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Legend by Montblanc

Unlike some other reviewers of Legend, I like the dry down over the opening notes. Silvery, polished, oceanic, ozonic - its a very well done fragrance that is in a similar style as Versace Homme Eau Fraiche or an aquatic version of Bleu de Chanel. In fact if Bleu de Chanel were to make an "Aquatic" version it might smell like this one. Opening notes have a synthetic and over done hard brightness that causes some repulsion, but as the scent progresses the complementary notes leave behind a soft oceanic minty ghost presence that is the common theme woven throughout. Legend becomes a skin scent but a very long lasting skin scent. The body spray is also good and this scent is very appropriate for a water based all over body spray cleanliness.
15th August, 2017

Entebaa by Rasasi

Quim's review of Entebaa Men by Rassasi pretty much covers everything you need to know on this fragrance but I wanted to repeat my appreciation for how good a fragrance this is. It's Good! It is similar to Al Wisam Day (also Rassasi) kind of like a cousin but the quiet one, less aggressive, more subdued. The base has that Creed "ambergris" musk/ambroxan base note that leaves a sparkling trail of stardust that lasts for hours. The opening citrus notes are chardonnay wine versus oceanic melon of MI or blackberry must of SMW. There is a cinnamon/sandalwood softness in the mid notes that sustains nicely - this versus tea note in SMW. Entebaa Men is one of the greatest fragrances that nobody will every know about because it is too much like other very good ones, has poor name recognition, sparse distribution and not much else that is unique unto itself to get excited about. It is a nice one, good value, if you can find a bottle.
10th August, 2017

Gucci Guilty Absolute pour Homme by Gucci

Opens very dry and subdued like it might be a leather scent but loses the leather quickly to a rugged blend of cedar, cypress, patchouli and vetiver for a dash of tree sap to add character to the lifeless leather opening. The base has a light warm feel not as sweet as vanilla or thick like amber but keeps it civilized with Goldenwood - whatever that might be. Overall this is a subtle warm leather and tree resin scent that keeps a neatly dressed, conservative attitude. This has a century old feel and is a fragrance that Theodore Roosevelt might wear! What goes around comes around, I guess. It looks to be a decent attempt by Gucci's creative director Allesandro Michele to recover what Gucci lost when it threw out all of those Tom Ford fragrances including Gucci PH back in 2005. Tom Ford's fashion mark may not have been up to YSL standards, but his fragrances were stellar, and their loss was a big mistake for Gucci and YSL perfume. Redemption? No, not for the loss of GpH which is one of the best incense and woods fragrances ever made, but a nice try. Rated: 7 of 10 stars.
07th August, 2017
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Bibliothèque by Byredo

Bibliotheque has been a very popular candle for Byredo and so this dreamy nostalgic aroma of old books and polished wood and leather is now introduced as a new unisex fragrance. It is a worthy addition. Biblioteque is atmospheric and brings a historical old world reference of smells emerging from a far away and distant past. From a few feet, the smell is warm spiced plums and dried fruit infused polished woods and old leather fragrance which does in fact smell like a trove of leather bound books resting in a highly polished wooden cabinet - a "biblioteque". When you put nose to skin the plums and dried fruit is a bittersweet covering over old leather bound ancient and well used pages. This balsamic fruit leather has a well worn patina of ancient civilizations as opposed to the raspberry freshness of a Tuscan Leather type of fragrance. Byredo has been exploring various tones of leather in their recent fragrance offerings and it is rumored they are preparing to launch into the leather goods business. So this leather fragrance flurry of new intriguing Byredo leathers mixed with varying combinations of dried fruits, indolic florals, tobacco, leather, deep woods has resulted in a concentration of new products from Byredo. Biblioteque is a very bottle worthy resident in the group of new leather interpretations that includes: Rodeo, La Botte, Cuir Obscur, Reine de Nuit, Le Gant, La Selle and Biblioteque. Each is very well done interesting view of Byredo's discovery of new dimensions in leather. This one - Biblioteque - represents the hard to define umami of well used and experienced surfaces - new from the Byredo catalog of fragrance.
05th August, 2017

M/Mink by Byredo

I owe a review to M/Mink by Byredo simply to express my gratitude for keeping me interested in niche perfumery, and for help in rediscovering the unexpected, that strange artistic expression of atmosphere that a perfume can provide to create an awareness of presence previously unknown. M/Mink presence is revealed by unlikely combinations of acrid piercing shrieks, animalic warmth, elusive incense and a slow tuning of an orchestral medley of strangeness. While this odd mix is happening other people smell a light cleansing mystical shining woods and leave compliments as I come and go. M/Mink has been a favorite perfume companion for me and my mate for a few years now. I highly recommend it, if you are up for an adventure, give it a chance and delay criticism until you see how it evolves and brings back the new to life.
05th August, 2017

Bond-T by Sammarco

This is a great fragrance. It won't be liked by all because it is dry dark and moody, but if you stay with it great character is revealed very slowly. The opening is bittersweet chocolate, made alive with a touch of vanilla for chocolateness, but then is taken further to the dark side with patchouli which underscores the darkness in the chocolate. This opening part reminds me of the health food shop chocolate bar I buy for its 80%+ pure chocolate content that I gladly consume for its "antioxidant healing properties" - oh yes, that dark chocolate bar. But as the first hour wears on and the fragrance unfolds you realize that a secret underside of soft subtle well worn suede lays beneath the chocolatey opening. The first to appear is osmanthus with a peach toned fuzzy texture. Next, the osmanthus blends into castoreum and civet that adds more dry earthiness to somewhat change the entire composition away from a gourmand to become a soft, warm mossy leather. The chocolate is still there but it is now a matte coating over a sueded earthier base. It's a very nice finish to an interesting opening for Bond-T by Sammarco.

I wanted to mention these fragrant antecedents that predate with use of chocolate and patchouli with great success but also with significant differences to Bond-T. Borneo 1834 by Serge Lutens is a bold patchouli contrasted with an amber floral base while keeping chocolate subtle but noticeable. Coze 02 by Parfumerie Generale is a green leafy patchouli + sattiva herbal blend with coffee and chocolate being secondary to the earthy herbal incense. Most similar to Bond-T in scent is Chocolatl by Euphorium Brooklyn which couples dark bitter chocolate with a complex blend of leafy incense notes and other gourmand notes ending with a similar but more subtle castoreum leather base. Chocolatl maintains the chocolate character longer than Bond-T but is not as soft at the ending. I rate all four of these chocolate patchouli perfumes very highly and they are all at about the same level of quality, but with their individual differences. Borneo is the strongest patchouli, Coze is leafiest and most down to earth, Chocolatl is most chocolatey, while Bond-T is the softest and perhaps the easiest to wear base notes of this group.
29th July, 2017

Vanilla Smoke by Aftelier

I have been collecting vanilla perfumes and the challenge is to find fragrances that do something special with the smell of vanilla because it is so intoxicatingly easy to enjoy vanilla all by itself - but who wants to be just plain vanilla! Not Mandy Aftel. Vanilla Smoke has a couple kinds of vanilla, a resinous quality and also a few stutter steps and structural dodges that add thickness, movement and depth within the warm vanilla story. Some of the best parts to the Vanilla Smoke dance are: Lapsang Souchong tea for bitter depth and, Saffron for scintillating edges, and Siam Wood for a honeyed fixative resinous thickness to hold all the parts. Despite the name this is not a smokey vanilla but is a thick, interesting, resinous warmth that avoids sugary vanilla - thankful for that. Rated 7 of 10 stars, shorted only for how quickly it fades to a pleasant skin scent afterthought, which is the curse of purely natural ingredient perfume.
27th July, 2017

Hermèssence Osmanthe Yunnan by Hermès

Osmanthe Yunnan floats in the air like a gentle memory of floral tea; a dry scent that tantalizes with hints and bits of flavor and aroma that while incomplete individually, form a composition of harmonic hues assembled into a satisfying completeness. This is a tea ceremony with that rare tea aroma of soft woods, sueded leather, osmanthus flower, bitter steam over white tea leaves, apricot skin, mist off the mountains from Yunnan province. This perfume is a creation that resonates a subtle beauty, the impressionistic mastery from an artist of aromas - the maestro, Jean Claude Ellena.
27th July, 2017

Vespero by Jeroboam

Vespero is a handsome, strong fragrance of wizened but unflinching character. Opening with a glimmer of grapefruit tartness the perfume rolls up from the depths plunging the wearer into bone dry darkened leather with a patchouli heart, and doesn't back off holding through a charcoal dry, ashen leather base. The soft/dry of this particular musk base reinforces the breathless, wisdom from pain story of Jeroboam Vespero. Rated 8 of 10 stars.
26th July, 2017 (last edited: 27th July, 2017)

Santo Incienso by The Different Company

Santo Incienso is a light green cedar and palo santo fragrance that breathes an effervescent ozone lightness to create a shimmering and lasting incense presence. This is the elevating ocean wind off the Pacific blown inland through giant Sequoias, is what I think of here so I am convinced that Palo Santo forest by an oceanside might be an inspiration. There is a simplicity about this light green shining woods that is pleasant to smell and lasting. The note combination reminds me of aroma of cedar and palo santo used as a base in many Fueguia 1833 fragrances - might this be a South American regionally specific note? A soft musk keeps the base light without smoke or powder, and hedione adds a sanguine pineapple organic spritz to the green aspects. This is not a deep bell toned incense but is the constant ocean breezes whipping sparkling chimes that dance through a palo santo "holy wood" woodland. A refreshingly light incense!
26th July, 2017 (last edited: 27th July, 2017)

Monogram Collection : Suède de Suède by Mona di Orio

Mona di Orio's Suede de Suede is a satisfying leather fragrance that immediately shows off its ethereal softness of fine saffron, rare ambrette and scintillating osmanthus for a perfect suede accord. Added to this soft start is an aged quality of castoreum, dark patchouli, strawberry leaf, cedar to wear in some natural grit qualities to transform innocent suede into a solid experienced leather. I like the result. Rate this Mona di Orio Suede 9 of 10 stars.
19th July, 2017

Daarej pour Homme by Rasasi

Daarej pour Homme is a dry, soft woodland rose oriented scent. The primary notes are: cardamom, artemisia and cumin; middle notes are rose and orris root; base notes are sandalwood, patchouli, amber, musk, vanilla and tonka bean. From the notes list and at first sniff I thought maybe this is Lumiere Noire pour Homme and it may emulate this great Francis Kurkdjian creation, but the powdery musk base is more pronounced for a softer more elusive quality. There is dry transparent rose which has a bitter artemsia spike to it that is appealing and reminiscent of Rose Anonyme or even Dior Gris Montaigne, except for the light but noticeable cumin note of the dry down. Daarej pour Homme is lightly rosy, woody, transparent, soft dry musk base which turns into a light cumin spice for well worn natural contrast with the rose notes turning this fragrance slightly masculine. Really it is unisex in nature with some aspects feminine and some masculine. I compare Daarej PH to Lumiere Noire pour Homme, Atelier Rose Anonyme and Dior Gris Montagne and lands somewhere between these fragrant guideposts - a successful scent for sure. Why is it that Rasasi fragrances are always being compared to something else? They have a habit of emulation of other great scents I guess. This is a very nice fragrance that has subtlety, warmth, maturity and balance and will be a good choice for daily wear due to its agility and versatile everyman quality. I would rate Daarej PH 7 of 10 stars.
19th July, 2017

Mandarine Glaciale by Atelier Cologne

Mandarine Glaciale is bright and sunny at opening with an orange gummy sweetness you associate with mandarin. Mandarins are flatter on the ends, easier to peel than oranges, and include tangerines and tangelos and while they are sweeter than oranges they lack the depth and juicy tartness. Immediately after the juicy orange mandarin note is a slightly indolic, rotting orange peel aroma from jasmine indole which is a contrasting note characteristic also used with great success in Atelier Orange Sanguine. Orange Sanguine is juicier, brighter and a sunnier orange while Mandarine Glaciale has a briefer "mandarin" sweet spot and less indole by a slight bit as it is almost unnoticeable. The base of Mandarine Glaciale is a slow quietening of orange radiance by dry petitgrain bitter orange, vetiver and oak moss and a friction free finish on a white amber (ambroxan) cloud. I like the imperfection in Mandarine Glaciale which keeps it realistic and gives some natural depth to the mandarin aroma although it is not quite as juicy or complete as the older brother Atelier Orange Sanguine. Mandarine Glaciale gets a 7 out of 10 star rating.
15th July, 2017
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Luna Rossa Carbon by Prada

I so appreciate Luna Rossa Carbon as a fragrance. It is the fougere of my youth come full circle through its evolutionary cycle back home. In Luna Rossa Carbon I sniff echoes of Jade East, Brut, Hai Karate which have come to life through this warm unctuous patchouli/amber base and familiar lavender opening. This new base replaces the tonka powdery base of the old Luna Rossa models. Luna Rossa Sport is remodulated in base note to a patchouli and amber base to take Carbon darker, thicker and very "Jade East" reminiscent with its slowed down base. If Luna Rossa Sport is playing at 45 rpm, Carbon is now at 33 rpm - is anyone old enough to know this metaphor? It's Barry White versus Michael Jackson - smooth and deep. This warm base note vibrates at a slower register and removes us from the quick little puffy clouds of earlier Luna Rossas to a deeper felt and more sublime Luna Rossa Carbon. Although darker, there is still that innocent sweet fougere style that is very old fashioned in sensibility. Result is a nice smoothe warmth, that has considerable linkage to long gone fragrances from fifty years ago.
14th July, 2017 (last edited: 15th July, 2017)

Essential Sport by Lacoste

Thumbs up on Essential Sport . . . with a "try it before you buy it" disclaimer or warning. You might like this, and you might NOT especially if you don't appreciate the brightest new synthetic aroma chemicals on display and in full force. The aroma here is tart citrus, ginger, ice water accord (don't know what it is but is accurate), vetiver, patchouli and musk all floralized and synthesized to the max. These notes come out all at once with the dial turned all the way past loud. So if you put on just a small spray it will still be like Sweet Tarts through a siren blast. A pleasant sport/oceanic scented siren blast. But, Essential Sport is energizing and gets noticed by a certain type of person who is drawn into that smell. I can appreciate the attraction, and it is not poorly done, but it is not for me.
14th July, 2017

Black Collection : Book by Commodity

BOOK smells like the pages of old books. Big stacks of books. The fragrance is dry, earthy, rooty and has the feel of antiquity and old well worn leafy things but in print. Some of the earthier vetivers or mushroom/fallen leaves fragrances on the market smell sort of like this. It is hard to define the smell exactly. The primary listed notes are sandalwood, bergamot and cypress; however there are modifying notes such as eucalyptus, cucumber, balsa wood, guaiac wood and Haitian Vetiver. All of the notes flatten out the scent and create a monotone of book aroma. There is gravitas to this scent since it smells deep and strong but no part stands out. The fragrance is designed to be used as a base note which other scents from Commodity Parfum range might be added. Other fragrances are also elemental such as Whiskey, Gin, Rain, Gold, or Moss, Vetiver, etc. They have quite a variety of natural tones to choose from or you can select from your collection to make Book more interesting. I like it as-is just fine Commodity has hired talented perfumers and have told their story of the making of each fragrance interestingly. BOOK seems to bloom and grow as it warms to skin creating lots of depth that wasn't apparent when applied an hour earlier. I like the scent and like the concept. More of commodity will be in my future.
14th July, 2017

Rumz al Rasasi 9325 pour lui by Rasasi

Rasasi Pour Lui is an excellent scent that presents aromas of tropical melons and pineapples folded through a contrasting blend of sueded dry smokey base notes. The harmonics of the fruit melange and smokey suede notes keeps this fragrance buzzing with a soft cooling aroma that while approaching Aventus in structure has more grey than green in its mossy tones. There is a cooling affect at play in this dryness that works well in hot weather.

I received two unexpected compliments the first time I wore it! It is nice to get confirmation that you smell good.

The Zebra black and white striped graphics of the bottle design matches the rhythm of contrasts in the notes of the fragrance. I don't know why that should matter - it really is not important, but it explains the images chosen to name the scent.

Overall, this Rumz al Rasasi (the Zebra) Pour Lui is very nice to smell and a super value for its modest cost. High thumbs up!
12th July, 2017 (last edited: 13th July, 2017)

Oudh Al Boruzz Asrar Indonesia by Rasasi

This is a very agreeable and comfortable perfume blended around notes of Indonesian Oud and Indian Oud. The blending is very seamless with mild citrus opening, spice notes, and a smokey green orris cedar wood and vetiver backbone, layered into an amber base which absorbs the few barnyard aspects of the Indian Oud. The fragrance is subtle and not heavily blended so you can apply several good spritzes and the soft woods warmth evolves and develops into a smiling woody oud light skin scent. The smell is masculine in character. The only negatives for Oudh Al Boruzz Indonesia is that it is quite thin and subtly blended however the bold ingredients come together nicely and stay in harmony considering how thinned down it is. This Rasasi receives a thumbs up from me. I find myself curious about the other Oudh Al Boruzz varieties - Assam and Malaysia. The bottle design and packaging is one of the best I've seen - top notch!
12th July, 2017 (last edited: 13th July, 2017)

Sole di Positano by Tom Ford

Sole di Positano from Tom Ford is an uplifting and very satisfying bergamot + neroli mediterraean citrus scent. The notes as listed lead one to another and carefully build upon each other to create a sunny mediterranean inspired green citrusy bergamot orange tree scent. I particularly like the mellowness added to the bergamot and orange by Ylang and the entry to neroli through bitter orange along a trail of green shiso. Shiso adds a light soft mossiness. The overall character is sunshine of bergamot, warm languid neroli, and dry sun warmed stone pathway up to a perfect ocean view. Sole di Positano delivers on its promises, unlike Neroli Portofino which never really showed much result for all of its listed unusual notes. I would put Sole di Positano in the same category of excellent summer citrus fragrances, not superior to, but as good as most in the group of: Atelier Bergamote Soleil, Zegna Italian Bergamot, Le Labo Bergamote 22, Zegna Aqua di Bergamotto, and Roja Dove Bergamot. Sole di Positano is different by slight degrees but it is as good a choice as any for a summer lift.
10th July, 2017

Panda (original) by Zoologist Perfumes

Panda opens with an interesting mix of bamboo, green tea, vetiver, shiso and a few other organic green essences which provides a rainforest leafy aroma. Mixed with the greens and more apparent late in the fragrance evolution are dry warm nutty characteristics from Pemou root or Siam wood, incense and sandalwood which provide a nice resting spot for the pleasant greens. This is a very appropriate environmental atmosphere for a meandering Panda and the fragrance makes a convincing zoological story. It smells good but not enough to get me excited to buy a full bottle. The presentation, story and concept won me over immediately - but the fragrance is medium to above average at best. Zoologist presents that rare fragrance product line that ties together such an interesting story and presentation that I am tempted to collect the entire series just to have it in hand. However, this would never be a daily wear scent for me.
08th July, 2017 (last edited: 10th July, 2017)

Bergamot by Roja Dove

Roja Dove Bergamot is a baroque rendering of the tart dry lemony bergamot. This is a short story told with quick development, no unraveling note chords that you find in so many Roja oriental big fragrances. There are many excellent bergamot fragrances available today and this one is as good as most, but not better, just different in that it is definitely Roja Dove styled with richness of character. The opening is round slightly sweet and opens onto a sharp/dry bergamot lemon twist with a languid backstory of rosemary, jasmine and musk which purrs beneath the lemony tartness hiding under the sharp edges. A quick dry green nipped finish and it is the end of this bergamot story - simple and taken all within one breath. The jasmine mid note definitely paints Roja Bergamot with an old world touch that reminds me of vintage perfumes from Goutal Eau de Sud, Eau de Guerlain or early Creed Royal Water. Bergamot has now been discontinued from the Roja lineup most probably because there is not enough complication in this fragrance to present a big story as is the style of most Roja Dove perfumes. Just a simple, baroque styled, old world taste of note bergamote.
06th July, 2017

India Ink by Heretic Parfums

Named India Ink and it does smell very much like like the sharp slightly sour aroma of an inkwell that has been aging for years behind locked doors and is just found. The raw slightly sour grassy warmth of frankincense combines with clean sandalwood and the appropriately off-center agarwood smell in the base to yield a rounded by strangely foreign smelling perfume. It is the smell of an ancient incense, or . . an old well used leather work shirt shirt, or . . . a hemp rope dockside by seaside in Cornwall, or . . a lost bottle of india ink being used to write secrets on parchment. The contrasts of cleanliness and funk yields a perfume that foretells a warning of danger or intrigue that is about to unfold. Like all scents from Heretic Parfums there is a mystical sacramental feel that hints at secrets being revealed if you open this bottle. I like this one.
03rd July, 2017

Blood Cedar by Heretic Parfums

The unmistakable aroma of eastern red cedar is the character of this scent beginning to end. The opening is red cedar while the heart is blended frankincense and fir that disappear into red cedar aroma cooled by vetiver in the base. Great healing powers are attributed to the red cedar tree and it is commonly used in medications today. This fragrance might be too one dimensional if it were not for the distinctive and cleansing aroma of the eastern red cedar tree. This tree is attributed healing powers and also was thought to hold the spirit ancestors of Cherokee native indian tribe members. Heretic Parfums have tailored this fragrance to enhance the red cedar aroma and have named it "blood" cedar which provokes attention but also probably hurts sales by turning attention away from the healing nature of the tree. The color of red cedar wood is at its heart a blood red, hence the name, although this name is not in common use for the wood or the tree itself. I rate Blood Cedar 7 of 10 losing some value to poor longevity.
03rd July, 2017

Io Non Ho Mani che Mi Accarezzino il Volto by Unum

I really do like this poetically named, impossible to remember title of incense from UNUM. There are lots of note ingredient complications that serve to create incense harmony that stays within a mid tone register. For simplification I call this Unum a CINNAMON INCENSE for purposes of remembering what it is at essence. Warm pleasantness floats on the Ylang, cinnamon, tonka, benzoin and sandalwood. These are all very pleasant warm soft tones that coupled with ambroxan fill in the large well balanced silent majority of the composition. Sharp greens shred the warmth of the incense towards woodland depths with galbanum, myrrh, cedar and clary sage. Some reminders of strength of the woods are delivered from petitgrain, cedar wood and sandalwood.

Altogether this is a warm and interesting aggregate of fragrant bits composing a complication that becomes a resolute quiet. This UNUM keeps within itself and is incense very appropriate for quiet contemplation. The poem/perfume title, "There are no hands to caress my face" celebrates the surrender in acceptance of love and the sublime enjoyment of self. AHHH!
29th June, 2017 (last edited: 20th July, 2017)

Tasmeem by Rasasi

Tasmeem Men is a subtle but very present cologne which is pleasing to wear and is a great value find. It is a wearable, people pleasing versatile soft tonka musk that hums in a mid high register with pleasing complications. Similar to Midnight in Paris in aroma. It is not cloying or oppressive in any way, and is slightly too generically pleasant for my taste, but a beautiful presentation and great value, if you happen to like this kind of musk. Many will like it. I rate Tasmeem Men 6.5/10.
29th June, 2017

LAVS by Unum

LAVS smells like two things: gunpowder and incense. This is hard liturgical, biblical incense. I see pistols and padres, pontiffs and shotgun shells - too much? The combinations here work well for a deeply contemplative attitude that is very serious about its business. The gunpowder is a smoldering metallic blend of cardamom, black pepper and cloves for grey steely sparkle. The inner heart is healing and penetrating aroma of rosewood and elemi resin. Elemi is a thick medicinal resin extract of the Boswellia plant used to cure flesh wounds, chest colds, healing of scars and also to varnish wood. The healing effects of elemi offsets the gritty gunpowder threat. This is a wonderfully balanced incense aroma that couples serious intent with pervading redemptive curative powers. Excellent.
26th June, 2017

L'Eau by Tauer

L'Eau opens with a beautiful citrus splash of lemony orange and bergamot that feels like the sun just hit me in the face with a fresh citrus life force. And then hiding just below the surface of this bright opening is a soft woody musk aroma that is a nice finish and backdrop to the warm citrus. As time goes by, the citrus opening is completely won over by this salty musk and red cedar woods + soft amber base. It is amazing to me how the development of this wood musk amber aroma becomes the entire fragrance rather quickly with no sign of citrus that opened the door just an hour ago when I put L'Eau on. The fragrance is a great contrast of development from beginning to ending but all through it smells warm, inviting, natural, and highly traditional. The orange bright opening transition to dry aromatic musk amber wood notes reminds me of two artistic cousins that have similar note transitions: Tom Ford Mandarino di Amalfi and Acqua di Palma Colonia Essenza. L'Eau has its own unique development and I highly recommend giving it a try.
10th June, 2017 (last edited: 14th June, 2017)

Rausch by J.F. Schwarzlose

An excellent fragrance with masculine character that is earthy, leathery, and hints at dry rotting forest woods which flows seamlessly into an amber finish. This is an excellent fragrance and one of the best of the Schwarzlose perfumes for men. Nicely blended so it smells like leather and a bit like frankincense but there is a natural sweetness in the dark amber, oudish character. Though not listed I think I smell a geranium rose accent that lifts up the heart of darkness in Rausch. The notes list a bit of oud but in no way is this an oud scent! What is it? The most predominant note is cypriol also called nagarmotha or English Nut Grass which lends an earthiness so naturally authentic it feels like incense tanned dry leather then a rose amber base note. I feel like I'm camping outdoors, living inside a rustic canvas tent, deep in the forest. The sandalwood and red pepper enliven the aroma. This is not a very bold fragrance, but is earthy, warm and has a dark mood. Rating: 8 of 10 stars.
09th June, 2017 (last edited: 15th July, 2017)

Leder 6 / Fetisch by J.F. Schwarzlose

Saffron mixed with leather notes always seem to bring a sueded, soft fine tuned leather accord. Coupled with the vanilla and milk notes there is indeed a tobacco aroma here too. I like this leather as a scent but it does lack boldness and staying power. Leder 6 / Fetisch does not smell nearly as robust or deep as Fetish from Roja Dove and it does not have the berry notes or the clean dry suede that Tuscan Leather or any of its similars do so beautifully. Leder 6 is a very dry, soft sueded mid toned leather that also has a slight dry tobacco sweetness as if chewing tobacco were used. A handsome perfume, but the sillage is quite light and the character is soft, suede leather with subtlety and finesse in place of boldness. There is definitely a place for a leather of this type and leather fragrance lovers should definitely check this one out.
09th June, 2017

1A-33 by J.F. Schwarzlose

1A-33 is an old fashioned eau de cologne style formula with citrus opening, heart notes of light drifting gentle florals and a base of clear cedar wood with a light iris musk. The similarities to Creed Jardin d' Amalfi or MFK's Aqua Universalis are apparent although the floral mix is slightly different. There is an air of innocence in this fragrance that might also come from its old world historical references and exclusion of any animalic or tricky dark notes. It is a happy, clear woods scent with a light hint of lime and soft magnolia flower over dry woods. A bit of pink pepper adds some modernity at the top notes. To my nose this fragrance feels young, slightly feminine in character, and innocent in its world view, but it is very nice to smell nonetheless.
09th June, 2017