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    Il Giardino by Michael Storer

    I am sure this one will greatly divide opinion with many dismissing it with one whiff, but that wouldn't be fair.

    I had expected something in the vein of Aramis 900, a true walk in a walled garden on a warm summer's eve, but what I got was something around lunchtime in a park by the sea. Candy floss, suntan lotion, warmed marigolds and perhaps even some bubblegum stuck to my shoe.

    This is the second fragrance to actually make me laugh, Bermuda Tonic being the first, and I laughed for the same reason, it is just simply a very happy fragrance.

    Personally I will be wearing this on limited occasions, certainly never when an air of gravitas is required. Not one to be used for most funerals.

    At first smelling you might dismiss it as childish, but give it time and keep your sense of humour, to me the pleasure to be had from this fragrance is worth it.

    01st October, 2006


    Monk by Michael Storer

    Late one night break into an antiquarian bookshop. In the centre of the room build an igloo of distressed examples of 17th/18th/19th century literature, a mix of leather and cloth bound. Climb into the igloo. Wait for the morning sun to warm the books and inhale deeply, you now have the smell of Monk and I love it.

    No doubt there are those who have never dreamt of smelling like the head librarian of The Bodleian Library, but it will do for me.

    01st October, 2006

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