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Z Zegna Milan by Ermenegildo Zegna

Z Zegna Milan is a creamy fragrance that has surprising depth and movement for a contemporary fresh woody scent. The notes are a miasma of woody fig, dry cedar, green clary sage, a background note of mint leaves floating over a thin sandalwood synthetic light musk base. I have not smelled anything like this before. This is very contemporary and clean but smells oddly natural. The notes move back and forth in a pulsating motion. I like it and it gets high marks for my taste - 4 of 5 stars. In cold weather the minty green arises and in warm weather the fig and green notes move to the top.
15th November, 2019

L'Air des Alpes Suisses by Tauer

This is a very pleasant fragrance that reminds me a bit of powdery potpourri, but in a good way, I think. There are pine needles, fir woods, birch wood and rosewood doused with bits of aromatics from thyme, basil, nutmeg and lavender. The florals of lily and orchid adds a gentle softness that melds into the the tonka and amber base. This does have a winter alpine swiss character about it. By pure chance I also tried the new 19-69 fragrance Female Christ which has many of the same notes I find here. L'Air des Alpes Suisses is very unisex and smells like a traditional alpine meadow perfume sachet that used to hide away inside clothing drawers. I have given this a neutral rating because compared to the stellar originality of other Tauer fragrances, this effort is quite average. A rating of 2.5 of 5 stars is how I see it, however this L'Air is quite nice to smell even though not very new or head turning.
15th November, 2019

Female Christ by 19-69

I really get the softness of this fragrance with its center notes of geranium, vanilla, benzoin and cinnamon that blend well into the cashmere wood base - this comes through from beginning to end. This is a warm fuzzy feeling that pervades this attractive holiday fougere mostly from the benzoin and cinnamon. Also prominent is rosy warmth of rhubarb and pimento which contrasts nicely with the icy coldness of wintery opening from eucalyptus, patchouli, wintergreen and thyme. I have seen this scent described as a patchouli fragrance but I get more powdery warmth and a cooling from eucalyptus and patchouli which fades after the first hour. The only significance I can derive from the provocative title, Female Christ, is the softness and feminine powdery character coupled with the smell of a snow covered winter forest scene. Thinking of the holidays and a white Christmas when smelling this scent. Female Christ would be nice Christmas gift for somebody special.
15th November, 2019
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Al Wisam Day by Rasasi

Al Wisam Day is an expansive, cooling and fresh silvery oceanic type of scent. Lots of sunshine and satisfying warmth in here too - rose? The cooling aspect of metallic toned cedar, oud and a smooth finish like ambergris/ambroxan is topped with a warm mint (geranium). Lots of comparisons to Silver Mountain Water exist for Al Wisam Day, but this is a distinctly different fragrance worthy of its own place in the world. Similar to SMW but also different - maybe rosier. This Rasassi works well year round whenever you need an uplift and is an incredible value for the price.
13th October, 2019

Dia Man by Amouage

Dia is a civilized even toned slightly powdery masculine with a floral personality from warm uplifting and sunny Ylang Ylang, Peony and Plum blossom. In Dia Man florals are balanced with a dry cool leathery but soft base of cardamom, vetiver, patchouli, palisander and suede. I definitely smell the palisander but picking notes from Dia is difficult because it is not built around a single note and is nicely balanced slight leather with an amber base while not signaling any one dominate note. Dia Man appears very cultured and civil - pure class.

There is a similarity of scheme and tone between Amouage masculines fragrances that is noticeable - sort of a family quality. Dia > Reflection > Myths Man > Interlude > Honor Man. Not alike but in harmony with each other, the florals, incenses, warmth, even blending, conservative light touch. They have their differences but there is a common thread of sorts. Dia is a sunny floral version in this part of the Amouage family tree.

The mild soft blending of Dia works best in early Spring or early Fall when the temps are mild. It doesn't appeal to me in high heat or hard cold, but will be fine indoors. This is a perfect office scent for a professional working environment.
10th October, 2019 (last edited: 02nd November, 2019)

Musk Gold by Ermenegildo Zegna

All these bold and intense notes create a big chunk of musk from Zegna. I can only enjoy this perfume by spraying a mist and walking through it for a light coating of little bits of musk sifted finely into a dillution on the body surface. The musk scent is earthy but sharp, woody, soft and dry. The contrast of warm leathery softness against sharp deep spice along with a real musk aroma results in a very BIG scent. Almost too big, so use with caution. But like most of the Zegna Gold series this is a rare and excellent masculine fragrance.
19th September, 2019

Monsieur Musk by Dana

My review is for Monsieur Houbigant Musk After Shave splash. The Houbigant version is several generations old and even though it is an aftershave it is quite bold and crisp in nature. This all time favorite musk opens with a slight dry spice that leads to a green and lightly floral deer musk heart note. Oak moss, tobacco and woods in the base add a dried resinous woody finish. Monsieur Houbigant Musk is a classic old time masculine that has a timeless appeal. The new deer musk parfums and oud/musk artisanal perfumes landing in the market today for a small fortune may be potent and very good, but they fall short of this humble classic masculine "barbershop" musk from years gone by.
19th September, 2019

Musk Cologne by Bortnikoff

The opening lemony orange notes come alive against the floral backdrop bouquet of flowers - Lily of the Valley, Magnolia, Tuberose and Ylang Ylang. These flowers are set in a deer musk and woods pedestal centered inside a well executed still life painting. At the opening it smells like an opulent orange citrus but after the heart takes over the essence shifts to an orange tinged opulent floral. The floral blend has a perfect floral arc that starts lightly with mild Lily of Valley, gentle Magnolia then resonates with a Tuberose crescendo over a surface of uplifting Ylang. The deer musk adds a soft dry fuzzy muskiness that slows the floral roll with sandalwood and guaiac wood serving as an invisible stop. Overall this "Musk" perfume is mostly a bouquet of opulent florals which incorporates a light musk wood base. Too floral for my taste and does not possess enough contrasts or mystery to grab my interest - not my style of perfume.
04th September, 2019

Voyage by Nautica

The opening of Voyage is the same citrus aquatic that you find in so many other "blue juice" aquatics. Citrus fresh aquatic tones with a green apple note. This is fresh but can be harsh however Voyage blends the crystal clear aquatic note with a gentle, friendly and natural flowing floral of mimosa and lotus. The florals in Voyage adds a sunny aspect to the ocean air tone of the blue juice and this is the brilliance of the composition of Voyage by Maurice Roucel. It is a great anytime warm weather scent and is an absolute steal at the price it is sold for almost everywhere. There are many nice aquatic scents on the market but most of them lay flat in an extension of the opening coldness. Voyage has this middle sunny gentle warmth from light florals that lifts the fragrance into a zone of excellence which adds a three dimensional awareness to the fragrance that takes place over its unfolding. Highly recommended.
31st August, 2019 (last edited: 04th September, 2019)

Imperial Crown by Thameen

Imperial Crown is a pepper and incense sueded leather that gathers strength and smoothness from its base notes patchouli and guaiac woods. Two types of resin incense are blended with two types of pepper and layered over smooth leather mid notes. The patchouli and guaiac imparts a cool masculine personality to Imperial Crown. Thameen fragrances are extremely well crafted works of incense blending. Imperial Crown always smells very good and works well in all climates. I rate it 4.5 of 5 stars
28th August, 2019

Proper Cologne : Huron by Duke Cannon

Huron has an oceanic opening, very bright and potent at the start, that if applied heavily will be a siren blast that will knock you back. But, if you apply lightly it is sea worthy replica of ocean air when out on the high seas. I have smelled this bright aquatic opening before from various blue scents from Nautica, Montblanc, Bond as well as Chez Bond, so I assume that this a common synthetic "oceanic" blend which can reliably produce sharp dry oceanic notes and it works for that. Huron has a light green turn which blends in from a bit of vetiver and then eases into a soft sandalwood white musk calmer seas ending.

I like how Huron when lightly applied gives the impression of cold ocean spray air and stays strong for 3 hours and is heat activation ready for the whole day. Huron is not a very original scent, but is a serviceable, clean work day scent that due to its potency mixes well with body heat and lasts through the day. Rated: 3 of 5 stars.
28th August, 2019

Nanban by Arquiste

Nanban is a very dark tea, tar and smoke scent that is much more livable due to the complex interweaving of various spices, leather, incenses and woods. Instead of falling into a black hole Nanban retains interesting character crafted from very many bold and positive elements. Nanban smells darker in warm weather and the biting spice comes out of the darkness in colder weather. Rated: 3 of 5 stars.
24th August, 2019

Boszporusz by Nishane

Nishane names this fragrance for the Bosporus water way which flows through Istanbul with a mix of sea salt water and fresh water to connect the Mediterranean to the Agean and Black Seas. The fragrance is tart dry grapefruit, cypress and transparent patchouli for a clean oceanic primary fragrance. Amid the fresh ozonic breezes resides salty seaweed and a dry musk base note that provides a sun bleached hard stone dry base note. The underlying scent begins with and resembles very much the 1980's classic, Signoricci, but in addition to this tart clean dry fresh air is a salty seaweed note that adds a new level of interest. A dry musk base punctuates with such certainty that it flows upstream making the dry musk contrasting presence felt throughout the fragrance. Boszporusz is a convincing oceanic fragrance that brings the forces of nature and life of the Bosporus up close and present.
23rd August, 2019
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Desert Rosewood by Goldfield & Banks

Desert Rosewood opens with juicy mandarin over rosewood that is splintered with cardamom incense which plays a slightly bitter tone of dryness within the resonance of the harmony. Cardamom rosewood adds astringency to the dry sweet benzoin and vanilla/patchouli base. The combinations here of dry woods, cold cardamom and foaming sweetness of vanilla benzoin leaves a sweet and bitter contrast that reminds me of a sparkling dark cola drink, not too sweet but medicinal. Very original Coke or even RC Cola in flavor. Desert Rosewood is like other Goldfield & Banks fragrances with a well blended smooth and old fashioned feel. The cola scent profile reminds me of Enigma by Roja Dove but with fewer spices and less intense.. Rating: 3.5 of 5 stars!
22nd August, 2019 (last edited: 23rd August, 2019)

Papyrus Oud / 71 by Parle Moi de Parfum

This fragrance is easily a reflection of Michel Almairac's earlier creation Gucci Pour Homme (2003) which was a favorite of mine. I am happy to see it return in this new incarnation. The same notes and smells of GPH are present here in the Parle Moi de Parfum version with ginger, papyrus, incense, oud, patchouli and chocolate in place of vanilla. Fewer notes are listed for Papayrus Oud and it carries less density particularly in the spice blend, but possibly just a bit improved by the oh so slight addition of Oud hidden beneath the papyrus. The oud gives some resonance to the light papyrus woods and the chocolate give a slight bit of gruff and growl to the gingery incense combination. Highly recommended!
22nd August, 2019 (last edited: 23rd August, 2019)

Guimauve de Noël / 31 by Parle Moi de Parfum

Guimauve de Noel is a delicate flavored aroma that is warm, uplifting and leans more towards edible cake or scone over orange fruit or floral. The smell is of freshly baked sugar cookies soaked in a bitter orange liquor, possibly Cointreau. Even though it is sweet the powdery dry vanilla base is a dry thick sweetness that holds and fixes the orange blossom liquor in its place as if suspended in mid air after being baked crisp. A delightful smell that is full of promise of warmth and joyful expectation. Yum.
22nd August, 2019

Nemer by Boadicea the Victorious

Well this is the legendary one! A perfectly blended elixir of two types of finest roses injected with jasmine magic and swirled with sharp saffron/rose over finest sandalwood, patchouli and the heart of the scent is a rare tiger eye oud that adds a depth and magic to this scent not seen anywhere else, Legend has been achieved with Nemer.

A duplicate scent to Nemer is Kings Road (also by BdV) and although it has the same rose, jasmine, saffron, oud, patchouli, cedar and oud base and Kings Road also smells fabulous too. But, Kings Road is missing that extra pure rose note and also lacksTiger Oud that is that magic that gets you lost on the inhale around in each swirl of Nemer. Time stands still inside the Nemer base when the special oud is in there. The tiger oud in Nemer is like a warm hug - it makes sure the love is in there. Nemer costs twice the already costly Kings Road, but both are great saffron/rose/oud fragrances, however; Nemer achieves legendary status while Kings Road is just very good. Kings Road is an A+, but BOUDICEA THE VICTORIOUS NEMER is AA++.
17th August, 2019 (last edited: 19th August, 2019)

Club de Nuit Intense for Men by Armaf

Moved from Club de Nuit for Men directory page.

Club de Nuit Intense for Men is a similar to Aventus pineapple fruit and dry ashen smokey fragrance that has a cool fresh opening and a dry petrol suede finish. Sound familiar? This fragrance is clearly modeled after Creed Aventus and many who use it will say it is a good option to replace Aventus because it smells very similar, although not a replica, and the price is one tenth that of Aventus. In overall feel and effect the fragrances are similar. What are the differences between Aventus and Armaf Club de Nuit? The opening of Club de Nuit is like pineapple or cool green fruit but is created bt the more tart blend of grapefruit with mint for a minty tartness that is like pineapple but has almost a cold industrial machine oil coldness that is upon first sniff a bit of a bother. This initial difference goes away quickly though as the dryness of the mint blends with cinnamon, pepper and ginger giving the heart of the fragrance more boldness and presence than Aventus. The minty grapefruit also shows a bit of cold tar at the base where cooling dry patchouli with a hint of suede that is similar to the smoke/ash base of Aventus but slightly more oily or petrol toned. Club de Nuit is a a long lasting fragrance, nice projection and in my opinion is an equal to Aventus for this type of cool soft fruit and smoke dry after effect.

My preference for Aventus is based primarily upon subtle nuances and the transition of notes. There is subtlety and and a green qualitywith Aventus that gets pushed aside in the boldness of Club de Nuit Armaf. There are less than 10 degrees separation between these two fragrances in a qualitative comparison. The Armaf fragrance is excellent on its own. I give it 3.75 stars out 5 with my only criticism being that the opening is a bit industrial and lacking in natural qualities. However, this cold quality improves the fragrance in the late dry down. Armaf Club de Nuit Men lasts longer and projects better than the Aventus batch I have and I recommend it as a very good option if you are looking for this scent profile. The price is incredibly reasonable too.
16th August, 2019

Club de Nuit for Men by Armaf

This review is for Club de Nuit Intense for Men and not Club de Nuit for Men so it is being moved to the proper directory page.

16th August, 2019

Sotoor WaaW by Rasasi

Rasasi Sotoor is a deftly blended, deeply imprinting, heavy garam masala type spice perfume. Along with the typical Indian and Moroccan aromatic spices you have some prickly and thorny bits like artemisia, pepper and saffron which add character to the lively spices; and in the base are hypnotic spiraling inhalant notes of gurjun balsam, lavender and guaiac wood. These elements rest atop a warm amber, vetiver and sandalwood base. This is one of the nicer pure spice blends I have smelled in recent history and I am a big fan of spice fragrances. So many spice scents are either too sweet or not mysterious chai spice simplistic - this one surpasses most pitfalls. The only element that I feel Sotoor might be missing is an earthy leather or agarwood note in the base - but overall this is an excellent big spice bomb.
16th August, 2019

Spessa by Nebbia

Cautiously thumbs neutral on Spessa. The notes are all elements of freshness and natural things like lichen, aquatics, gentle powdery wisps of ethereality. But, bunched together these notes play off each other and smell exactly like polyvinyl chloride or an inflatable pool toy. Its not such a bad smell, but is definitely a poor conclusion that achieves a result much less than the sum of its parts. So don't know about recommending Spessa or not. It is a pleasant smell that is very synthetically styled and disclosure of this vinyl result should be up front - possibly in name or description on bottle. Call it Pool Toy and put a 2" inflatable blow up duck on the bottle top and it's a thumbs up! but as is, Spessa - 2.5 of 5 stars!
12th August, 2019 (last edited: 19th September, 2019)

Fitta by Nebbia

The clean smell of damp forest darkness, the soil, giant trees and the living air that drifts across the surface and through dark spaces. Anyone who has taken a long hike on a trail through an old growth forest has smelled this scent. It is a refreshing clean woods scent with a loamy damp mushroom like central note. Very cleansing.
12th August, 2019

Unsettled by Bruno Fazzolari

All of the notes in this fragrance are receptive, malleable and enablers for stronger note statements. The problem then is what are the bold stronger notes that give character to the fragrance? There are none. Unsettled is a pleasant context of notes that does not offer much content or structure. There are no defining notes to give meaning to this background or softness. So, Unsettled is very soft background, is pleasing context without making a statement and is so receptivethat it fails to make any assertion as to what it is all about. Soft pineapple adds some lightness and sueded black tea adds some darkness both of which cancel each other out over a bland sandalwood and lifeless amber base. After an hour or so the pinneapple picks up an oceanic feel but again there are just not enough notes of definite content to anchor or define this ethereal softness so that it becomes a thing to be noticed. I am a big fan of Bruno Fazzolari fragrances but this one just gets lost on me.
07th August, 2019

Orris Tattoo / 29 by Parle Moi de Parfum

The coldest driest storm cloud grey orris root scent. This is the same echo free smokey iris that you find in Iris Nazarena or 28 La Pausa but without any citrus, florals, vanilla or woods to adorn or change the beauty or purity of this cold iris scent. The lack of complimentary notes to the orris root is why only a few people will warm up to this one. It is a great opportunity to understand and experience the single note of orris although the enjoyability of the perfume suffers, because after wearing it for just a few hours I kind of want to wash it off and go on to something with more good humor.
02nd August, 2019

Gentle Fluidity (Silver Edition) by Maison Francis Kurkdjian

Mmm. Gin, tonic, vanilla pod, ambroxan. A very gentle fragrance that will offend nobody and most users will approve. A subtle Kurkdjian unisex creation that descends from the family line that produced APOM and Aqua Universalis. It is a pleasant fragrance, but I look at new scents from MFK with a skeptical eye after he sold the business last year to the big corporate players. Is it really good? Is it?
02nd August, 2019

The Oud Affair by Vilhelm Parfumerie

The Oud Affair is a spicy, leafy, leathery oud fragrance that has a simple and soft harmony that is easy to appreciate. Although tobacco is listed as a heart note I really would not categorize this scent as a tobacco fragrance because the influence of the ginger spice and oud are too prominent. The tobacco adds some leafy dryness to the opening of ginger spice smoothed over with salty warm raw honey. The honey smell connects with black vanilla base for a smoothe earthy warmth, but not sweet base. The Oud note of Oud Affair is very present in this scent as a hollow cooling depth of space inside the center of the scent. The oud in harmony with the raw honey turns dry tobacco into a husky leather for a very nice interchange. Rawhide rough out leather hides just beneath the dry crumbled tobacco leaf and is the result of the oud blending. As an oud fragrance this is a dry leather oud with clean spice opening. As a spice fragrance this is a peppery ginger spice warmed by honey oud and dry leafy tobacco than in blending has a leather feel. As a leather fragrance Oud Affair is warmed by ginger, raw honey and toasted tobacco leaves. Highly recommended!

This fragrance reminds a bit of Odori Tobacco and also Shay & Blue Oud Alif - but is somehow simpler than either of these.
01st August, 2019

Capri by 19-69

A great orange summer fragrance. Bold orange notes with five or six different aspects of orange plants, a hint of bitter green and a warm ambroxan and suede musk base. One of the very best of the new generation of orange essence fragrances that has me totally won over. There are so many bold yet complimentary aromas in this scent that I always feel I am smelling something just a little different every time I wear it as I move from sun to shade to indoors. Incomparable.
24th July, 2019

Winter Palace by Memo

A fine orange spice fragrance built upon a base of red woody spiced tea mulled in oranges and settling down into a warm amber base. The red tea is either rooibos tea or chinese red tea which becomes black tea when roasted. I am betting the spices come from the dry bark like woody rooibos tea that has a spiced sarsaparilla tea and I pick up this in the scent. The result is a good, not great, simple and satisfying orange spiced woody amber tea fragrance. The bottle design of coiled dragon and named Winter Palace playfully refers to Game of Thrones Winterfell palace - a beautiful presentation and reason enough to purchase this one for me. As Game of Thrones is now over and fading from thought - I suggest to test it before you buy. It's worth it to me, but I like spice scents very much.
21st July, 2019

Valentino Uomo Intense by Valentino

So smooth! Warm iris, black leather, tonka powder, a vanilla back of throat low toned, deep growl that mellows to a purrr of comfort. A slightly higher emphasis on iris and tonka than Dior Homme Intense - Uomo Intense is a very Valentino upgrade to the Uomo masculine iris game. Rating 9 of 10 stars. Oh, the bottle design adds greatly to the enjoyability of this fragrance - it sets the stage with great confidence.
17th July, 2019

D.S. by D.S. & Durga

How to characterize this fragrance that achieves an abstract interplay of colors but at the same time is a delicately composed portrait of contrasting tones. The overall effect is of a realistically rendered still life portrait of a floral bouquet set in deep dark background tones. Sharp saffron mixes with floating and lyrical florals of frangipani and gardenia which settle into dusty yellow lotus and radiating rose heart notes. This bouquet of flowers is an exotic still life portrait composed carefully to reside inside a leathery wood base blend of sandalwood, vetiver, agarwood covered with dry musk ambrette for an exotic solid base. There is a floral incense quality that plays with saffron for sharpness and dances between frangipani and lotus flower rounded with rose and gardenia. This rich exotic floral bouquet is framed in light woods and oudish suede leather tones to anchor it inside its frame. Unusual, distinctive and uplifting to smell.
02nd July, 2019