why I like it. Wearing this, I smell clean - very pure and natural. The first aroma to hit the nose is soft floral that reminds me of magnolia wafting through a lush green cooling garden but is evidently mimosa flower which is a gentler floral and absorbs its green flavor from lime citrus. In fact this fragrance reminds me greatly of Atelier Sud Magnolia which also contains blackcurrant musk but lacks the mint and green quality of A. Celestia. I have never smelled mimosa before and doubt I could identify it - nice! This soft yellow & green floral has a touch of lime and a slightest hint of mint which dance crisply against a blackcurrant musk clean but dry stopping point. Celestia is similar in character and charm to M. Kurkdjian's Aqua Universalis but slightly less innocent and is missing the narcotic jasmine found in Aqua Universalis Forte. Of these three MFK freshie florals Aqua Celestia is my favorite.
18th May, 2017

Acqua di Bergamotto by Ermenegildo Zegna

Zegna has two bergamot perfumes now with the addition of Acqua di Bergamotto alongside Italian Bergamot. Both are packaged in identical bottles although the Acqua has not quite the finishing details missing the plastic pedestal of the base that is on the earlier more exclusive bottles. Acqua di Bergamotto is a fresh bergamot scent that is lighter, more lively and has a fresher base than Zegna Italian Bergamot fragrance which predates this one by a few years. Acqua di Bergamotto smells slightly more of an outdoor fun in the sun scent whereas Italian Bergamot is more of a pressed cotton shirt dressed up cleanliness. Zegna is reportedly well stocked with their own proprietary growth of bergamot so the Acqua di Bergamotto is a slightly different direction to capitalize on their beautiful ingredient. I put Italian Berg. on one arm and Acqua dB. on the other and the differences are clear. Italian is greener, a bit heavier and bolder. AdB has bergamot with slight tart influences, possibly grapefruit at opening and following bergamot is neroli for a rounder orange fullness of the lemony sunshine ingredient. Neroli also adds a slight woodiness to the base that is possibly influenced also by the rosemary as well as slight clear cedar note. I like them both about equally but will probably wear Acqua more in summer weather. Acqua di Bergamotto is at least 1/3 the price of the Italian Bergamot and therefore is an outstanding value if you are looking for a summery bergamot. As far as the scent goes I like them both about equally.
07th May, 2017

Dior Homme Parfum by Christian Dior

This is the dark and deep resinous version of Dior Homme's iris and leather classic. New to the DH family is a whisp of smokey woods aroma that hovers all through the middle notes and base, and this along with dry, scratchy ambrette and a hair shirt raw cedar imparts a dry charred wood smoke incense over the otherwise sweet leathery and limpid iris chord that says "Dior Homme". The Parfum version is a beautiful flanker added to the growing family with streams of an occasional husky growl layered into smoothe iris fine leather of DIor Homme Parfum. The result is very worthy of the Dior fashion label and highly recommended!
04th May, 2017

Italian Bergamot by Ermenegildo Zegna

Zegna Italian Bergamot is a pure lemon bergamot that has a bit of bubbling life that other lemon or bergamot perfumes miss on. The slight sweetness and almost edible, candied lemon smell is delightful. On the edges of the lemony bergamot is pure green that is tart but hardly noticeable and an herbal following note that smells to me like tarragon, but rosemary is listed. There is an ozone air cleanliness that hovers of the totality of these notes. The feel is clean buttoned up clarity that represents quality and integrity of nature as shown through the Zegna brand. This fragrance is immediately knowable as a very high quality product that is serious and respectful of the complete evolution of nature.
27th April, 2017 (last edited: 07th May, 2017)

Bergamote 22 by Le Labo

Opens with beautiful dry woody tart lemon citrus scent. From very early on this scent shows its dry mineral base which may be white musk and vetiver. The unique quality of Bergamote 22 is the cooling bone dry lemon, yes bergamot aroma that lasts for quite a long time for a light summer citrus. No bergamot is listed as a primary note which gives me a clue that by reconstructing the aroma of bergamot with petitgrain for dry woody orange, grapefruit for tartness, and vetiver for green tinged base of the bergamot construction the perfumer was able to reassemble bergamot with more density than is there by nature. Petitgrain+grapefruit+vetiver=a big bergamot scent. Also a very dry base. This is the best smelling lemon fragrance I've tried.
27th April, 2017

Italian Citrus by D.S. & Durga

On opening you smell a nice combination of lemon and mandarin orange citrus that is juicy and bright. Shortly after there is an abrasive light note, violet, that adds some disruption to the smoothe bell toned ring of the citrus. Other than for character I don't know why this note is here because it is a disruptive presence as the scent is strongly influenced by cooling dry violet and dry rasp of musk ambrette. This plus the other woods in the base add a dry woody finish which separates this citrus scent from its opening warmth. This is a very different take on a summer citrus that I like overall but recommend testing before buying.
27th April, 2017

Mojave Ghost by Byredo

I felt compelled to leave a few notes on Mojave Ghost because there are so many negative reviews for what I think is a very innovative and fresh - in every sense - fragrance. Named for the Mojave Ghost flower which grows in very dry desert areas the fragrance resembles the flower in concept only but that works because the scent is very dry and ethereal, ghost-like and also hauntingly dry in a mystical desert floral manner. The opening smells like a light sugary melon ball syrup shaken with magnolia flower essence which is an extremely light sweet floral but there is a slight purple slash of violet that sends a small dark cloud over the sunny sky. This light airy floral is carried outward on an inflationary burst of synthetic cedar and ruggedly sunny ambroxan. The result is a dry sun baked desert air scent with a slightly brooding reclusive floral tone.

Though very different in name, Mojave Ghost reminds me a bit Gendarme which is similar but has a less dry slightly greener presence. The primary limiting factor of Mojave Ghost is that its floral essence causes it to lean slightly feminine in character. Otherwise it is good for a 7/10 rating.
26th April, 2017

Nightingale by Zoologist Perfumes

Nightingale by Zoologist is a light coral hued perfume that smells somewhat like a Japanese tea garden which must be an intended tone from perfumer Tomoo Inaba. The combination of sharp saffron spiced incense violet woods and plum wine floral notes layered over oud wood, patchouli, sandalwood, frankincense and labdanum base gives an aroma of fine dry Japanese style incense imbued paper. This is a spectacular incense floral scent that maintains a purity and lightness of being that is uplifting to be around. I expect to see kimonos, hot tea and gently bubbling waters in the garden when wearing this one. The name Nightengale and the imagery on the bottle does not give a hint at the wondrous mystical dry floral incensed woods that follow after slight application. This is a beautiful fragrance that even though is lightly floral I consider it perfectly unisex.
23rd April, 2017
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Dior Homme Eau for Men by Christian Dior

The opening of Eau is the same bergamot, grapefruit, coriander accord used in DH Cologne which is a very clean and crisp citrus opening. Dior uses grapefruit here to impart a clean, crisp, watery "eau" feel which is a commonly used note in many oceanic or "Sel de" ocean fragrances for salt air. The coriander adds to the oceanic sharp dry feel but is completely sublimated into the crisp grapefruit giving it a clean ozonic edge. This crisp tart citrus is top layer of a thick iris heart note which is sweet almost as if it were covered with crystalized sugar. The essence of this scent is a sugar coated iris with a slight oceanic clean air aura. If you are looking for an iris scent, this one will do fine but realize it has this sweet coating that gives it a floating innocence - almost fairy tale sweetness. Dior Homme Eau is a sweet and dry iris scent citrus cologne that is slightly sweeter and thicker in iris than other iris cologne style scents it might be compared to. I'm thinking of comparisons to: Zegna Florentine Iris which is much less sweet, Thirdman Eau Moderne which is smoother lighter citrus/iris cologne, Petit Malin which also lacks the sweetness here, and also the dry very transparent Nomenclature Iri-Del which is in the same category as Eau but much more ethereal. Still I like what Dior has done here. I don't like this as much as Dior Homme Cologne but for an iris Eau type cologne it is a nice addition to the world of possibilities.
09th April, 2017

Dior Homme Sport (2017) by Christian Dior

Dior Homme Sport (2017) smells fresh, clean, and soft with subtle but noticeable honed titanium metallic spice bits amid cool light blue but clear clean synthetics that are the central character of this scent. This fragrance is superior to competitors such as Lacoste Yellow and will even be a test for Bleu de Chanel and Michael Kors Extreme Blue. Dior has made a fine fragrance made up of great smelling parts that all go together well, but never reach to be greater than the sum of the parts themselves. I don't smell sandalwood in the base, or vetiver, but there is a soft musk powder cleanness that takes this fragrance away from the realm of "sport" and more into an modern civilized setting. More a relative of Dior Homme Cologne than Dior Homme Sport??Fragrances are so influenced by their identity and I think Dior would have a winner on their hands if they kept the old Dior Homme Sport (2012) intact and given this fine clean scent a different Dior Homme flanker identity. Maybe "Titanium", "Antarctica", "Glacier" or something similar. A name that adds story and depth to the clean modern sensibility in this perfume. But "sport"? No, I haven't bonded with this identity after finally and slowly accepting the excellence of the old "Sport" version of Dior Homme. The replacement doesn't fit the name in my mind.
08th April, 2017

Dior Homme Cologne (2013) by Christian Dior

Dior Homme Cologne is a simple but amazingly clean bergamot/grapefruit cologne. While fresh and energizing as a grapefruit citrus centered cologne can be, Dior Homme Cologne also manages to sneak in the DH signature background note that is not carroty nor iris leather, but similar and is a light elevating softness that it is Dior Homme DNA enough to claim a spot in line of the Dior Homme family. In my large collection of various colognes from different time periods Dior Homme Cologne has become my favorite summer wearing citrus refreshment cologne. Grab a bottle for posterity sake, just so you can have this classic, before Francois Demachy gets the reformulation bug again and dooms this classic with a replacement "updated version" as he did with the Dior Homme Sport 2017 "improvement" upon the now gone 2012 DHSport Cologne. Hopefully Dior Homme Cologne (2013) will stay with us for a bit longer as it is too good even for Dior to let it go.
08th April, 2017

Boss Bottled by Hugo Boss

All of the distinguishing notes in Boss Bottled are like carefully but infrequently applied water color translucent paints over an already translucent clear sky background. This is a not a distinctly fragranced blend but is an atmosphere of slight bits of pepper, clove, cinnamon and apple that are hard to make out until you read the notes list. These inconclusive bits are spread over a thin background of cedar with touches of sandalwood and vetiver. Bottled is an atmospheric scent. It is all context and very little content giving it a wide frame of reference that is hard to define. The initial impression is it is all iso e super with little touches of bitter flavorings added in here and there. I like this kind of scent and it is a nice collection addition to other transparent woods such as Ecsentric Molecules, Andree Putman L'Original, Kenzo Air, Armani Mania and Boss Bottled. This is a nice background scent. Rated 6.5 of 10.
05th April, 2017

Scent No. 1 - Bergamot Sage by Cognoscenti

Bergamot Sage opens with very delicate and quite beautiful sparkling pink grapefruit, bergamot, slight fig and light woods and light musk as a base. The first few sniffs were very nice, then its gone. This fragrance does not have enough contrasts within it for the the delicate and pretty notes to stand up against. I tried it a couple of times and it always disappears quickly after a very nice scented opening. Turn up the contrast and brightness controls please. Sorry it doesn't work for me.
22nd March, 2017

Scent No. 8 - Aldehydic Oakmoss by Cognoscenti

Aldehydic Oakmoss is a middle toned scent that has a continuous hollow toned metallic vegetal green aroma that occasionally slows down to a warm toasty cocoa but then returns to the metallic green. This ringing and changing vibrancy is from the nature of aldehydes upon scent which creates a revolving and changing tonal circle of green tartness and then toasty tonka cocoa tones that returns back to each other. This creates kind of a changeling leather aroma. It is an elliptical frequency of changing aroma that is pleasant but very difficult to pin down because there is no start and stop points. The inability to identify specific notes makes the fragrance hard to remember. It is nice to wear and smell, but soon it is "what was that smell again?" I dunno. This fragrance has an invisibility cloak quality due to its generic tonal range and changeability. It is pleasant but hard to identify/or remember. I would rate it 6/10.
22nd March, 2017

Scent No. 30 - Hay Incense by Cognoscenti

Cognesenti created a fragrance called Hay Incense. The initial opening aroma is hay and this warm lazy straw aroma is surrounded by a variety of almost hay like elements that causes the hay scent to move back and forth and side to side giving it depth and mass and an incense of sorts of hay aroma. Birch leaf, Immortelle, benzoin, oak, leather, labdanum - these are all very low toned almost sweet dry hay type smells. The leather is noticeable in the base too. I would change the name to Hay Leather to more accurately match the scent with the name. I like the end result of this fragrance but I think it's lack of opening notes keeps its low profile, rhetorical incense, almost invisible presence from the outset straight through to base notes. It is all same - all the way through. This fragrance would make a good base accord on which to add totally new top notes and heart notes. There is potential here. I would rate this one 7 of 10.
22nd March, 2017

Scent No. 19 - Warm Carrot by Cognoscenti

Warm Carrot is a very stable warmed smiling skin fragrance made of multi faceted pleasant to smell ingredients. This scent is a mood upflifter but is slow and steady in action. The amber accord here is a base uplifted with Ylang Ylang which can and does also have some slight narcotic indolic muskiness. Benzoin and vanilla also add sunshine the mix. Vetiver keeps it grounded and carrot seed oil gives it a slight rooty personality, a nod to the garden, that is far less of an influence than the name implies - very slight. I doubt I would pick out the carrot oil ingredient if it were not posted in the fragrance name. The overall result is the impression of sun smacked, ozone warmed bare skin which has been working earnestly and with good intentions about the garden. That smell - it is nice!
22nd March, 2017

Scent No. 16 - Tomato Leather by Cognoscenti

Tomato Leather opens with tomato leaf green tartness and finishes with a very dry powdery and leafy leather accord. The tension and story line of this fragrance is all about how to bridge the gap from tart green tomato leaf to dry dusty leather. It sort of works as the leather remains with some dry tobacco leaf support and the green tartness also stays around too. You end up with Tomato Leather. I am reminded of Neil Morris Leather Garden and Memo Irish Leather as two very green leather scents that also struggle to bridge this gap of green plants and aged leather. This gets a begrudging thumbs up from me as it almost doesn't work, but ultimately it is what it is, and THAT is interesting.
22nd March, 2017

Scent No. 32 - Blue Oud by Cognoscenti

Blue Oud opens with cool lively blue cypress airiness that leads down a hidden pathway into a shaded mossy woodland clearing revealing the hollow aroma of vetiver grass and ancient decaying Aquilaria tree mold which is the central note of Blue Oud - agarwood. This is a direct hit of the type of cold oud backed by vetiver for a classic dry oud aroma. The blue cypress opening goes away in a short pause and all that's left is this pure and simple oud wood that is similar to MFK Velvet Oud Mood and TF Oud Wood, only this is lighter, simpler but equally as impressive. This is a nice summer oud - not pushy or heavy in any way and cooling and relaxing in temperament. This is an impressive fragrance from a mostly overlooked artisanal perfume house - Cognescenti!
22nd March, 2017

Eau Imaginaire : Île Pourpre by Les Liquides Imaginaires

Il Poupre is a mildly sweet, medium toned woods fragrance that has bits of fig, davana, iris, shiso, ginger, angelica with an ambroxan and cashmeran base to add warm cuddliness to the final impression. There is a large variety of various fragrant bits which form a complex but very generic smelling scent that lacks specific character, but is never offensive or unpleasant. This reminds me of the aroma of a freshly polished wooden cabinet that is pleasant but also not too,special. Il Poupre is a "jack of all trades and master of none" kind of generic unspecific woods tonal fragrance. Nice name, great bottle and a richly colored dark ruby purple scent that I really wish I could rave about, but, it doesn't really happen for me.
20th March, 2017 (last edited: 21st March, 2017)

Eaux Sanguines : Dom Rosa by Les Liquides Imaginaires

Dom Rosa succeeds in the creation of a rose champagne toned warm woods fragrance. The champagne opening is a cleansing freshness while the rose, pear and pomelo light tones bubble up through the rose incense wood base. Frankincense warms the multi toned fresh cut woods to complete a long lasting aroma that is convincing as you inhale from inside of a well aged recently emptied wine barrel. Dom Rosa has a blended character that is cheery but somber at the same time and encourages a "lift your glass" attitude that deepens and improves as the night goes on. This is a nice warm incense rose that is not overly complicated but has solid wooded character traits that I enjoy. Well done!
20th March, 2017

Eaux Arborantes : Tellus by Les Liquides Imaginaires

Tellus opens with a deep earthy aroma. Reminds me of mushroom soil, damp leafy forest earth of slowly rotting dead wood, roots and emitting a composted earth aroma. There is a funky rotting scent that is apparent at opening but doesn't last long. This earthy damp composted aroma has bits of green fir resin and moss that coupled with the ambroxan and cistus labdanum base gives the fragrance a very dark masculine incense fougere kind of scent. Tellus is made even bolder and more serious by a big patchouli and gingery costus note. The amber base keeps a mellow warmth that adds a civilized side to the fragrance that feels like a fine woven glenn plaid fabric of damp earth + mossy resin + patchouli + warm amber. A very nice fragrance that stays close to the skin but lasts a long time.
20th March, 2017

Gosha Rubchinskiy by Comme des Garçons

Gosha is a sharp, sour green perfume that functions like a slap in the face with an awakening tartness. It also has a secondary note that smells like a gum rubber eraser, those old big blocks of crumbly soft rubber, which is an oddly reassuring scent from my younger days. So there are contrasts here and pleasant resolutions to the startling opening scent. The smell reminds me of a Jolly Rancher Green Apple candy, a relic of my youth, with its sour green mouth puckering taste. It's like that only on skin.

Gosha Rubchinskiy is a fashion designer, photographer and film maker. His fragrance is a tribute to the new Soviet style and youth aesthetics which leads to - of course - skateboarding on a summer day. Wheels burning on hot concrete, scorching rubber and road asphalt all colliding to create a scent of youth and freedom on the fly. Comme des Garcons has enabled Gosha Rubchinskiy to create his fragrance, an artwork, in celebration of the New Soviet youth and attitude. Brief fulfilled.

With "Gosha" I like that you get a very clean and good scent, smells of pure prickly green woods, skateboard wheels on tar pavement - packaged in a solid clean bottle and box for an easy everyman's price. This is the way to launch a fragrance so all of the people can enjoy it.

Back to the scent - it opens bold and crisp with all types of green but settles down into a pleasant smooth key lime pie tone with hints of vetiver. A Thumbs up! Rating: 7 of 10.
23rd February, 2017

Eaux Arborantes : Succus by Les Liquides Imaginaires

Succus opens with tart slightly sweet citrus that has an airy feel as if it will stay aloft and never be affected by gravity, drifting further into the upper layers of ozone air mixed with sunshine. This melon - grapefruit scent has an odd compatibility with the dry incense and woods aroma that makes a base note counterpart. The fragrance moves through different harmonies of these three elements of grapefruit tartness, sunny melon and scratchy dry woody musk for an interesting combination that is not offensive. It's not offensive but doesn't really stand out either. I don't really smell anything extraordinary in this scent. There is nothing inspiring for me so I initially rated this thumbs down, but after giving it time to come together into a harmony I see the elements do create an atmosphere that is nice and it works. That is to say it smells OK, results could definitely be worse, but I wonder why would someone choose to put this on skin and wear it day after day as an everyday favorite? Not me.

Succus, when evaluated from a full wearing is a palette cleanser kind of fragrance. Like a sorbet of melon and grapefruit that is served to punctuate a pause from other more complicated fragrances. Succus dries down into a slightly more rounded sunny citrus scent that smells like melon and grapefruit with a slight dry woods base. It is not bold or projecting but subtle and sort of cleansing. This is a passable scent that I would rate 2.5 of 5 stars.
22nd February, 2017 (last edited: 23rd February, 2017)

Eaux Arborantes : Saltus by Les Liquides Imaginaires

Like many of Liquides Imagainares scents Saltus is wrapped around a resinous incense note, Somalian Incense is here which has an earthy deep mystical presence. The eucalyptus adds a salty menthol contrast in the opening moments and castoreum leaves a dry leather feel to the woody depths of this scent. I like the feel and rounded aroma of this almost perfect woody, incense leather - one of the best offerings from this house. I find similarities to Heely Eau Sacree, Profumum Olibanum, and DS Durga Freetrapper, but I like Saltus more. A fine scent for earthy incense enthusiasts.
22nd February, 2017

Peau de Bête by Les Liquides Imaginaires

The opening of Peau de Bete is dry as an incense that has all the charm of freshly cast concrete pavement. This dry and cold character is given life by a warm organic spice that keeps the tone low and husky before a very dry leather emerges. All this has a strong indolic undertone that is very animalic and is very alluring and intriguing at opening and through the mid notes but falls apart toward the base of the scent. The base notes take the scent into a synthetic plastic aroma that is a less pleasant side to the synthetic skatole listed in the notes list. This is an unusual scent for sure and I think many people will like it, but I really did not enjoy the very ending of the scent when the various notes just didn't hang together well. Rating: 2.5 of 5 stars.
22nd February, 2017