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Biche Dans l'Absinthe by Gobin Daudé

Hey, I love cumin. Kingdom, Femme, love love love cumin. Sadly, this smells like chicken soup: pepper, old cumin dust, something green and dry like thyme, more pepper. Smells like you were cooking, practicing voodoo, and pruning bushes all while wearing the same sweaty burlap sack. If you just want to smell weird, go for it.
15th March, 2007

Ta'if by Ormonde Jayne

Am I the only one with the incredible disappearing juice? I put it on, smells nice enough. Certainly better than other things you could squirt on yourself. Wait for the sharp notes to burn off, and lo - its gone! Under an hour and I can't find it anywhere. No bang for my buck.
11th December, 2006

Aromatics Elixir by Clinique

This smells like rich hippies. It always makes me sneeze when I first spray it on.
07th November, 2006
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Vent Vert (new) by Pierre Balmain

I still smell mostly the citrus and vetiver combo in the EDT. I always loved Eau d'Orange Verte by Hermes but it never stayed long on me. I wish I had some to compare, but maybe its just the green bottle that drives this similarity. I should have bought the sprayer bottle, this stuff wants spritzing in the linen closets.
30th October, 2006

Jungle Le Tigre by Kenzo

Odd in a great way. No fun smelling like same old same old. Much too frou frou fruity for me though. Smells a little dated, like Trans Am's and leopard print underwear.
23rd October, 2006

Bal à Versailles by Jean Desprez

A lovely and classic spice scent to add to my wardrobe of scents. Much less baby tushie powder scent than Habanita and more demure than Shalimar.
23rd October, 2006

Habanita by Molinard

Pretty up close, but otherwise just baby powder on me. I'd much perfer Shalimar, more teeth to bite passers-by.
20th October, 2006

Safari by Ralph Lauren

Um, how boring, how perfumey. Makes me wish I had my bottle of Bandit with me for a do-over.
14th October, 2006

Samba by Perfumer's Workshop

Another pre-teen perfume choice. I must have liked the fruity stuff, and the bottle looked like a toy an infant plays with.
13th October, 2006

Borneo 1834 by Serge Lutens

Um, I wore Angel when it was new and interesting. But now that everyone wears it, what am I going to do with this one? I'm sure there is a better way to wear patchouli.
12th October, 2006

In Love Again by Yves Saint Laurent

This smelled like nothing else, and such a beautiful bottle. Loud silly fruity smells. But I did not enjoy wearing it all day. It put me off balance, and wasn't really complementary to my personality. But the bottle looks nice, I'll still put it on for birthday parties and picnics.
12th October, 2006

Yvresse / Champagne by Yves Saint Laurent

Nectarine, cucumbers, and powder. I love this perfume, but I'd rather not wear it any more. I'll just keep the bottle and maybe sniff it once in a while.
12th October, 2006

Paris by Yves Saint Laurent

Stinky peach powder. One squirt and you'll reek of it for hours. Old aunties with lipstick on their teeth.
12th October, 2006
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Bandit by Robert Piguet

I have the vintage version, and it is all business. This is my new office scent, sweet incense and leather, with something stinky thrown in just to be interesting..
12th October, 2006

Colors de Benetton by Benetton

Yeah, I wore this when I was a teenager. Could have been worse.
12th October, 2006

Eau de Charlotte by Annick Goutal

Weird baby lotion. Pleasant but not fabulous. I have hairspray that smells better.
12th October, 2006