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Polo Modern Reserve by Ralph Lauren

It's here! Polo Crest resurrected! It was a sad day when Polo Crest stopped being produced, but thanks to some references in the Basenotes reviews of Modern Reserve I've found it again. Granted it is not exactly the same, but it is the closest thing out there. It starts off very similar to classic Polo, but instantly warms into a Crest-like aura. The longevity is superb as is the sillage. A very winter fragrance indeed. As Polo Crest was one of my all time favourites, I was very glad to find this. I bought it blind and have received numerous positive comments from the ladies. ;-) I can only hope that they don't stop production any time soon. As far as I'm concerned this (and the original Crest) are the best scents ever produced by Ralph Lauren.
04th January, 2011

S.T. Dupont Homme by S.T. Dupont

Very warm wintery fragrance. Once of my signature scents for sure. At first appears a bit strong, but once it dries down, it's a woody elegant fragrance that truly stands alone. Like others have stated, it starts off a bit like Declaration -- but with less of a sharp edge right out of the gate. In short, class in a bottle.
05th December, 2007

Boucheron pour Homme Edition Bleue by Boucheron

A definite departure from the original Boucheron Homme...thankfully. This wonderfully elegant and refined fragrance takes the 'furniture polish' lemony overtone of the original out of the picture and replaces it with a softer, almost powdery finish. Going on, it appears a bit sharp, but once it dries down, you can't help thinking -- 'Boy, this stuff smells great.' It's gorgeous bottle just completes the outfit. I was fortunate enough to find this at a local Macy's while it was still available.
02nd May, 2007
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Mila Schön Homme by Mila Schön

I found this in Italy a couple of years back. A very clean and refined fragrance. Not really like anything else out there. I haven't run into it here in the U.S. since. I bought the female version for my wife ... WOW!
29th September, 2006